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Jun. 2nd, 2015


Work is hellish busy this week so I'm not going to be around, but hit me up on email, log partners, and we can plan things ♥

May. 27th, 2015



Randomized pairings and hopefully appropriate scenarios!

If you and your writing partner look at your scene and go, "That's not really my cup", then please feel free to chat with each other and do whatever else you'd like – these prompts, especially this batch because there's no activity count for them, are meant to just be the first step towards some greater interaction.

Archie/Damascus: Cŵn Annwn wreak havoc at The Heart of the Earth.

Lilavati/Ashva: Ashva unexpectedly finds himself in Lilavati's yoga class. Can he do the horse pose?

Ben/Sofia: You can't con a Shapiro. Besides, The Black Cat Cafe doesn't have a stage.


Updated Rumors Page


OKAY this is Kafka formerly referred to as MJ but no more, I'm back and hello to all the new people in the game, write things with me plz.

Also I believe in the collective spirit's ability to sway the world to some extent so humbly I request anyone who is willing to put some good thoughts into the universe for my mom cause she might need it and I might need her.

OTHER than that, plots, threads, throw them at me! I have a satyr a shaman and a spellcaster and another fae on the way sometime one some of you will recognize

May. 25th, 2015


Hey all! I'm Maddie, and this here is Ben (Benjamin Wallace, original name Benedick Entrydal). Ben's a hobgoblin (of the vaguely-poltergeist-meets-Punk'd variety) who was born in England around the time of Shakespeare, dragged around Scotland by his mother while he was still a little thing, and then rebelled when he decided that being a glorified housekeeper was not his one true calling in life.

He's pretty much a Chaotic Neutral couch-surfer, who sits in on classes at UBC if something sounds interesting but doesn't do much of anything. Cons to earn money. Finds people to entertain himself with, whatever that means at the time. His driving force behind coming to Vancouver was to help usher his father back to Sidhe-- they did a few tours around England during the Industrial Revolution, and again during the World Wars. They're friends, ish. Now he's gone, and Ben's stuck without any real "friends" or anybody to feel like he really knows, so-- lonely, paradoxically clingy trickster fae looking for a party to crash and some humans to mess with. Anyone interested?


OKAY. Let's try this again. I am Danika and I am still trying to get my life in order so I can jump in with both feet here. (Vic is gorgeous and wonderful and so supremely patient while I hack away at what I am trying to do)

THREE characters (one repeat) )



Hi everyone! Seeing as this is the first full month of OW and everyone is still getting adjusted and submitting apps, there will NOT be an Activity Check for May. However, June will be the first month in which activity is counted.

Our activity checks are a little different. You can find a basic layout for what is expected of the check HERE, and if anyone has questions, please feel free to ask. Basically I borrowed the idea from MJ, who used it with success in a previous game. To summarize, those who do not meet the criteria (the lenient criteria!) for the month of June, a post will be put up at the end of that month listing those characters. Within a few days – unless a player says that they can take care of the character's activity on their own – these characters will be paired up by the mod for surprise logs. Anything from "help! kelpies are trying to eat my child" to "satyr party" to "a Black Market deal gone wrong" – it is all catered not only to activity, but to spontaneity, fun, and unlikely encounters, promoting player interaction. (All of these surprise prompts will be of non-triggering content so that no one feels excluded. What players decide to DO with those prompts CAN have darker content so long as they tag it!)

Players are also VERY WELCOME to volunteer their characters during activity checks! Even if your character has met the quota and is active, we accept all volunteers and will implement them in this system. Even if there somehow is a month where ALL characters meet the quota, it'll still be offered at the end of the month for those who enjoy using it.

Some things to keep in mind:
  • The only OFFICIAL activity requirement is one log per character per month. The log does NOT have to be completed, it just has to show that honest effort is being made (for example, if you start a log and the person tags and then you never touch it again even if you're active, or if your tags are two sentences long – give us meat).
  • NARRATIVES count as activity. If it's just a paragraph? Then no, absolutely not and I will totally mad sigh at you. But if you write something that's a solid piece of literature, then yes, I will count it. I will say that I encourage people not to rely solely on narratives. But I understand sometimes we are too busy or have other reasons as to why we can't log at the time.
  • That being said, activity is still expected of those who have been on hiatus for one week or less out of the month. If you are going to be on hiatus during the month change, let me know so I can mark off what you already have done and let you know what you will need upon your return. No breathing down your neck, none of that! Just keeping you informed.

  • NOW THAT BEING SAID! This post is doubling as a volunteer post. If anybody would like to have their characters paired up in surprise logs, feel free to list them below and I should have a post up by Wednesday morning! This isn't for activity or for anything official, it's just me trying to help encourage interaction. We're a good group here – I'm proud to say that I'm friends with all of you! – but I know it can still be tricky to nudge each other in a new setting.

    Furthermore, I do apologize for my own activity being spotty. I'm working, my computer died, and I'm in the middle of moving, but the timetable for the move is completely out of my hands, so it's been difficult for me to feel settled. But I promise I'll be getting to a few things tonight!


    May. 21st, 2015


    going on hiatus until a time! A timey time! I don't know it! Back later!

    (This is for casey, barnabus, and luis)


    Meme #2


    1. Players have their characters post a Dear Abby question. Or in some cases, a whole bunch of questions.
    2. Players can then have their characters respond to other character questions.
    3. That's about it, folks, have your fun! Be nice, be a bag of dicks, be yourself.

    May. 18th, 2015


    Meme #1

    Okay! Now that we are starting to get comfortable with each other, let's have a fun meme week. First one's not a bad introductory meme, just to share a bit about your characters! There's no set-up for this one, just c/p the box! Feel free to ask questions of each other's kids and just generally poke each other. I have cattle prods if anyone needs them.

    May. 8th, 2015


    I'm so sorry I've disappeared a bit! One of my jobs decided that its favorite pastime is drama and on top of that I am unwell. I'll be back on and I'll catch up on EVERYTHING tomorrow! For now I go to visit my sister who's graduating college this weekend. :)

    May. 5th, 2015


    Hi there! I'm Damien and I'm playing Ashva, a rather juvenile kelpie who came across the rift because he was unusually intelligent curious for his species and wanted to explore and learn. He had a bit of a reputation for being the kelpie that talked to his prey before eating them, which unfortunately meant that it was rather hard to have a good conversation as no one wanted to go near him - even when he wasn't actually hunting or even hungry and just wanted a good chat. Hanging out with humans who had no preconceptions about what he was seemed like a much better idea.

    Ashva is a little nerd who totally here to learn and be a student and see all these things. And yes, he's eating pets and people who noodle around in the water after dark. But it's not like it's anything personal, he's just an obligate carnivore who can only eat meat that was terrified when it died, and he's not actually here to cause trouble, he just has a troubling diet. He's trying his absolute best to suppress his predatory nature in order to co-exist with the prey that knows interesting things. And it's not actually him anyway, look, he's just an innocent nixie! How - how dare you say something so cruel?

    Looking forward to playing with everyone! I'm open to all sorts of play - friends, teachers for him to glom onto in a fit of overenthusiasm, people to cautiously skirt around because they're onto him, and so on. I'm open to a Bond, although I imagine whoever he is Bonded to may well wind up being his minder if they realise just what his diet entails. Not interested in romance with this character, he's way too young and it'd be pretty inappropriate.

    (Worth noting: Ashva looks rather younger than the userpics would suggest, as he doesn't age like humans do. In his horse form he's basically a weaned early yearling foal, but this translates in very weird ways in his humanoid form as he's got the height, psychology and scrawny build of an eighteen year old but hasn't hit puberty yet. There is a chance your character may mistake him for an older teenage girl or a much younger tween boy, as a result of this. This will frankly confuse him - he can feed himself and therefore he's an adult, thank you very much. I foresee serious culture shock as a result)

    Apr. 30th, 2015



    Apr. 29th, 2015


    ugh >< Sorry, guys, brief hiatusing while life continues to throw me curve balls.

    Apr. 27th, 2015


    Hi Everybody!

    Hi Dr.Nick. ANYWAY some of you may know me, but I'm Charlie with this lovely lady here. Her name is Lilavati, and she's originally from New Delhi. She'd have stayed there, but as a shaman her Guide nudged her to try new things.

    She's a herbalist and henna artist, and practices yoga and might teach it one day but she's a bit quiet and almost shy. It's a bit of a product of her upbringing (she's from a very traditional family) and the fact that she doesn't want to be judged by her accent and her loose grasp of English. She also very much believes her Guide was send to her by the Gods, and is a pretty devout Hindu. Due to that she's believes that her powers are meant to aid, and she'll heal anyone if they need her help.

    Give her friends! And plots!

    Apr. 25th, 2015



    Hello, darlings! ♥

    Two things! Please remember to tag your posts! It'll really help me when I start doing activity checks, which won't affect this month or May, but will soon after. Due to the unique activity check construct that MJ provided, there will be an explanation for that at the end of May.

    Secondly! If you haven't already, please make sure you click the Friend Button, reposted below. You will usually find it attached to most Mod and Activity Check notes!



    Hello all! (I should have done this forever ago, but second app took me a year. Whoops.)

    This is Jackie and I have two beasts at the current moment:

    First up, is Miss Mo over here. She's a Changeling. (So special. So magical. Ooh.) Her bio-dad's a Gean Cánach. (She calls him George. He likes bathrobes. And Pringles. And JAG. And occasionally taking up room on her couch.) She sexes people up and they feel really energized and creatively productive, people turn down her advances and she feels really compelled to do things for them. (It's terrible. Doing things for people, not the sexing people up. The sex is awesome, thank you very much.) Anyway. She runs a mechanic shop called The Garage - which serves as neutral ground and has, honestly, turned into a something of halfway house for wayward morons. Come join them. She will fix your car and everything.

    And then I have Juniper Jones ([info]juniebelle) - a chipper little Consortium legacy-kid with a whole lot of money and way too much good will toward her fellow man, beast, and winged fairy-creature. Her grandmother was a Black Marketeer, and so is her current guardian, but Junie's a good kid - whose being named like a hippie is only too fitting. (Seriously, why can't everyone just get along?) She's a Spellcaster, with a specialization in Defense.

    But, yes! All of the things. Please. Always and in all ways!

    Apr. 26th, 2015


    uuugh I fail.

    So this is Penny again and sorry I've been incommunicado lately; I got pushed down an escalator on Monday by a jerk who apparently couldn't accept that a woman using a walking stick didn't want to move fast on moving steps, so I've been high on painkillers, and then Sydney got hit by a massive storm. FUN.

    Anyway, I now have four instead of two because I'm special, so here's my new two and a brief reminder of the previous two:

    characters )

    So yes. Those are my four. I've talked a bit with some of you about storylines and then I fell off the face of the earth >< Sorry about that.

    Apr. 21st, 2015


    Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaai everyone. It's Mary here, peeking out from under my rock to bring you my first character that I'm bringing in (and bringing back; he has a long history with me), Mitchell Roslyn. Profile here, but the gist of it is that he's a twenty-year-old young guy who has had a bit of a rough going in life. He's a foster kid, and he aged out of the system. Strangely enough, both of his parents are actually alive - shocking! - but neither of them were fit to actually take care of him. Eirena Shapiro helped/helps him with getting him on his feet in the adult world, as well as therapy for some of his behavioral problems that he's still growing out of. He's loud, he's angry, and he's proud, and if you need someone to get in trouble, or out of trouble, with, then he's your guy.

    Mitch only found out a few years ago in his late teens that he's a spellcaster and belongs to this group. His Gift is Fire, and he's gotten adept at using it as he is at fighting/boxing and fixing up cars, but he really struggles with the patience needed for rituals and enchantments.

    Edit: He's also with the Consortium, but he won't shun someone from the Alliance or Clan T unless they shun him first, basically.

    Finally, he's a college student and part-time auto-mechanic (at Mo's Garage, if you're still okay with that, Jackie?). So I bring him here and throw him to your mercy, everyone~! Excited to show him off for all of the shenanigans!

    Apr. 19th, 2015


    Some of you are still in the process of creating characters and doing stuff. Because of that I thought I'd offer some line possibilities you might be able to work in. Check inside maybe and see if you wanna! Last ooc post from me for a while I swear I'm just bored.

    (This also works as an intro for my three, the fourth and final I'm gonna wiffle on for a couple more weeks probably)

    get in here )

    Apr. 18th, 2015



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