February 2014



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Nov. 30th, 2011


Come the short hours before dusk, Rosemary was attempting to solve her new dilemma.

Royce was on his date. Charlie was part of that date. There went everyone she knew. What in the world was she going to do by herself? She had already slept as much as she could. And then took a nice jog through the back woods, chased a couple squirrels and even tried staring up at the waning clouds as they passed. Which was actually difficult since they were mostly long and wispy and hard to tell apart from each other so really what she ended up doing was just staring at stupid clouds.

And all of that only took a couple hours. There was still the rest of the night to do something. No doubt Royce would soak up as much alone time with Charlie as she would allow him to. She had already planned on crashing their date later if she got too lonely. But she would honestly try to hold out as long as she could. Royce was her best friend (kind of her only friend until Charlie, who she guessed was now her friend) and she wanted him to be happy. After everything he had done for her, he deserved it.

She just wished doing the right thing for someone didn't cause her to be so bored.

Royce had suggested she go into town, maybe make some new friends, but she didn't like that idea at all. Mostly because she wasn't very good at meeting people. Not in her human form, anyhow. As a wolf, it was easy to act nonchalant. She could do whatever she wanted (mostly whatever) and no one cared. Except for other wolves. That was another reason she didn't like going into town. Too many other beasties roaming around. To be fair, she had been approached by a couple of them but they had all been so chatty about joining their pack.

No, she had done that before. Being part of a pack might have meant more security from the fangs and the humans but there was no right to protection from the inside. Nope, she was just fine and dandy with her own pack of two. Even if it was crushingly lonely when that two became one, even for only a night.

There was no helping it now. With her two friends out of the picture, there really was only one person left in town that she could find some company in. Whether that person was fond of her company or not, that didn't matter. So Rosemary jogged her way over to the clinic, taking her usual path through the woods. It was still light out so it couldn't have been that late in the afternoon. Rosey wasn't hip with clocks and such. When it was bright out, it was day. When it was dark out, it was night. Simple. Things like 'time' had no meaning. That was Royce's job.

It would be weird going to the clinic without Charlie or Royce there and just the Doc. Rosey often let the two of them do their work while she hung out with the old man. He tolerated her as long as she didn't make a mess or bother the other animals or bother his customers and really, as long as she didn't move or make a sound or do anything at all, he was fine with her. It wasn't much of company but it was all she had at the moment. At the end of the woods, she poked her head out and checked the dusty road for cars. Not seeing any, she popped out from the trees and casually made her way across.

Cars parked out front was not unusual. By now, she had come to recognize most of them. A lot of people came to the Doc, for whatever their needs were, so again, it wasn't unusual to see someone walking up to the front door. It was normal if there was something in their hands, like a wallet or some kind of little tasty animal (that she wasn't allowed to eat) but when there was a bag that smelled an awful lot like those burgers the Doc usually went out to get, that was something new.

She automatically went into stalk mode, head low and paws silent in the dirt. No, she wasn't after the person. She was after the burger-smelling bag in their hands. There wasn't much in her stomach other than junk food. Royce had someone cooking for him tonight, otherwise he would have been in the same boat as her. She could have gone into town, she guessed, and gotten her own food but why bother when they were delivering it right to her door?

Okay. Technically not her door but hey, she was claiming that bag. She came a little closer and then stopped five feet behind the human (definitely human), raising her head for another sniff. Oh yeah. There was a burger in that bag alright. Burger, fries and juicy juicy greasey goodness in between. Now that she had confirmation of the contents, her next problem was getting the human to drop the bag. Easy. The human still had his back to her so the element of surprise was on her side.

She waited a moment for good measure and then let out a sharp, quick bark.

Oct. 5th, 2011


It was late in the afternoon when they woke up. The dinner Charlie had cooked up had more than filled them up and then the hunt afterwards put them over the edge of blissful fullness. They had barely been able to crawl through their back window without falling asleep. As it was, they ended up sleeping on the floor where they landed. It took the setting warm sun to wake them up and by then, it was time to go see Charlie again at the clinic for a walk home. He took a quick shower but Rosey couldn't be bothered to even move until the minute he was walking out the door and only then did she bother opening her eyes. Not that it mattered much since she was going in her wolf form. He thought she could use another bath but he thought he'd bring that up at another time.

The walk to the clinic took some time so they took a short-cut through one of the over-grown fields. "I'm still full." Royce groaned. But he did it with a smile and a lazy stretch of his arms. Rosey barked in agreement behind him. Wait, behind him? He turned and looked over his shoulder for her. Catching the sight of a tan shaggy rump sticking out of the weeds, he raised an eyebrow and stopped. "Rosey, what are you doing?"

The rump sank down out of sight and a small wolf-head popped up instead. Her head turned toward him and he laughed at her mouth full of dandelions. What on earth? He was still laughing as she hopped back over to the semi-path that went through the field. "Oh, you shouldn't have, Rosey." Royce held out his hand to take the flowers but then frowned when she turned her head and bounded ahead.

They're not for you, duh!

"What?" He stood there, frozen for a moment. Was she really picking flowers for Charlie? This looked promising. Rosey had never actually had a girl who was a friend. Wouldn't that be interesting? The two of them becoming friends? Having girl talks and giggling through all hours of the night? Better Charlie than him. He was done with debates on whether boxers or panties were more comfortable.

Seriously. Done. As much as Rosey did her best to be one of the guys, there was no hiding that she was totally one of the girls. And Charlie was a girl so it all worked out.

When they got to the clinic, Royce walked in casually, head and spirits high. "Hello, Charlie?" He called out for her, not remembering to keep the door open for Rosey until he heard her slam into it. "Woops, sorry, Rosey." He apologized quietly as he went to open the door for her again. She glared at him over her squished dandelions but walked in quickly, lest he forget again and shut the door on her tail.

Jan. 31st, 2011


Jul. 5th, 2009


Rub dub, put the wolfie in the tub... )