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Thursday, April 26th, 2012

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    Route 2, just south of Viridian Forest
    "You've been doing well today," Leaf said to her Gengar, Loki. They had just been in a battle with a local bug catcher. It was a tough battle, and she could tell that he had raised his Scyther well. Loki had managed to defeat the Scyther in the end, though.

    Leaf had been doing nothing but battling all day. Viridian Forest was a great meeting place for trainers, both beginning and advanced. She came here often to pick out the strong trainers and battle with them. Sometimes she won, sometimes she lost. Each battle, no matter the outcome, helped her and her Pokemon grow stronger, though.

    Today was different, though. She wasn't battling just for the purpose of training. She was trying hard to keep her mind busy. Lately, she had been hearing rumors of sightings of Giovanni, the former boss of Team Rocket.

    She hadn't heard about him for years, not since Red defeated him in that fateful gym battle. She wasn't even sure he would remember her. But she knew that he was one of the last people she wanted to run in to.

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