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+131 ben feldman [Feb. 2nd, 2014|03:30 pm]

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[music |kavinsky - nightcall]

ben feldman.

as michael ginsberg from mad men

i'm gonna show you where it's dark but have no fear )
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+161 charlotte free [Jan. 14th, 2013|12:35 am]

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charlotte free.

as pixie from marvel's x-men

looks like i made these before i started using a new icon style so i'll probably go back and edit them.

i tell my love to wreck it all, cut out all the ropes and let me fall. right in the moment this order's tall. and i told you to be patient and i told you to be fine, and i told you to be balanced and i told you to be kind. in the morning i'll be with you, but it will be a different kind. i'll be holding all the tickets and you'll be owning all the fines. )
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+203 azealia banks [Jun. 29th, 2012|08:37 am]

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azealia banks.

these bitches know that i be on that black girl shit, that black girl pin-up with that black girl dip, put that black girl spin up on ya whack girl tip. ain't official till it been up in that black girl kit. pick out ya mans and attack real quick, ima hit him with that venom and that rap girl hip. i slip out the denims, know that black girl fit, get that remy in a did and hit that black girl switch. bitches better tan for the summer, and for the haters, quit that chit chat, and get ya paper. )
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+347 suheir hammad [Apr. 27th, 2012|10:42 am]

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suheir hammad.

well if we take all these things and we bury them fast and we pray they turn to seeds, to roots and then grass, it'd be all right, it's all right, it'd be easier that way. or if the sky opened up and started pouring rain like he knew it was time to start things over again, it'd be all right, it's all right. it'd be easier that way. )
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