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Hey everyone and welcome to Rumble_Madness, a graphic journal. In this journal, you will see: icons, banners, layouts, and other random graphics. The name, Rumble_Madness came to me after watching a few episodes of the anime School Rumble by Jin Kobayashi. I love that series~! Anyways... I mainly make anime/manga/video game icons. Yet, in a bunch of batches, I include Disney, TV shows, musicals, and some bands. So keep your eyes open for those. I try to make a variety in each batch. ^^.
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Brush/Textures/ETC. Credits [Thursday
Jan| 03| 2008 @ 02:36pm

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|Dojibiron GO!
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||FRIENDS ONLY|| [Thursday
Jan| 03| 2008 @ 01:55pm


As of September 12th, 2006, [info]rumble_madness is now a friend's only graphic journal.

Why all of a sudden?
This journal is now friends only, because there have been postings that are insults of my work. I don't mind some criticism, however, being outright rude is another thing.

Thinking of Adding? Here's Reasons Why To Add.
As I do post icon batches in communities, I do not post my layouts on communities. So for features that you can't find in communities, you will be able to find here. Also, at times, I don't even post all my icon batches on communities, so if you're added here, you will be able to see those icons.

I'm afraid of being rejected...
Don't be afraid to post. As long as you post, you will be added. If I don't add you, I will give you reasoning.

+ Any icon that's taken from here MUST be credited or else I won't post them anymore. If I find any stealing, you will be sorry.
+ If you use any layouts, feel free to mess with the coding, but DO NOT get rid of the credits.
+ If you have fewer than 4 mutual friends, you won't be added. I would assume that you're after my graphics, and I don't want to deal with that again...
+ In order to be added, you must have at least 5 credited icons in your collection. If I see that you aren't crediting, then I won't add you.
+ I check if you're crediting. So if you stop crediting, I will ban you from this journal immediately.

|Dojibiron GO!
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