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Someone's In the Kitchen With Zoe [July 29th, 2009 | 15.12]

Who: Zoe, open
Where: Circean Delight's kitchen
When: Morning

Zoe was still a little rattled about waking up in her room without Nik. Once she'd confirmed he was okay and still there, she'd calmed down a lot. But still, there was that whole lingering 'what the hells?' feeling.

The notes had been creepy too. But then, if the ship thought it was their mother, maybe it was protecting them from the the weird bad stuff. It was always possible.

She'd headed down to help out with breakfast as usual. It gave her something to do, something familiar, and allowed her to be helpful. Which was always good. She liked being busy and helpful.

Zoe was chopping vegetables, humming an old Chinese song her mother taught her when she was cooking. The blade moved with sharp swift strokes, pausing as she used it to clear the cutting board and grab the next vegetable.

Hello Nurse! [July 29th, 2009 | 14.58]

Who: Maddie and Leto
Where: Infirmary
When: Just after the security meeting


Maddie came to with only one thought in her mind. Ouch. Everything hurt, if a bit numbly. She felt woozy and trying to sit up turned out to be a very bad idea. She hissed out in pain and even that fucking hurt.

Worst of all, she was pretty damned certain that crazy bitch Denise had gotten away. That hurt more than getting her ass kicked by a girl. Maddie was no slouch when it came to bar brawling, although most of her tactics involved outbrawning the other person. But this little gal had been like fighting a crazed fucking animal.

"Fuck," she cursed under her breath and flopped her head back in frustration. Which was also a bad idea, as the whole room spun on its axis when she did that.


Through bushes and through briars [July 16th, 2009 | 23.19]

Who: Cath and Mae
Where: Their room
When: Very late evening
Rating: NSFW (are these two ever when they're alone?)

Cath shut the door behind him heavily, locking it but not setting up their jury rigged bar. There was no point. He really didn't care if the bastard got him anymore. None of it seemed to matter all the much. Not the notes, not the bloody ship, not getting out of the mess. None of it.

It'd been well over a day and no sign of Mae. Or Alexander. But his thoughts weren't with Leto or her family, as selfish as it was. He was thinking about Mae. He couldn't help it. Mae was his life. Especially now, she was all he had.

And now she was gone. God bloody damn it. He shrugged out of his jacket, then started stripping off weapons. He'd turned off his walkie-talkie, he didn't want to deal with other people's problems right now. He was finally taking the moments he needed.

Grabbing the half drunk bottle of whiskey he'd brought in with him, he downed a good swallow. This wasn't enough to get him drunk, but he needed his wits a bit for what he had planned. Or at least, a steady hand. This was one mission he had no intention of cocking up.

Turning towards the mirror where he'd found the note scrawled this morning, he saw a different one tonight. What the bloody hell?

It was on bright yellow construction paper with red hearts decorating it and golden glitter chaotically slapped on. It indicated that Cathair was supposed to turn to a particular walkie talkie channel - one that was very unused at the moment - and listen.

And it was signed Queen Mab.

Cath's blood ran cold for a minute. This fucking ship was torturing him now or he'd gone utterly mad. Taking another long drink, he stared at the note for a long while, disbelieving. He hated this ship. Another long pull of whiskey, just staring at it. It was Mae's handwriting and it was the sort of childish note she would leave him. She was still very much a little girl, his Mae.

Finally, he reached over to where his walkie-talkie was and turned it on, switching to the channel the note instructed. He didn't expect anything, really. No one who'd ever disappeared on this hellish bloody cruise had ever come back.

But maybe he hadn't completely run out of hope.

Rub a Dub Dub [July 13th, 2009 | 14.31]

Who: James Brighton, Dopy and OTA on the ship
When: Mid Day
Where: Lady Luck and outer decks of the Nausicaä

He kept staring at Mike’s boots.  It was a silly thing to be fixated on in all this, he knew, but the boots were there and Mike wasn’t.  Who was the luckier bloke than? 

Read more... )

[July 12th, 2009 | 00.23]

Who: Lisa tagging Molly and Savannah
When: Early morning
Where: Lisa's room, Savannah's room, and Molly's room.

Lisa opened her eyes after a night of restful sleep, and immediately became aware that she was not where she was supposed to be. Jolted awake, she sat up in bed and looked around, only to see thousands of reflections of her own face looking back at her. She was in the Mirror Room.A scary morning )

Checking on a Friend [July 9th, 2009 | 23.37]

[ mood | worried ]

Who: Emily and Megan
When: At Sunrise
Where: Megan's Room
Note: Possibly NSFW

Emily ran up the stairs two steps at a time. After she had awoken in her originally assigned room, she had paused only long enough to put on a pair of shorts, a t-shirt, and her security-volunteer utility belt, and to check to make sure her father was safe in his room. Then she had grabbed her sneakers without bothering to put them on and had run out the door. Now she was just getting to the top of the two flights of stairs leading to Megan's room. She turned down the hallway to Megan's room and ran down it as fast as she could. There was no telling what would happen if Megan woke up and thought she was still on the B deck. She would surely be disoriented, and might hurt herself. Arriving at Megan's door, she knocked frantically. "Megan? Are you in there? It's me, Emily! Something weird has happened; you're back in your Chaste Tree room!"


Goodnight Saigon [July 9th, 2009 | 19.15]

Who: Miguel, Peter, Sean, and Leto
Where: Promenade Shop Storerooms, Security Room, Chapel
When: Early to mid-morning

We met as soul mates on Parris Island/We left as inmates from an asylum )

Attacking the Darkness [July 9th, 2009 | 15.22]

Who: Cath, Leto, Open to security
Where: Homer's Study
When: Mid-morning

Cath wasn't drinking. He hadn't gotten to that point yet. He wanted to take his knife to the walls of the ship for the note. And for taking Leto's brother and Mae. Saints, he couldn't think about that. Not and keep his head. It was hard enough to drink coffee without thinking about it. Tea wouldn't be any better. He couldn't stand to be in their room, because she was all over it. Sleep was out of the question.

If she were gone-

No, he'd deal with that after this was dealt with. She could still be hiding. But then, Alexander wasn't the type to hide, his sister said.

Fuck, he was living his worst nightmare. He tried to order his thoughts properly. No breaking down, no going mad. Keep it together until this task was finished. Then, he could do what he needed to when he was alone.

TIME UPDATE [July 9th, 2009 | 17.22]

DATE: Friday, January 8, 2010.

WEATHER: It's still a bit drizzly and rainy, but the sun is still shining through the rain, projecting a giant rainbow above the ship. Aww...

EVENTS: If surprises pop up every day, and therefor become routine, are they still surprises? How about surprises that reach a whole new level of possibly-being-molested-by-ghostly-hands creepy?

Every passenger who changed rooms, and moved down to A or B deck will wake up in their originally assigned room, and will awake neatly tucked in their beds. If that's not enough, everyone that was relocated by these unseen forces has a note on their bedside table. In an elegant, neatly scrawling script, it reads simply, 'I put you where you were supposed to be. Love, Mother.'

There's another addition. Every room - every room - be it private or public, now bears a phrase somewhere. It could be written on a torn scrap of paper, it could be on the wall in an antique golden frame, it could be written on the wall, and in many public rooms with hardwood floors, artistically engraved right into the floor itself. The phrase is 'Never forget me, for I gave you life.' In the cases where it is handwritten, the handwriting matches 'Mother's handwriting.

Sometime around mid-day, a sinking yacht appears on the horizon. The ship changes its bearing of its own accord, and heads directly for it.

Oh. And Alexander's gone missing. But with all the mommy issues, maybe he's better off.

Wedded Bliss [July 6th, 2009 | 15.30]

Who: Az and Jean
Where: Attendants of Aphrodite
When: Late morning

Jean had been on cloud nine for the last two days. He'd almost totally forgotten they were trapped on a cruise ship in the middle of nowhere with no idea where they were headed and if they'd ever get home. He certainly hadn't thought about the body they'd found or the murderer still on the loose. He'd even gotten used to the fact his cellphone didn't work and was never going to ring and he didn't even need to bother to wear it.

No, the perpetual worrywort was actually living in the moment for right now. But then, he was soaking in the huge spa tub in their room, with his absolutely gorgeous wife. Yes, wife. Which just made it all the more thrilling for him. He wasn't sure why, but he wasn't questioning it.

Not when he felt this good. The world might possibly explode around them and he'd not notice right now.

Mad Tea Party? [July 4th, 2009 | 12.14]

Who: Billie, Sean, Ronnie, NPC security volunteers
Where: Employee break room
What: Questioning
When: Afternoon

Billie had been brought in by two of the Security volunteers and handcuffed to the leg of the break table.  It was bolted to the floor to keep it from sliding with any noticable ship movement.  She was left to sit there for an hour  with only some snack machines and the chairs opposite her to occupy her time. Ronnie had done very well in the set up.  The security guards were obviously outside the door.

Sean had ordered the room cleared of all but three chairs, and that she be brought in and left to stew for an hour with nothing to do.  He didn't dress the room.  He wasn't looking for a confession.  Not about the beating anyway.

He entered the room after the hour, leaving the door open about two inches for Ronnie to listen in.  He had left his gun with Ronnie as well as part of what he considered standard procedure.  He walked in the room in jeans and a tee shirt, nothing formal, no badge evident.  He pulled out the chair opposite Billie with a foot and circled to sit in it.  His hands folded on the table he looked directly into the eyes of the woman opposite him. 

 "Denise Windham, I deck, 1011.  Share the room with your sister Tessa Windham.  Half sister?  You two don't look anything alike." 

Patience is a Virtue [July 1st, 2009 | 12.27]

Who: Lisa, Sean - brief Molly (pre trouble)
Where: Chelsea and Lisa's Room
What: Worry/checking up
When: Morning

Sean needed to calm down.  He knew a session in the gym was in order after he'd questioned the prisoner.  But now he was working on the worry and self anger as he made his way to the room Lisa shared with Chelsea.  He knocked brusquely on the door and Molly opened it.

"I know that Nazi knock anywhere.  Someone's got the mads in a bad way." Molly half glared at him.  "Lose it with Lisa.  She's had a worse time than you.  Don't make me go grandpa on your ass."  Her green eyes were serious.


[June 30th, 2009 | 23.58]

Who: Jack and Eve
When: Early Evening
Where: Circean Delight
What: A Date

To Jack's mind, the amazing restocking of the entire ship, with everything going back to its original condition, it could not have been a better sign. Since when was everything getting into a better state not a good sign? Never, that's when.

Even for Jack, he was in a great mood, when he went to pick up Eve from her room. And considering the source, that was saying something. He was nearly bouncing in his happiness, and no caffeine in sight, merely good feelings and contentedness that flowed off him in heavy waves. Imagine a cartoon scene, where happiness flowed out from one source to do everything from perking up the flowers to making strangers smile, and you had the wake of happy that Jack left in his wake.

With a wide grin on his face, he lifted one hand and knocked on Eve's door.

Breakout! [June 30th, 2009 | 16.54]

Who: Maddie and Billie
Where: Holding Room
When: Late night
Moar: Language, Violence, very likely blood

Okay, and she thought walking around this ship of doom for hours was boring. At least she could flirt with Matt on patrol. The gal who'd attacked some girl in the diner yesterday was about as good for conversation as a wall. A wall that glared at a body like a cat who's tail had been trod on. Really, if looks could kill, some of the ones Maddie had gotten from her would have her dead, buried and the daisies already growing on her grave.

Boring and hostile at the same time. Only on this fucking doomship, she swore.

Still, the gal was a person and she didn't have much to do but glare at her jailers. Captain Lucky Charms had said she weren't talking, and she sure as hell wasn't talking to Maddie at all. And she'd been there a few hours.

"You want some water or somethin' to eat?" she asked. Really, it weren't like she was being starved for information. They hadn't resorted to anything that drastic.

The Silence of the Lamb [June 30th, 2009 | 16.38]


Who: Lottie and other
Where: Storerooms for the Promenade shops
7:00 pm
What: Wrong place, wrong time.

He’d decided on the storeroom for many reasons.  Most of the crew areas, including engineering, were still locked tight.  Since the experiments began using the shops had tapered away after the initial few days.  A good half of the shop owners and employees were missing, which helped.

The little recorder wasn’t as badly damaged as he’d originally thought.  He’d just had to tape the one side back on and clean up some of the blood.  He paced the quiet storeroom, listening to the cheerful interviews of lives that wouldn’t continue.  Then came the final one.

(This is a combined post written with Corey, Lottie's Mun)


A Quiet Lunch [June 29th, 2009 | 21.53]

Who: Juhi and OTA
Where: Circean Delight
When: Noonish
What: Lunch

Juhi smiled at the waitress when she brought her food, chicken alfredo pasta, something she assumed would be easy enough for them to make. She stared down at the food, realizing her sudden lack of appetite. Why had she thought it would be easy enough to eat? People were still disappearing. She had been at the security meeting last night, in the back, trying to stay unnoticed. Maybe then whatever was taking people away would leave her alone.

The scent of oranges filled her nostrils, and she pushed the plate away, sinking her head into her hands. The smell had followed her around for days now. Juhi's hands shook, and she took a deep breath. Calm down. No need to show your weakness in public. She took a deep, shuddering breath, and let it out, slowly.

Let's Start a Riot [June 29th, 2009 | 11.45]

Who: Nik - open to any of the Jones siblings.
Where: Somewhere on deck, hiding.
When: Early afternoon

To say he was stressed out was an understatement. )

[June 29th, 2009 | 01.51]

Who: Zoe and Slav
Where: Zoe's room
When: Noonish

Zoe hoped Nik actually talked to Gor. She knew she'd failed utterly at what she was trying to do. Okay, she wasn't even sure what she was trying to do when she talked to him. Try and make things better. Figure out what misunderstanding made him so afraid of her. Something. She'd never had anyone make her so nervous before just being incredibly nervous around her.

She figured Nik would be mad at her and he hadn't. Maybe because he knew she didn't mean to wreck things. She was just trying to help. Ironically, her conversation with Lilo yesterday came to mind here. The road to hell apparently was paved with good intentions.

That totally sucked.

She sprawled out on her bed, heaving out a long sigh. This was so fucked up.

[June 27th, 2009 | 23.26]

Who: Slav, Gor?, OTA
Where: Slav's Room
What: Moving/Slinking Off
When: Morning
Rating: Possibly Language

Welcome To My Nightmare [June 27th, 2009 | 20.56]

Who: Unknown, Leto,
When: As soon as Leto wakes up
Where: Her room

The following was found taped to Leto's door, on the outside.

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