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[13 May 2021|05:25pm]

[info]sexts let's do this?
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[13 May 2021|06:25pm]

[info]concrete ex-girlfriends who think she's chaos embodied, kehlani, alycia debnam-carey, zendaya, orion carloto

[13 May 2021|03:10pm]

toying with asking somebody to bring in his daughter to [info]shorebirds... she's 21 but she's living her best life in the new condo he just bought her and she could probably bend his rubber arm for a new car. lots of details and history to it, and i can make a custom if anybody is interested!
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[13 May 2021|03:05pm]

[info]harbors People he's treated over the years at his physical therapy clinic. An assistant who he drives crazy because he can't find anything but also he refuses to do any filing, somebody keep his life organized. Maybe his hearing siblings (All younger 1 M, 1?, 1 F)? More people who are fluent in ASL.
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[13 May 2021|06:05pm]

[info]exosolar the mechanic for the traveler, and folk to fill all other open ship positions

[13 May 2021|02:59pm]

[info]shorebirds still hunting for somebody to take on marguerite moreau credits! his sister and brother to come down from portland or for complicated or not complicated reasons. 35+ characters. a secretary for his veterinary clinic that he can celebrate and mourn his patients with. ~gooddinosaur's brother.

[13 May 2021|02:59pm]

[info]sexts chris evans and all the missing mcu faces, garrett hedlund, ken bek, eiza gonzalez, cintia dicker, jasmine tookes, neighbors in tribeca, a close cousin, an ex of either gender, custom swaps with all your beautiful faces

[13 May 2021|10:55pm]

[info]lifestyle roommates and/or best friends please!

[13 May 2021|04:45pm]

[info]exosolar bring us the mechanic for the traveler in time for all the shenanigans of next month's ship plot!
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[13 May 2021|02:34pm]
[info]lifestyle new sol comm set in boston, now taking holds!

[13 May 2021|05:26pm]

[info]harbors lines, customs, threads, everything while i continue to work on fleshing this native prodigal daughter out! i would especially love the major ex from high school (any gender will do), one or both of her younger brothers, and everything else we can come up with together~
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[13 May 2021|05:27pm]

[info]harbors more characters for the over 35+ crowd, mcu faces for our in-game lot, employees for the harbor and jacques and gus, red sox fans and other season ticketholders
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[13 May 2021|05:22pm]

[info]concrete vanessa morgan for a best friend, i'm not too proud to beg. also some people that work at his bagel shop and more of the riverdale cast to love on

[13 May 2021|03:36pm]

[info]sexts a childhood friend from miami that followed her to new york for a detailed line, neighbors on the ues, clients, an assistant for this stylist and collaborators in the fashion industry, the one and only (m) ex for something specific, anyone who could know her from the nyc prep academy scene or as a nyu dropout (2011-2013) from tisch, someone to tell me to (not) change her pb??
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[13 May 2021|03:20pm]

[info]harbors a 40+ make for her ex husband. pb ideas include corey stoll, jon bernthal, ryan reynolds, james marsden, bill hader, alexander skarsgaard, jason sudekis, ryan phillippe, lee pace, joel mchale, wes bentley

[13 May 2021|03:05pm]

[info]sexts reece king, jacob bixenman, becky g, a cousin who has always been a close friend, the dude he ghosted in high school that he's now trying to make amends with, a high school ex, the tarot card reader that works at his moms shop that he's crushing on, random custom swaps, lines with anyone who wants one

[13 May 2021|01:36pm]

[info]sexts sisters for [info]penguin, more random connections of any kind, people she knows from her grandfather’s restaurant, childhood friends from queens, more members for a brunch squad, close gal pals, people to talk to on wire or in customs, maude apatow.
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[13 May 2021|11:12am]

[info]sexts friends, insomniacs, fwb (f), childhood friends, anyone he can bug, customs, zoe kravitz, selena gomez, vanessa hudgens, emily ratajkowski, alexandra daddario
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[13 May 2021|12:06pm]

[info]exosolar are you in need of a dj in your life? she was born on belos and has been on the station for the last 5 years give or take. she'll be running her free radio show from a little apartment in lowtown and ramping it up at 8AMM on the weekends! looking for any and all connections, friends, exes, enemies, and various what nots
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[13 May 2021|01:58pm]

[info]harbors any of her four brothers, a cradle-to-grave bff, other natives around her age (31), patrons or an employee of her metaphysical & wine shop, people who get their tarot read, a serious ex, current/former fwbs/hookups, anyone she might know from nyc, cousins, everything, seth rogen, rami malek, rahul kohli, emeraude toubia, lucy boynton, margot robbie, caitlin stasey, dichen lachman, darren criss, bill hader, jake johnson, jacob elordi, grant gustin, let's make some magic
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[13 May 2021|10:30am]

before i set her up, would she be wanted more at [info]concrete or [info]shorebirds? i would be willing to fill any needed lines.
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[13 May 2021|12:30pm]

[info]concrete now that she's in, can i please get familiar faces in queens, friends (especially the bff), casual flings past and present, anyone in the medical field she might know. anyone want a neighbor that cooks enough food for a small army?

[13 May 2021|01:23pm]

[info]mademen some older brothers to join the rest of his in-game family, a tech savvy partner in crime, the trusted muscle that shadows him almost everywhere, players for his lavish upcoming poker nights, a few couriers who idle at his mother's cafe where he operates out of plus a server or two to work the more legitimate end of things

[13 May 2021|11:29am]

sol home for sydney sweeney? willing to switch to an ooc un!

[13 May 2021|11:32am]


Knocking the dust off this guy to bring your way. He's a fairly new transplant, has only been in Brooklyn for a year and a half, so he needs all the things. All the things; gimme!

[13 May 2021|11:31am]

[info]harbors i'd love some childhood friends for her (she's a native and 33), people she's come across or interviewed for the news especially if they own a local business because she's kind of been doing a series on that, friends in general, a neighbor or two because i don't think i ever ironed out any, crafty friends, people who buy embroidery or embroidery supplies and kits from her etsy shop and lines with anyone who wants to chat.
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[13 May 2021|11:30am]

Would Danneel be wanted anywhere? Or another One Tree Hill face?
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[13 May 2021|07:27am]

[info]skylines curtis connors/lizard 🦎 so we can be dem scaly boys, june moon/enchantress, arsenal and red hood, any missing bat rogues and bat fam, symbiotes and spider-fam (especially you, spider-punk), family in the form of cousins, friends, fans, neighbors, gym goers, whatever you've got!

[13 May 2021|10:19am]

[info]harbors lines with all of the new and incoming members! glen powell, a cousin that's always been more of a pseudo sibling, another roommate, exes and former hookups of either gender for shenanigans, natives around her age for more shenanigans that have happened throughout the years, her old college roommate, more employees for [info]chrstophr's restaurant, anyone with a small business that she can bamboozle into doing their marketing, anything with anyone in the mood to brainstorm!
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[13 May 2021|09:07am]

[info]skylines his college age twins for family fun and high blood pressure. cv's are open and can help with pb suggestions. missing bat rogues. villains from other imprints and deadpool as his relative. new lines lines lines, please.

[13 May 2021|09:01am]

[info]shorebirds a recent ex girlfriend who she's stuck sharing an apartment with, another former almost girlfriend for something specific, more queer women and queer characters in general, more co-workers at the elementary school, bad movie fans who might be interested in a monthly meet up to watch them, comedy fans, parents of kids she's taught, tinder swipes and custom buddies, friends of all shapes and sizes, lines with anyone who wants to brainstorm.

[13 May 2021|06:22am]

[info]harbors more parents to befriend, other musicians, 35+ people, a running buddy, people he sees at the park with his dog and daughter, random custom swaps
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[13 May 2021|09:25am]

[info]sexts. two older sisters for him and [info]littleliar (i have pb suggestions if needed), an ex or two, maybe a tinder hookup, the girl he almost proposed to, friends, a former roomie, the girl he lost his virginity to in high school, the one he met when he was backpacking through europe, work out buddies, the the runaway cast please, michelle randolph, rita volk, selena gomez, cinthya carmona, olivia macklin, danielle galligan, emma delury, gracie abrams, maia cotton, michael hsu rosen, cameron fuller, dakota johnson
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[12 May 2021|10:05pm]

[info]harbors anyone need a younger brother? another guy to tag along for a super supportive "ferda!" bromance? maybe some early 20s pb suggestions?
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[12 May 2021|10:39pm]

[info]shorebirds i've got a fever and the only cure is nicholas braun as his roommate and bff from mit. like the saverin to his zuckerberg but with a happier, less litigious ending!

[12 May 2021|11:37pm]

[info]skylines kate pryde, sebastian shaw, selene, bishop, stepford cuckoos, dazzler, callisto, and more.

[12 May 2021|10:31pm]
ignore the journal... but would candace cameron bure be wanted anywhere?
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[12 May 2021|08:09pm]

[info]sexts random connections, fwbs, an ex girlfriend, coworkers or other people he would know through supreme, a roommate for something specific
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[12 May 2021|10:18pm]

Looking for a couple of musically-inclined students for this guy at a small GPSL. He teaches high school and I'd be looking for 17-18 year olds. Open to PBs.

[12 May 2021|09:17pm]

[info]harbors does anyone need a roommate? natives in their early 20's he went to school with? an older faux sib type or mentor. someone to give him a job! an artist for something specific.
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[12 May 2021|10:11pm]

[info]sexts anwar hadid, neighbors in tribeca, OF subscribers, ex-flings, new connections!

[12 May 2021|09:09pm]

[info]sexts friends, former flings
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[12 May 2021|08:57pm]

[info]concrete breathing new life into this guy and headed your way. lines? he needs it all.
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[12 May 2021|06:28pm]

[info]harbors her two older brothers svp! astrology aficionados, spoopy sweeties + custom conoisseurs, go my way.
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[12 May 2021|08:46pm]

[info]shorebirds suggestions on where to relocate her preferably with neighbors she can annoy, her twin brother, music industry folk especially a member or two of one of the bands she worked with between 2004 - 2010, people who grew up in sherman oaks, griffin mcelroy (🤷🏻‍♀️), chelsea peretti, seth rogen, aidy bryant, daveed diggs, aubrey plaza, randall park, paul rudd, kate mckinnon, andy samberg, ben schwartz
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[12 May 2021|09:45pm]

[info]harbors Lines for a former model turned erotic novelist? Can't decide between Kate Beckinsale, Charlize Theron or Eva Green. Help! Charlize it is!
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[12 May 2021|09:13pm]

[info]concrete a roommate in brooklyn, exes of any gender, co-workers at a gym/fellow personal trainers for some friendly work competition, friends in general, anyone that wants to brainstorm/swap customs, alycia debnam-carey, rahul kohli, jordan fisher
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[12 May 2021|08:09pm]

[info]harbors ian somerhalder, ashley greene, close friends, businesses she works with or does social media for, a friend she travels with

[12 May 2021|09:05pm]

could i get you anything [info]harbors?
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[12 May 2021|07:12pm]

[info]shorebirds freddy carter for a paternal cousin, jessie mei li, amita suman, kit young, luke pasqualino, archie renaux, daisy head, sujaya dasgupta, danielle galligan, calahan skogman, gregg sulkin, rita volk, kacey musgraves, ashton irwin, nikohl boosheri, kimiko glenn, aaron tveit, lily james for ~latte's cousin, billy magnussen, chloe bennet, rege-jean page, dan jeannotte, honestly any cousins for the davis family would be amazing!
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