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January 1st, 2008

01:00 am - [info]gatewaygirl - EXTRA LONG: Unnatural Attractions, Harry/Sirius, NC-17

Title: Unnatural Attractions
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Harry likes dogs. Living with one might be tricky.
Parings: Harry/random dogs, Harry/Sirius
Warning: Bestiality
Notes: The start of this story dates back to 2005, when I was in a fest and looking at kinks and squicks, and thinking I'd much rather read pissing or bestiality than complete noncon. I decided to write one of each, and came out with the first, Territorial Adjustments, rather quickly. This one, however, stalled out and sat unfinished on my hard drive until quite recently. Only canon-compliant through OotP.
Thanks to Clauclauclaudia and lore for their comments and suggestions.

(ETA: A version with minor anatomy improvements is at

Unnatural Attractions )
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