Dec. 2nd, 2010


back for more

I reread another fic by [info]not_yet_defined tonight and I'm back to rec it to everyone because it really shouldn't be missed and I'm guessing most of you haven't read it because, well, technically speaking... it's a death!fic. From ny's author's note:

I tried to make it be death!fic without destroying my soul when I read it. I think I did. But, um, Brian is dead, so yeah, it's possibly sad.

I guess all I can say is trust ny not to destroy your soul and trust me to rec something that's really worth reading. The characterization is right on, the tone is great, the dialogue all works, the story is original, and the ending is just Perfect. It brings tears to my eyes, but believe me when I say they're not tears of sadness.

When the Time Comes

PS - ny's not paying me to rec her fics or anything *lol* Certain moments and images from them just stick in my mind and pull me back again and again and I want everyone to enjoy them too.

Dec. 1st, 2010



I love this fic. I read it ages ago, but for days now I've been thinking about the amazing end, so I finally went back to reread it tonight and decided to rec it here so you could all enjoy it again too. It's a pretty short post-513 one-shot by the awesome [info]not_yet_defined.