July 21st, 2011

[info]war_dog in [info]olympic_threads

Who: Ares OTA
What: Jury Duty
When: Thursday morning, 7/21
Where: Courthouse
Warnings: A seriously annoyed Ares?
The Areiopagos it was most definitely NOT... )
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[info]eternallyoung in [info]olympic_threads

Who: Hebe and Eros
What: A job interview
When: Friday night (7/21)
Where: One of Eros' clubs
Warnings: Frank talk of sex?

Why do you think you're best for this position? )
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[info]hailtheking in [info]olympic_threads

Who: Zeus and Hera
What: A meeting at last
When: Wednesday
Where: UCLA campus
Warning: Language

Alms for the poor )
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