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Monday, January 14th, 2008
5:13p - Return of Phoenix Flies
Hi guys!

We wanted to announce that we will be doing another round of the [info]phoenix_flies exodus fest as the last one was a great success. From the results of the poll, and a few other factors, there will be a few changes this time around. Before we open up to receive prompts, we wanted to go ahead and go over those changes with you.

Changes in the Fest )

We still want this to be a fun-filled stress-free fest like the last round so anything goes! Slash, gen, het, whatever. Fics should still be at least 500 words and beta-read and art should be a bit more than a drawble, but really, we still want this to be low-key and fun.

Calendar of Events )

Questions or Comments? Please leave a comment here or email us at festmods at

Thanks everyone! We're really looking forward to another great fest!

Phoenix Flies Mods
[info]chiralove, [info]kaycee, and [info]sdk

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