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January 2nd, 2008

10:14 pm - [info]femmequixotic - Updates

Bits and bobs

  • There was an issue with the RSS feed not cutting, as some of you know. (And thanks for the heads-up there for those of you who let me know about it.) Hopefully that has been fixed now thanks to some help from [info]gmth. If it continues, please let me know via a comment on the LJ or IJ community--don't comment on the RSS feed post because those comments aren't sent to anyone, so there's a really good chance I won't see it. :)
  • [info]gateway_girl has started us off with a bang by posting Unnatural Attractions (Harry/Sirius, NC-17).
  • The first challenge of the New Year and the new community will be posted this weekend. Keep an eye out for that.

Invitation process

Sorry to keep pestering everyone with this, but it's the easiest way to continue updates on the posting members invitation process. Here is the latest list of outstanding invites for members with posting access. If these individuals can please go here and accept or decline the invitation, that'd be awesome. If you know any of these individuals, could you please point them this direction? Thanks. I'm about 2/3 of the way through the invite process and I'd really like to get them all sent out ASAP.

Members who do not have posting access should friend the IJ community here or the RSS feed on LJ here.

Outstanding Invitations: __hibiscus through sokka )
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