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Wednesday, April 9th, 2008
2:24p - Drabble-a-thon Masterlist and Winners
Hi guys,

This weekend your mods got together and tallied all of the drabbles and drawbles from the drabble-a-thon and we have a masterlist all set to go! But before we get to that, we want to announce the winners!

In third place with 20 drabbles is [info]lilydahlia.
In second place with 26 drabbles is [info]beautyfulevil.
and in first place with a whooping 36 drabbles is [info]apythia.

Congrats, you guys! We'll have some banners for you later in the week to display wherever you wish!

Some other stats from this year's drabble-a-thon:

We had 166 drabbles and drawbles posted in all.
The most popular prompt was "Bliss" with 9 drabbles and our most drabbled character was Harry with a total of 45 drabbles featuring him.

Thanks you guys for helping make this event a success! We hope you had fun!

And now without any further ado, here is the masterlist, organized by prompt.

Drabble-a-thon Masterlist )

One hundred sixty-six drabbles and drawbles - wow, what an amazing drabble-a-thon! Huge thanks go out to everyone who participated, be it through drabbling, drawbling, pimping or commenting - thank you all for making this event a success for the second round in a row!

If you notice any mistakes with the links, ratings or anything else, please let us know and we'll fix them asap. Other than that ... we now return you to your regularly scheduled posting. Enjoy the rest of the fest!

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