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January 6th, 2008

07:32 pm - [info]femmequixotic - ADMIN: Magical devices challenge

So our first challenge for the new year and the new community was inspired by a little snippet I ran across in a blog recently regarding "predictions" for the upcoming year.

Including one that involved the Sorting Hat, bigamy, Scotchguard addiction, and underage sunbonnets.

Really, who can resist that?

So this challenge will require each artist and author to use in a primary capacity some sort of canonical magical device or item. Whether you choose to use the device as a main character, a sexual aid or a plot device is entirely up to you, but the fic or art must revolve around the device you choose.

A list of all canonical magical devices or items may be found here at the Lexicon.

Stories and art by community members with posting access must be posted in the Insanejournal community by midnight your time zone on February 10. All entries should be tagged challenge 08: magical devices.

In addition, this challenge will be open to all watchers; if you'd like to participate, please email your fics and artwork to pornishpixies @ before midnight your time zone on February 10 and it will be posted to the community for you.

Have fun!

(Also, if you are a posting member on this list who has not accepted or declined your invitation, please do so immediately. Thanks!)

07:56 pm - [info]femmequixotic - ADMIN: challenges, invites and fest posting

New challenge!

All members and watchers should make certain to check out the first challenge for 2008: Magical Devices and Items! Stories and art are due by midnight February 10, and the challenge is open to all--members and watchers. See the post for details.

Posting of holiday fest work

Members, please feel free to post all of your holiday fest fics and art here as long as they are R or NC-17 and the word count for fics is 10,000 words or less.


I'm still trying to finish up the primary invitation process for posting access members. We're getting closer to the end...we've now hit the S's. :) Please, if you are a member with posting access, check this list and accept or decline your invitation as soon as you possibly can. If you recognize a name on this list, please point them this way so that they can accept or decline...the faster the list empties out the faster I can get people invited into the community. Invites should be accepted here. More information may be found in this post.

As always, please remember that members/watchers without posting access may friend the IJ community here or keep track of the community via RSS feed on LJ by friending the syndication here.

Invites: __hibiscus through sokka )
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