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[25 Oct 2021|12:28am]
[info]irvingpark would love all sorts of things for this guy. his "older" brother, cousins, people that made his life shit in high school, coworkers at shedd aquarium, whale enthusiasts, flings, you name it.
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[25 Oct 2021|01:08am]
[info]irvingpark would anyone like to see philippa soo around? i'll also take other suggestions if anyone else is wanted. she'd be around 32.
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[25 Oct 2021|01:48am]
[info]exosolar lovely people to fill all those open ship positions, another adf marine who went through the nanobot experiments (but managed to get out before they were actually activated), friends and drinking buddies, as well as matt mercer and ashley johnson please.
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[25 Oct 2021|02:30am]
[info]irvingparklines for this high school soccer coach and p.e. teacher?
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[25 Oct 2021|06:22am]
[info]lifestyle friends or an ex she knew back in austin, anyone she has photographed or met through working weddings and all kinds of events, exes or flings that were amicable or almost a thing but not, fellow bartenders to work at [info]hellchild queer friendly country bar opening on the 30th!!, becky missal, cammie scott, kehlani, hayley kiyoko, becca tilley, zolita, tatchi ringsby, jodie comer, zoe kravitz, adeline rudolph, abigail cowen, tati gabrielle, willow smith, andrea russett, phoebe bridgers, customs for anyone who wants them to distract me from this very long week ahead🙃
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[25 Oct 2021|07:20am]
[info]lifestyle still noel fielding because now i'm actually determined to do the impossible, night owls, people to do crosswords with and anyone who wants to dream up a bizarre line together
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[25 Oct 2021|07:52am]
[info]lifestyle a friend he met not long after moving to boston a few years back? a few other guys in the tech department that he works with remotely (but they hang out sometimes and attend in office meetings every couple weeks). a couple friends in a yoga class with him.
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[25 Oct 2021|07:55am]
lines / home for zoe kravitz, kerry washington, zendaya or nathalie emmanuel?
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[25 Oct 2021|07:59am]
[info]irvingpark her ex-husband (some minor details in the journal), a long-suffering best friends any exes and flings, let's brainstorm!
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[25 Oct 2021|08:17am]
would hailey bieber be wanted at [info]lifestyle for anything? or [info]lusty?
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[25 Oct 2021|08:18am]
[info]oceanview 🌊 first adds wednesday.
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[25 Oct 2021|08:23am]
[info]comicbooks his twin kids for fun family dramz. a relative or sibling in the shape of deadpool, talia al ghul, ras al ghul, superman, rival foodtruck owners, george washington high alum, other faculty of the same school, villains, etc
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[25 Oct 2021|08:35am]
[info]lusty are there any early to mid 20s m faces wanted while i start to set up? considering paul mescal right now but anyone with a similar vibe works!
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[25 Oct 2021|09:23am]
[info]lifestyle a roommate, a place for him to work if anyone needs coworkers, friends, ariana grande
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[25 Oct 2021|09:29am]
[info]veritatem Victoria Pedretti, Natalia Dyer, Kacey Rohl, or one of the Fannings as his sister and a medium. RDJ, Mark Ruffalo, Robin Wright, Hiroyuki Sanada, Idris Elba, or Tom Hiddleston as a supernatural politician and his mentor. Brad Pitt because I’m in my Interview with the Vampire feels. More daemons, werewolves, and witches, oh my! Come join in on the Halloween fun!
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[25 Oct 2021|09:39am]
[info]irvingpark a best female friend, other people in local media, neighbors in her 6 flat courtyard building for traveling dinner parties
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[25 Oct 2021|09:54am]
[info]irvingpark the remaining holds to come back and apply, a rookie cop she butts heads with, friends, flings, an informant, you name it i want it.
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[25 Oct 2021|10:12am]
[info]exosolar the missing crew of the revenge, an alliance sweetheart he dumped to join the glf, anyone making use of his fence services or hacking skills, lowtown neighbors and fellow fighters (boxers, martial artists, etc), everything else and the kitchen sink
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[25 Oct 2021|10:13am]
home svp? and can someone point me in the direction of some penn icons?
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[25 Oct 2021|10:31am]
[info]harbors his ex-wife, cousins or siblings, any random connections up for plotting
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[25 Oct 2021|10:36am]
[info]exosolar the kid he doesn't know about turned aia infiltrator for family spy games, a couple of mechanics, hired guns, techies and medical professionals for the traveler, revenge and benevolence
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[25 Oct 2021|10:51am]
[info]comicbooks who is this?
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[25 Oct 2021|11:21am]
[info]lifestyle jennie kim as a very close friend, the rest of the teen wolf cast for [info]timriggins, the rest of the umbrella academy cast for [info]canteens, daveed diggs and zoe kravitz as her step-siblings, a rival ballerina that grace feels a little threatened by, people that she might have known while growing up in the area (she's 27), more creative types, more bad influences, people to do a bi-monthly karaoke night with, and bipoc
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[25 Oct 2021|11:26am]
[info]harbors bryan greenberg, danneel ackles, bethany joy lenz, james lafferty, chad michael murray, and lee norris! + the missing andews sisters (elizabeth lail?) and maybe another cousin?
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[25 Oct 2021|11:27am]
[info]oceanview his ex wife, cousins for him and [info]pawlings, a best guy friend, neighbors.
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[25 Oct 2021|11:32am]
[info]irvingpark i come to you once again asking for her older brothers! i’m imagining lovingly annoying siblings that are always in each other’s businesses and in and out of each other’s places! a couple of fwbs or people for casual dates! some close girl friends for a tight-knit squad, coworkers at starbucks, a tinder hookup turned good friend, other kiddos that are just as directionless as she is, stuff she can fill for other folks?? also a couple of other bandmates for her and ~bassclefs, and also their set designer/manager!
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[25 Oct 2021|11:38am]
[info]lifestyle, [info]irvingpark or [info]lusty any interest in a goth leaning ghostwriter and tabletop roleplayer? lines of substance would be a draw- family, tragic ex (m), platonic soulmate, etc.
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[25 Oct 2021|11:41am]
[info]lifestyle twin brother desperately wanted, comes with a complicated and dramatic background (and a half brother), a fwb that she maybe shouldn't be hooking up with, more classical musicians to play with. teen wolf faces too, please.
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[25 Oct 2021|11:43am]
[info]deoku forever searching for lia and chaeryeong and her toxic ex for a dramatic and non-romantic line with a few dark details
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[25 Oct 2021|11:50am]
[info]harbors more employees at her boutique, skeet ulrich as her ex and father of [info]elliottm, chris pine, jennifer aniston, sarah michelle gellar, timothy olyphant, jessica chastain, bill hader, cillian murphy, keanu reeves, ryan reynolds, bryce howard dallas, sam rockwell, flirtations, failed dates, 40+ people
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[25 Oct 2021|11:50am]
[info]lusty a group of girls to pack into a bk apartment, a best friend from her time at nyu, the big ex who she broke up with shortly after moving in together, casual exes or tinder hookups, baking buddies, an overprotective older brother, random customs
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[25 Oct 2021|12:01pm]
[info]lifestyle more of the alice in borderland cast for [info]peiskos and myself, noel fielding for [info]timelapse, the rest of the umbrella academy cast for [info]canteens, daveed diggs and zoe kravitz for [info]legallyblonde, everything everyone else posted for because they're all lovely.
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[25 Oct 2021|12:40pm]
home ideas for a hwang hyunjin pb? and someone to come along as a complicated ex or complicated best friend?
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[25 Oct 2021|12:46pm]
[info]lusty would brad pitt or jon hamm be wanted?
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[25 Oct 2021|01:09pm]
[info]harbors employees at her ice cream shop, people who were in the class of '13 that she'd know since basically birth, more friends, maybe some neighbors, horror movie buffs, and lines with anyone who wants one!
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[25 Oct 2021|01:13pm]
[info]lifestyle anyone need a stepsister or a cousin? her messy ex, other grad students (i'm open as to where she goes, neighbors she annoys because she can't open jars, her best friend who lovingly overlooks her quirks.
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[25 Oct 2021|01:25pm]
[info]harbors lines for this 28 year old chocolatier?
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[25 Oct 2021|02:32pm]
[info]veritatem more daemons including his "good guy" counterpart (which is just a nicer brand of daemon), an imugi he conned once upon a time for a yeouiju he ultimately sold, magic users to bind in pacts for power, someone from his vessel's past life for complicated feelings, hastur as [info]eldritches' half-brother, a close shifter friend for [info]shiftit, [info]cline's ex who was scared away by literal ghosts, [info]heilung's 40+ former flame, sisters for [info]chanting, any other wanted lines
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[25 Oct 2021|02:38pm]
[info]harbors a ride or die best friend, anyone she might've known from boston including step-siblings, hookups/fwbs/exes of any orientation, her brother, someone whose house she "accidentally" broke into, coworkers at the hospital, gamers/streamers/nerds, shadowhunters and arrowverse cast (looking at you emeraude and grant), and everyone who would like to be roped into all manners of tomfoolery
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[25 Oct 2021|03:01pm]
[info]veritatem her ex fiance, a new medium she is taking under her wing to show the ropes, more daemons, fae, and ghosts to join us for halloween festivities.
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[25 Oct 2021|03:06pm]
[info]lifestyle the cast of alice in borderland, the big ex...ish situation (m), flings, people to chat in customs with, some job ideas or maybe i'll throw him at some sort of dog cafe to be with his people so anyone who may show up there, new friends to show him around the city or new england in general, stuff, things, shenanigans.
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[25 Oct 2021|03:20pm]
[info]lifestyle his baby mama (detailed but not romantic), blake lively, a singer/songwriter he does regular open mic nights with, a regular baby-sitter for his 2 year old, music teachers who work with him at a small school of rock-esque type place
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[25 Oct 2021|04:41pm]
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[25 Oct 2021|05:27pm]
[info]veritatem a shifter she was close to when they escaped from a roadside zoo for complicated feelings.
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[25 Oct 2021|05:31pm]
i miss this trainwreck - would cody fern be wanted anywhere?
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[25 Oct 2021|05:55pm]
[info]harbors a brother for him & [info]beckes, a twin brother for [info]rilez, a former fling for him to randomly bump into, drinking buddies and running buddies (not at the same time).
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[25 Oct 2021|06:04pm]
[info]lifestyle adds tonight @ 9pm EST!
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[25 Oct 2021|06:06pm]
[info]irvingpark more folks to join in on a trip to a giant corn maze this weekend!
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[25 Oct 2021|06:11pm]
[info]lusty bobs burger lovers, people to talk horror with, his college ex and HS ex for detailed lines, fwbs, customs, let's make magic
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[25 Oct 2021|06:12pm]
[info]veritatem noctiluca folks, would you rather an enchanter or diplomat to join the ranks? heading your way with this potential elf (thinking as a fae subspecies) who runs a museum devoted to supernatural arts & culture, and also happens to be ~eaves' long forgotten flame, down to talk connections!
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[25 Oct 2021|06:27pm]
[info]lifestyle rahul kohli, gong yoo, mahershala ali, noel fielding, sam claflin, tom hardy, joey batey, david corenswet, the funeral director ex he can't quit
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[25 Oct 2021|06:29pm]
[info]lifestyle she's still a work in progress, but i'll take whatever anyone can throw at her. anyone need a sister, cousin, co-worker?
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[25 Oct 2021|06:59pm]
anyone up for a active het psl with customs, randoms, etc?
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[25 Oct 2021|07:02pm]
would anyone be interested in a line against an olivia holt pb? movie nights, apps, journals, scenes, mixtapes, interests all that good stuff, open to sol or playing against a faux character. i would especially love something fun and fluffy for halloween and holidays!
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[25 Oct 2021|07:11pm]
[info]deoku bandmates and more! jump in on this plot post while it's hot \o/
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[25 Oct 2021|07:16pm]
[info]lusty a cousin, a best guy friend, columbia students, someone she accidentally scared in the dark corner of a library for a friendship, anything we can dream up!
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[25 Oct 2021|07:21pm]
some people for a siblings/family gpsl? lili reinhart and wyatt nash as 2 siblings' pbs for clicheness, but i also can suggest other faces.
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[25 Oct 2021|07:37pm]
[info]lusty some friends and connections while i get my act together, it's been a week. friends especially in the village, theater pals, wine loving buddies, maybe some family, an ex or two that ended really poorly, fwbs, paul wesley, teresa palmer, claire holt.
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[25 Oct 2021|07:39pm]
[info]lusty sisters for him and ~chausie, random custom swaps
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[25 Oct 2021|07:50pm]
possible home options/lines a boyd holbrook pb could fill?
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[25 Oct 2021|08:08pm]
[info]irvingpark she's still a bit of a wip but would love some more lines for this girl! she's ~nillawafer's cousin and lives in wrigleyville with her SO and doggo. recently relocated from honolulu and only been in chicago a month or so
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[25 Oct 2021|08:24pm]
[info]harbors a best friend, custom pals, people to talk to, etc
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[25 Oct 2021|08:34pm]
[info]lifestyle. a sister that recently moved back to boston (there's 3 siblings in game already + we can help with pb suggestions if needed!)
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[25 Oct 2021|08:47pm]
[info]lifestyle not the best timing, but is anyone looking for an older brother?
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[25 Oct 2021|08:59pm]
[info]lusty a new friend or two she's met since moving to the city about a month ago, maybe a new bff that can sink or swim depending on their chemistry, connections with anyone in the fashion industry and/or coworkers, ana de armas, alicia vikander, ben barnes, boyd holbrook, laura harrier, alycia debnam-carey, jamie dornan, elizabeth olsen, sam claflin, adria arjona, rob pattinson, chloe bennet, julian morris, jenna coleman
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[25 Oct 2021|09:37pm]
[info]irvingpark zendaya, saoirse ronan, oscar isaac, jason momoa. a half sister with some details involved or [info]raspberries to come back.
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[25 Oct 2021|09:42pm]
[info]irvingpark working on this true crime writer now, think he's gonna be an older brother of ~grandclef, anything while i finish him up? is there a zoe kravitz i could get for a specific line? other 30+ so he doesn't feel so old, cops he's talked to about cases, exes of both genders, an on/off fling, friends, neighbors who hate how noisy his apt is with all his siblings coming and going, neighbors who love it and come join in on the fun
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[25 Oct 2021|10:39pm]
[info]lusty a best friend, either from childhood in portland or more recently! plus lines with everyone, night owls, random custom buddies
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[25 Oct 2021|11:04pm]
[info]harbors bringing her your way, let's make magic happen. i'd love family that maybe moved to town recently after her divorce to be a support system, a best friend, neighbors in an apartment complex for friends or seinfeld vibes (aka what are boundaries??), someone she is low-key infatuated with for something fun/unrequited or nsa, anyone she might know through her ex-husband [info]holum, whatever we can muster up
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[25 Oct 2021|11:08pm]
[info]lifestyle friends and custom buddies, night owls, ariana grande, emily ratajkowski, selena gomez, justin bieber, liam payne, olly alexander.
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[25 Oct 2021|11:46pm]
[info]affiliates next adds will be Wednesday morning 10/27, starting around 8:30 EDT.
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[25 Oct 2021|11:58pm]
[info]harbors save me from my eternal indecision: would any of the following be wanted for lines: haley lu richardson, jung hoyeon, jessica williams, or beanie feldstein?
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