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Clarification [Mar. 24th, 2009|07:58 pm]


It has come to my attention that the allowable Squees in the Queer as Tweak Profile were a bit unclear, so I've made some modifications. And am reposting them here for all to see.

You can squee over:
1. The QAFesque things Tweak says to you.
2. The QAFesque things you wish Tweak would say to you that is is possible for tweak to say.
3. The QAFesque things you've told Tweak to say.
4. The QAFesque things that are just a little bit too freaking long to fit -
maybe someone will come up with a creative way to make it work. Since Tweak has a 30 character limit,
please keep these to 40 characters or less.

Thank you all.

Your friendly Mod, Ny
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Very Important QaT Poll [Oct. 26th, 2008|06:20 pm]


Poll #2564 Very Important QaT Poll
Open to: All, results viewable to: All

Favorite Quote From the Show That Tweak Says to You. (You can list 2)

Favorite Fandom Related Quote That Tweak Has Ever Said. (1 please)

Favorite Lyric From the QAF Soundtrack That Tweak Has Ever Told You. (1 please)

Favorite Fanfic Related Saying Tweak Has Ever Said to You. (1 please)

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And The Winner Is... [Apr. 26th, 2008|05:28 pm]

[Tags|, , ]

With 24 points, and 4 drabbles (her first ones ever!) [info]pretty_words224 is the 1st place winner of the season 1 challenge at [info]queer_as_tweak!!

the rest of the winners were as follows:

2nd = [info]tweedygal
3rd = [info]testdog65
4th = [info]brianslave68 AND [info]abl

honorable mentions to:
[info]anoel and [info]gaffiote

The top 3 placers should expect their prizes in a day or two!

The 4th place and honorable mention finishers will also be recieving a little the next week!

You all rule! Thanks for playing :D

FYI: when i signed on to post this tweak said, I can change that. and then that's like a really old movie *pets tweak* :D
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season 1 challenge fyi [Apr. 23rd, 2008|03:22 pm]

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Dear members of Queer as Tweak,

The seasons 1 challenge will officially end at 11pm EST tonight! Thank you so much to everyone who played!!!

Due to my computer issues, I probably won't be able to calculate the winners, and hand out prizes, etc. until this weekend. But I promise it will be done as soon as i am capable :D

I hope the participants had fun, i know i enjoyed all the season 1 squeeage.

You still have a few more hours to play, so keep up the good work.

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Who is in the lead? [Apr. 20th, 2008|03:41 pm]

[Tags|, , ]

As an fyi, there will be prizes for at least the top 3 finishers.

So far [info]pretty_words224 is kicking ass (cause she actually wrote drabbles, her first ever!) with 15 points.

and [info]tweedygal and [info]testdog65 are tied with for second with 4 points each.
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Just A Reminder [Mar. 22nd, 2008|02:33 pm]


I hate to play the bad mod, but since we have so many new members, I'm afraid I have to.

The only Tweakisms that are allowed are Quotes from the Show, QUEER AS FOLK, or sayings directly related to the show or the Queer as Folk Fandom.

If you see a post that Is Not QAF related, please comment to any one of my posts on this asylum and let me know, because honestly, i don't have time to police them all myself. Posts that are not QAF related will be deleted.

Thank you everyone. :D
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Because I Said So... [Dec. 21st, 2007|11:25 pm]


The people have spoken and I have more or less listened. So we are going to have a couple liberal rules over here. It's highly doubtful I will strictly enforce them unless you are really really annoying me breaking them.

1. More than 3 squees quotes must be behind a cut. Because this makes the squees you choose feel more special. However, if your squees are thematic, or overflowing with Teh Love, or you just really can't help it and you have to toss in 1 more, I will probably turn a blind eye.

2. No more than 5 posts in a 24 hour period. Because this keeps you from being annoying.

3. I might randomly have a theme for a day or a few. Because once in a very very great while this could be fun and at least 11 people agree with me. :P

4. There will be no limits when we have themes. Because themes make me happy.

5. I will never just delete your post. Because i'm not crazed with power. I may gently remind you of the rules, or ask you to edit.

6. ALL POSTS MUST HAVE SOMETHING TO DO WITH QAF THE SHOW OR THE FANDOM i didn't think i had to actually spell that rule out, but alas... If you can defend your post as relating to the fandom, then it's ok by me :D

Finally, you are encouraged to personalize your squee. Tell us why you squee, or what you love about the scene it comes from, or what it makes you think of...whatever. This isn't a rule. It's me telling you that it is ok to do so. :D

Also, if you don't know how to make a cut, just ask me, i'm happy to explain. It is very easy and once you know how to do it, it takes about 15 seconds to add it to your post.

ps...while making this post tweak said: I've never meant anything more. yes, really.
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Tweak's got a bad case of Teh Love. [Dec. 13th, 2007|09:56 pm]

[Tags|, ]

Ok darling members of Queer as Tweak has gone a little crazy with QAFesque sayings. I am personally enjoying hearing about each and every one, but I do worry that it might be flooding some of our flists. So In the effort to be a kind and fair moderator...I'm putting the issue to a poll.

I will consider your responses for one week. At which time I will go with the majority, or ignore it altogether. :D

Poll #706 Tweak is Super Queer
Open to: All, results viewable to: All

Should we have posting rules?

View Answers

15 (44.1%)

19 (55.9%)

Should there be a limit on how many quotes are above a cut?

View Answers

Yes. 1, the rest under a cut
0 (0.0%)

Yes. 2, the rest under a cut
1 (2.9%)

Yes. 3, the rest under a cut
16 (45.7%)

No. I don't want to have to look under a cut to see Tweak's QAFisms.
18 (51.4%)

Should there be a limit on how many posts an individual puts up in 24 hours?

View Answers

Yes...Once a day...You can always go back and edit.
2 (5.9%)

Yes...Twice a day, cause sometimes you just can't help it.
6 (17.6%)

No limits...Ny! Why are you trying to harsh our squee??
26 (76.5%)

Should Queer_as Tweak have weekly themes? Meaning, if the theme of the week is Season One, then you can only post the s1 quotes that you see.

View Answers

Yes. It'll up the excitement level.
9 (25.0%)

No. Ny, this is your lamest idea yet.
0 (0.0%)

No. Ny, stop harshing our squee for fuck's sake.
27 (75.0%)

ETA: As I was posting this, Tweak said, "Justin can stay." and "Britin." *Squeeeeee*

ETA2: You can't edit polls, if you could i would add "Maybe themes once in awhile, sometime in the future." So if that interests you...comment below :D

ETA3: OMG...*is ded* "This is where I get off." and "Not a lesbian. But I'm a big fan."
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Welcome and Thank You. [Nov. 29th, 2007|09:00 pm]


First, Tweak told me: "I want you safe." Isn't he sweet?

So I just wanted to pause for a maintainer moment. I happened to notice that a whole bunch of people have joined this asylum since I randomly started it one day on a whim. WooooHoooo! I hope you all feel free to post about anything to do with tweak says and QAF, anytime you like. Or just squee along with someone else's post.

Secondly, I wanted to say a big giant THANK YOU!!! to everyone who has participated. 9 times out of 10 when I sign on to the main page of Insane Journal and it lists the 10 most recent asylum posts, [info]queer_as_tweak is on that list. This makes me ridiculously happy. Thanks fangirls and we have any fanboys? I have no idea. Anyway, YAY us!

Keep up the good work...and don't forget to submit your favorite sayings to tweak! It's so lovely when QAF is heavy in the rotation.

ETA: When I posted this Tweak said, You'll always be young. and when I went to edit, Stop being a drama princess. *licks tweak*
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How does Tweak know what to say? [Sep. 30th, 2007|01:28 am]


The lovely and brilliant [info]_alicesprings suggested I might want to let people know how to submit sayings to Tweak. So a link is now posted in the profile and in this post.

Tweak Says

ps...while you can tell Tweak to say whatever you want, we prefer QAF related expressions,kthnx.
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