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Tuesday, March 11th, 2008
10:18p - Mod Post: Banners and Icons and an ETA to the Guidelines for Posting
Hi guys,

As some of you who were around during the first round of [info]phoenix_flies know, [info]twilightsorcery was kind enough to create this gorgeous piece of artwork for us to use for banners and icons.

click for full view of artwork.

Using [info]twilightsorcery's artwork, we've created a couple banners and an icon for you to use to put in your user info or to pimp your pieces once they are posted, if you'd like!

phoenix flies banners and icons )

If you choose to use the banners and/or icon, please upload to your own space and link from there, do not hotlink these images directly. If you need help in doing this, comment here or email us, and we'll be sure to explain further.

Also, we've found out that when using moderated posting, each member will only be able to have one post in the queue at a time. If you claimed two prompts and have two pieces to post, please only submit one initially. Once it is posted, you will be able to submit the second one to the moderation queue. We apologize for the inconvenience, but sadly this isn't something we can fix.

If your fic is longer than 10K, or you suspect it might be: Please email us or comment here. We will be hosting those fics off-site to take care of the problem of not being able to submit two posts at once.

Please be sure to check out the guidelines already posted here before you submit your piece to the community. If your post is rejected, it is likely due to the post not following the guidelines. If your email address is readily available, we will email you to let you know what the issue is and why the post was rejected, then you can fix the error(s) and resubmit it to the queue. It will most likely be a formatting problem or a lack of an lj-cut, so please double-check your post before submitting it. You can easily do this by previewing the post or making a private post in your own journal (only visible to you) to make sure everything looks okay.

If it is just a minor problem (for example, you left the subject blank on accident) we will likely go ahead and let the post through and comment on the entry so you can edit and fix the error.

Please note: If you use the rich text editor rather than the html editor to post your piece, you will have to reformat the header in rich text.

Again, if you have any questions, don't hesitate to comment and/or email us at festmods @

Just a few more days until we start posting! :D


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