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    Friday, June 15th, 2012
    6:26 pm
    An appointment.
    He had spent the morning watching over the pokemon, making notes of how many of each starter he had, and how many eggs were waiting to be hatched.
    Leaving his papers beside the computer, he began tidying away his equipment.
    He looked up at the clock, scratching his head.
    He was sure he had an appointment with someone, but he simply couldn't remember who.

    Or was it even today?
    Thursday, June 14th, 2012
    9:04 pm
    Unfamiliar skyline.
    He stepped off his private jet, unsure as to his exact location.
    It was near a city of some kind, and he saw people gathering on the horizon, curiously gazing towards his location.
    Did they recognise him? Would his image travel so far? Or were they just taken by the extravagance of his entrance.

    A number of grunts soon followed after him, along with a couple of elites.
    With them in line behind him, he made his way towards the city.
    Monday, June 4th, 2012
    10:44 pm
    A hospital visit.
    He was hoping he wouldn't have to come back so soon. After being discharged only a few months earlier, months which very quickly escaped him, he had to return for his supplemental check-ups.
    Returning to the hospital that treated him, Cyrus came to collect a new course of medication.

    The examinations were done with his extreme reluctance, but with them done, he returned to the lobby, awaiting his prescription to be issued to him, idly watching other patients, doctors and visitors passing by.
    Thursday, April 26th, 2012
    9:09 pm
    Route 2, just south of Viridian Forest
    "You've been doing well today," Leaf said to her Gengar, Loki. They had just been in a battle with a local bug catcher. It was a tough battle, and she could tell that he had raised his Scyther well. Loki had managed to defeat the Scyther in the end, though.

    Leaf had been doing nothing but battling all day. Viridian Forest was a great meeting place for trainers, both beginning and advanced. She came here often to pick out the strong trainers and battle with them. Sometimes she won, sometimes she lost. Each battle, no matter the outcome, helped her and her Pokemon grow stronger, though.

    Today was different, though. She wasn't battling just for the purpose of training. She was trying hard to keep her mind busy. Lately, she had been hearing rumors of sightings of Giovanni, the former boss of Team Rocket.

    She hadn't heard about him for years, not since Red defeated him in that fateful gym battle. She wasn't even sure he would remember her. But she knew that he was one of the last people she wanted to run in to.
    Wednesday, April 18th, 2012
    9:30 am
    Things are quiet in Goldenrod, and for that, he is quite thankful. He has been travelling for days, making stops in every city along the way, forming reconnections with each business under his ownership. He had not long ago arrived off the train, after his touring of Kanto, pausing to recover before beginning again in Johto.

    His latest visit had been Silph Co. back in Kanto as a diplomatic discussion to reforge relations that may have been damage in the incident that occurred all those years ago. It had gone well, but cost him a considerable amount of money.

    And now he sat in a small cafe, enjoying a moment's rest, and a little time to himself. Although, while he seemed alone, he was not. There were those around him who watched, prepared to return on his command if anything were to happen.
    Still, it seemed unlikely that he would be disturbed, as while he attracted the stares and whispers of those around him, no-one dared to approach.

    He simply sat in silence, sipping at his coffee and reading through his notebook.
    Tuesday, April 10th, 2012
    4:30 pm
    After school, Hikari found her way to Jubilife. She'd been scheduled for an interview with Jubilife TV for several weeks now, but now that she knew Cyrus was back, and living in the city, it was with some amount of trepidation that she strode towards the TV station building from the Pokemon Center. Probably, it wouldn't have been as bad to run into him again as she was thinking, but all the same, she didn't especially want to tempt fate. On the upside, her interview had gone swimmingly, with nary a worrisome moment to shake her completely fake but still somehow convincing smile. She left the TV station, heading for a cafe across from the Trainer's School she'd grown fond of when she was younger.
    Wednesday, April 4th, 2012
    8:49 am
    Veilstone City
    It was much as he remembered. A large, bustling city full of people. Far too many people in his opinion, rushing back and forth, making far too much noise for his liking.

    He wasn't too familiar with the layout of the streets, despite having spent almost 7 years as a resident. He didn't often venture outside, and often times he would find the city changing around him without him realising.

    But the side streets mattered little to him. He ventured through the main open areas towards the one building that held his interest, the place where he had built his life and ambitions. His headquarters.

    Would it even still be there? Would his team even remain?
    He didn't know.
    But he had to find out.
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