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July 12th, 2009

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Hi guys.

So my parents are dragging me off to North Carolina and Tennessee starting on Monday. I have no idea how long we're going to be gone, sadly. It's possible we're going to drive around until we start killing each other. Oh roadtrips with your parents when you're almost 30, fun times. Considering we're going to be in the car most of the time, I'll be generally not around except for whenever we stop for the evening (wifi permitting).

If you guys need me, best bet is to email me cause I can at least get those from my phone.

[x-posted liek whoa. sorry]

April 23rd, 2009

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Right. So, for those who don't know, I've been directing a play for the past three months. And in doing that, I totally slacked off of modding this game. I'm sure some people have written it off or forgotten it exists, but I want it to pick back up again for those who still want to be here. So just respond to this post with your name and whatever characters you still want to play if you're still interested in the game. I'll give everyone two weeks, since I'm sure some people might not see this right away. Everyone has until midnight on Thursday, May 7, EST. Removals will be done Friday, May 8.


March 25th, 2009

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Misha here, announcing an unexpected hiatus. My grandfather is in hospital, not expected to live through the night. It's a 12 hour drive, from here. So.

If you have major CR with my kids, you're free to mod their whereabout as needed. I'll be in touch, I'll have email on my phone, and I'll have the computer with me, so I'll have occasional internet. I'll be around.

His name is John, for any inclined to spare a thought.

This guy is also named John, though he goes by Carter. I just got him added yesterday. I'll properly into him next week sometime.

March 19th, 2009

hiatus-y thing.

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My computer is screwed up. I'm forced to use my mom's desktop until god knows when. Which means I won't be online during the evenings until after dad goes to bed, except this weekend, while they're gone. Which means after Sunday, I'll only be able to be online during the day at school, during breaks, and late at night for short periods of time, after my parents go to bed, until my laptop is back :(

This will effect:
Amber Sweet - [info]scalpelslut
Angela Petrelli - [info]shapingdestiny
Shilo Wallace - [info]notuptomygenes

February 22nd, 2009

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I forgot to say so over here. So this is Mina Harker (this is Jewels btw) from the show Demons. Yes she's that Mina Harker. She knows she's from a book that someone wrote about her and her husband and dracula. Yes she's a vampire but she does this weird dialysis thing that makes all of her.. vampire stuff go away. She's blind when she's on dialysis and plays the piano but she does have visions when she touches things.

So she can go in the sun and doesn't drink blood. And she should be smiting demons and the like but she can't do that on her own without Galvin or Luke or someone so she's just gonna be hanging around.


February 20th, 2009


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Hi I'm Kayla! I decided to bring Lestat back! (Nelle told me u needed one) I have rped Lestat for 4 years. So I look forward to rping and plotting with u all!

February 15th, 2009

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For serious, I am getting my kids to post and play this week. Unless I have another week like last week. But no. The plan is to get them all to post and play, this week. Yes. But. See. I need your help to do that. Cause I can't do it alone. Well, I could, but then it'd be a series of ficlets and what not, and really. Who wants that, in an RP setting? Right. So. Below the cut, you will find a run down of my current characters. Your mission, should you choose to accept, is to reply here and let me know if you're interested in lines with any of my kids.

On to the boys )

All of these guys need friends and what not. I don't want to just randomly post and hope someone tags. Cause, more often than not, no one does. And that's depressing and that's just not good. So. Hit me up for lines, ideas, whatever. I'm adaptable to most anything, and I don't bite (unless you ask) so please don't be shy. I'm here to play, but I need to know there's interest in the pups, cause if there's no interest, I'm going to pull them.

February 5th, 2009

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I've come to the conclusion that I need to step away from fandom roleplay communities. It's just not as fun as it used to be, and I'm basically holding onto roles that somebody else might like to play.

I've had a lot of great storylines and there's been good character interaction, but this is the best thing for me to do. I'll be dropping all of my characters.

This affects the following characters:
Peter Petrelli || Heroes || [info]borrowedpower
Mal Reynolds || Firefly || [info]capntightpants
Lestat de Lioncourt || The Vampire Chronicles || [info]bratprince

February 4th, 2009

Fresh Meat!

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Hi everyone! I'm Lia and new to the game, picking up the effervescent Captain Jack Harkness. I don't know what all involvement/plots he had going previously, (or how long ago he was played for that matter) but if there are things people want to continue, I'm definitely up for chatting about in-game backstory. Or, if you'd all rather a fresh start, I'm cool with that too!

Best way of reaching me is via email [] and I do have AIM [lookimadeahat]. The buddy list is locked, but I'll be adding folks as soon as I get home from work. I'm excited to be here and I look forward to chatting and playing with you all! ♥

February 2nd, 2009

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So, I know I fail majorly. I've been looking forward to coming off of hiatus for ages . . . and then completely missed it. I have a legitimate excuse, though! Since Monday night of last week, I have been iced in; that winter storm that hit everywhere through the midwest? Yeah, it sucked. I have been stuck without power, cable, internet, all of it since Tuesday. As it stands, we finally have power back at the house, but we are still without cable or internet, so I'm only able to be online while I'm at school and the computer lab is open. I'll try and update whenever I have internet back, but we don't know when that will be.

I miss everyone :(

- Lyn

January 27th, 2009

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So, Hi, everyone!

I'm Ryah. Nelle has tricked kindly suggested, it really was a nice request, that I join this game. I saw that things looked awesome and I am ready to join in the fray and have fun. I'm playing the ever so lovable Severus Snape. He's 19, extremely confused at the change of scenery and calender date. Oh, and he and Remus now share a flat - oh how he is cursing the Fates! But yes, up for plotting and all that. Let me know. Yeay!

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It's Misha with one more to add to my catalogue of characters, who will be making their grand entrances later this week/weekend.

This is Bumblebee, from Transformers. Once I get it written, Zira is going to buy the car, right. And because of the clever use of radio communication, Zira will realise the car is sentient, and work a little magic, to make the car human.

Imagine his surprise when the human manifestation of the car turns out to be...Barack Obama. Seriously. The man is good looking andway more expressive than a lot of actors. That said, there are a ton of smiling Racko icons, and not so much the other end of the spectrum. Ah well. Bumblebee (who will take on the human name Blaine Baldwin for no reason other than I like it, and i wanted his initials to be BB) is a happy guy.

The real challenge will be his communication. He's going to be regulated to speaking in song lyrics, which means tags from him might take a while, cause I might have to do some leg work to find what I'm looking for in a song. Any recorded song will do, rock, pop, country, oldies...not so much hip hop and such cause I don't listen to that and have no familiarity to speak of. But, I'm not limiting it to radio tunes, so some of the stuff I find and use may be obscure and what not.

This is going to be a heck of an adventure, for me, if it works like I want it to. Haha.

That said, BB is available for plot and what not. He will be a fully functional male person, once Zira transforms him. Wheeee.

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Hi everyone, tis Lilly, and I have the first of two OCs I'm bringing here, Jack Dent! Best friend and lover to Julien Cartier, the fellow with the sexy wheels, he is a teacher and generally lovely and friendly sort. And will be taking over the apartment building with his flamboyant excitement here once I finish up a few notes for class I'm working on! Yess. So, this is Jack, info is in his journal!

January 26th, 2009

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So, it's Misha here to announce a few new pups, just as I've hurt my right hand and am wearing a brace that makes typing a challenge, though not impossible. Point is I may not do much for a few days since I'm a little compromised. But, yes. A quick run down of my current kids.

Adam Young and Aziraphale from Good Omens. Adam is the antichrist who chose to save the world rather than destroy it. Zira is an angel who helped the kid. Adam is set a dozen years or so in the future, and I'm currently scouting for a PB. I typically use Gavin Rossdale, but I'm thinking younger. Zira is PB'd by Jude Law, here.

Danny McCoy from Las Vegas is going to give this place a shot. I'm looking to reclaim my original Danny muse...he's gone quiet on me and I do love him so.

Edward Albright and his alter ego, Henry Spivey are here as well. Edward lives in a penthouse, Henry has his own apartment. They share one body, but not memories or experiences. Except they are aware of each other, and often try to sabatoge each other. Norah and/or Angie would be quite welcome...

Eliot Spencer from Leverage is here cause Leverage? Is the most awesome show on TV right now that doesn't feature a cranky doctor with a cane and a bottle of pills.

Ennis Del Mar of Brokeback Mountain will have to make a huge adjustment here. He's unhappy and irritable and likely to pick a fight in the elevators...

Fiyero is from the musical Wicked, PB'd by Jude Law here. He's sort of a happy go lucky kind of guy, and yet not. He'll be fun, I think.

Harry Dresden, primarily from the TV series The Dresden Files with some adjustments for book!verse thrown in is here as well, and will be available for all your supernatural needs.

Last but not least, for the moment, is this guy here, an OC named Julien Cartier. Jules was injured in a tragic house fire when he was a kid, and left with horribly disfigured and weakened legs. PB'd by Hugh Laurie with icons primarily frlom the House episode Needle In A Haystack, Jules is in a wheelchair. He isable tostand, and walk short distances, but it'd difficult for him.

All my kids are available for plot and what not. Comment here, or email celticfaerie2x[at]gmail[dot]com to be added to my AIM buddy list, cause I usually keep it blocked.

And the offer still stands, if there's someone you know I play, or think I'll play, hit me up. I'll probably do it!

January 25th, 2009

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Howdy everyone, tis Lilly, your somewhat silent other mod (player of [info]cane_and_able and [info]i_am_ironman, coming to you with a quick announcement!

OCs are now allowed for application! Yes! I know! These OCs do not have to be fandom based, no siree, but we do request a bio comes with them, just so we can get to know a bit about your character! Yes!

Anyway, that's all, lovelies, and play on, rp-lovers, play on!

Mod Post - Housing!

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Hey kids! RD here ([info]exceptthedream&[info]wilsonlikesties), your new sub-mod. I'm mostly going to be taking care of keeping housing things up to date, but I'll also keep an eye on the boards and answer questions if no one is around! To stay, I've got a list of people who still need to let me know what sort of apartment/penthouse they want.

The following don't have a home:

Amber Sweet
Diane Loret-Edwards
Gwen Cooper
Monet St. Croix
Sarah Jane Smith

Just pop on over [HERE] and let me know. It will probably take about two minutes, so make my life easy darlings.

Thank you much ♥

January 21st, 2009

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Right then. I think I intro'd Edward and Henry in the OOC, but I neglected to actively post either of them. One might post tonight, or tomorrow. For now I want to introduce this pretty boy, a brand new version of Aziraphale. He has had a face lift, and a brainwashing. He is technically the same Angel who was here previously, but he has no memory of it. He's pretty much a clean slate, and he's wearing Jude Law's face. He sort of made Crowley give him his own apartment, though I expect he'll be sharing living space with the demon before too long.

I'm considering others to app, and I was wondering if there's anyone other people want to see. The characters I play currently can be found in the user info of [info]ceruleanoctober. I would bring any of those here, and anyone I've played in the past that you might know I play. (Uh. I guess I should say, I'm Misha, and I know a few of you, so don't be afraid to hit me up for a request!)

January 16th, 2009

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Since some people have expressed concerns, no Pride View is not closing. Katy has moved on for her own reasons, but that does not mean that the game is going to close. There has been something of a lag lately, but we're going to work on pimping the game and bringing up activity. For now, I would like everyone to reply to this post with a list of your current characters and any drops, using the following format:

This is just to make sure we have all information up-to-date. Everyone needs to reply by Thursday, January 22, at midnight EST. Anyone who doesn't will be removed on Friday, January 23.

So, to repeat, Pride View is not closing.

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After a lot of deliberation I've decided to leave the game, and step down as mod.

Thank you for all the fun, but it's time I left.


January 8th, 2009

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You wake up one morning with a headache, you wonder if you're hung-over but you didn't drink anything last night so that can't be it and after taking a painkiller and heading to work you forget all about it. A few days later you think you back to your childhood and there's a memory that doesn't fit, it doesn't make sense and you try not to think about it because it sets you and edge and makes you feel uncomfortable.

It doesn't stop.

Maybe weeks go by, or maybe it's months, and someone turns up on your doorstep. Maybe they look official, or they're wearing jeans and a T-Shirt, but they introduce themselves and tell you that they're from something called 'The Agency', they sit you down and if you're lucky they'll make you a cup of tea or pour you a drink before explaining it all to you.

The memories are real, but they're someone else's, someone you always thought of as fictional. You're what they call a reincarnate, someone who's been reincarnated from this fictional person, brought into this world with magic that no one yet understands.

They talk about a war that's being fought between two sides of reincarnates, the good and the bad. You're not told what side to pick or that you need to, but you know that a day will come when you and the person you were and are possibly becoming will need to choose.

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