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Wednesday, April 18th, 2012

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    Things are quiet in Goldenrod, and for that, he is quite thankful. He has been travelling for days, making stops in every city along the way, forming reconnections with each business under his ownership. He had not long ago arrived off the train, after his touring of Kanto, pausing to recover before beginning again in Johto.

    His latest visit had been Silph Co. back in Kanto as a diplomatic discussion to reforge relations that may have been damage in the incident that occurred all those years ago. It had gone well, but cost him a considerable amount of money.

    And now he sat in a small cafe, enjoying a moment's rest, and a little time to himself. Although, while he seemed alone, he was not. There were those around him who watched, prepared to return on his command if anything were to happen.
    Still, it seemed unlikely that he would be disturbed, as while he attracted the stares and whispers of those around him, no-one dared to approach.

    He simply sat in silence, sipping at his coffee and reading through his notebook.

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