December 2013



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Nov. 19th, 2013


Not sure if some of you are aware since I know I don't go to the main page of IJ every day, but tomorrow morning at 7AM Eastern (GMT -0500) IJ will be down for 24+ hours, Squeaky said he's going to try and make it less, just depends on how smooth the move goes.

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Nov. 1st, 2013


The 16 again plot will wrap up tonight at midnight, and the plot for November and December will kick off. The plot for this month is a little more simple. All through the month characters will have things showing up in town all of a sudden from their homes. You have a choice though. Your character can either gain two small things or one big thigh. IE Bonnie could gain her spell book and a amulet and Damon could gain his car. What they can from home is completely up to you and you can have it show up any time between November 3rd and December 30th. All we ask is that you comment to this post and let us know what your character is gaining just so we can make sure everyone is abiding by the choice guidelines.



Just wanted to introduce myself before I jump into things. You can call me Dean. I was directed here by Sammy. I bring you yet another Dean for your enjoyment. The demon version. He's going to be crass, an ass and he'll definitely steal all your pie, unless you just want to give it to him. Even if you do, he might kill you anyway. That's just how he rolls.

I need to make demon eyed icons. I really should but I'm too lazy at the moment. So let me set things up and get kick started. I'm going to be happy playing with you all. You seem like a fun bunch and if my Sammy is having a kickass time, I should too. Most def. See ya around. <3

Oct. 25th, 2013


I found I work better with a to do list of things for the week in my CDJ

I play the following listed - here!

Anyone up for threads, net post, anything really! I'm looking for everything from friends, enemies, lovers (for some), whatever, drama is welcomed!

You can poke me here, contact post in journals, aim is Memyselfandfi, or email (Open 24/7)

Oct. 23rd, 2013


We have decided to make some changes to the layout of the taken list. It will now be sorted by player instead of fandom, so we need some added information from everyone. Please comment here with the name you would like us to use and your preferred contact method. This was also double as an Activity check in, so anyone that hasn't done this by Midnight this coming Saturday will be removed. That also means that if you want to stay in the game as some of your characters but are planning to remove only certain ones this is the time to let us know. Once we have this good and wrapped up the first game wide plot will kick off as well. Starting Sunday all the characters in game will find that they are 16 again. This is also means if your character was human at 16 they are human again. However they were at that age is how they will be in game. The duration of this plot will be one week. We hope everyone enjoys it.

Gin, Fi and Tabby

P.S We have also made one addition to the rules, so please read over them and add the new code phrase in your comment to this post.

Oct. 10th, 2013


Would absolutely love love LOVE if someone would play Mozzie from White Collar for me.

Oct. 4th, 2013


Hola Mishamigos everyone!

I found this game on an ad thingy and it looked fun so I joined. ._.

I'm Frost! Hullo! Hi! To the game, I bring everybody's favorite socially awkward angel, Castiel [of Supernatural fame]. He's from early season 8, right before he gets out of Purgatory. So basically, he's going to be very, very confused about why he's suddenly in a weird town that doesn't (currently) involve a bunch of monsters hunting him.

It's Cas, so he's... uh... Constantly kind of ruined, amazingly terse, and not sure why you're talking about that. He'll stare, frown, squint and tilt his head to the side more often than he'll smile. But I swear he's actually friendly!

Oct. 3rd, 2013


Hi all,

I'm Lauren and for the moment I only have Elena Gilbert from The Vampire Diaries. She's coming from the end of season 4. She just graduated and is on her way to college with Caroline and then, well, this happens. Plot is love and I look forward to playing with you all. :D


Oct. 2nd, 2013


Hello everyone. My name is An and I'm bringing in Mr Broody Stefan Salvatore. Excited to see so many TVD characters here!

Sep. 30th, 2013


Right so I should do this intro.

I'm Fi, I have been addicted to rp for a few years now. Tabby is my dealer, I just can't quit her, I've tried...I've tried.

But we aren't here for that, are we?

Right, so I've bringing in six ladies, all but one is canon.

Faith Lehane - from Angel & Faith's comics, she's from the end of their comic run, heading back to the states.

District Attorney Laurel Lance - from Arrow, the start of season two. She's dealt with the events that happened at the end of last season. Threw herself back into her work, hence the job title and she's on the hunt for a man, because her boss wants The Hood so she's going to bring him in.

Ruby - from Once Upon A time, she will be in Storybrooke worried about her friends, wanting them to find Henry and come home safe.

Caroline Forbes - TVD. She's getting ready for college and is going to be one very unhappy vampire when being forced here.

Allison Agrent from Teen Wolf is next, she's going to school, training with her father on being a better hunter to protect all her friends.

Lastly is an AU!Lydia Martin, only she's Lydia Lockwood, Tyler younger sisters. She doesn't know anyone from Teen Wolf. She's just a banshee (her mother side) in a wolf family (fathers side).

Cut because I'm being nice and I have a list of I would like please. )


Should I kick things off? Hi! I'm Alice and I'm bringing in Katherine Pierce. She's coming in from 4x22, before that pesky humanising thing. Given that all she wants is to be away from Klaus, she doesn't mind the whole 'transported to a strange place' happening, especially since there'll be some familiar faces around.

Give me all your plots! Contact details are in Kat's bio and there's a contact post in her journal.