Aug. 25th, 2008


Nothing is going on in any of the groups we joined. One thinks we trolls. whateve. This site blows. We're going back to MySpace.

L8r gators.

Mar. 27th, 2008


Questions about publishing

We're dithering over some fine points at the moment, and I know we'd get confuzzled if we tried to piece the answers together on our lonesome. We've always been a bit uncertain of whether we're doing things right when dealing with Outworld Stuff. I'm guessing that we're not the only system that does this, or the only one that might face these questions at some point, so I figured I'd post this here for some info gathering and sharing.

We write fanfic, and recently one of ours tried converting a story he'd written so that it could be sold as original. It got accepted (YAY!) for an online publication, for first electronic rights and archiving for one year.

Should we remove the fanfic that was the base of this story from free circulation? It's in a community and on our writing journal, and while the changed version is different enough to evoke a totally different sort of flavor, I feel odd not asking about this. What's protocol here?

If we wanted to try selling that story or others set in the same world to a print publication, how would that work? Do we wait? How long? What do we tell them about prior publications? Should we just wait until we have a bunch of them and put out our own anthology?

And, if the story that spawned all these questions is erotic in nature, is it possible or even advisable to write non-erotic, fantasy genre stories with the same characters for publication elsewhere? This thing is turning into a monster, and I'd love to let it run loose just to see how far it goes.

Anyone? Writers? Editors? Bueller?


ETA clarification: The new story is vastly different from the fanfic -- the only thing that didn't change drastically was the sexual content. Everything else was tailored to the new setting and new characters.

Mar. 9th, 2008


Writer's amnesia?

Our partner has been posting some of our community-challenge fics in our writing journal for us (they're the organized ones in the household). These stories were written for SpringKink at LJ and KinkFest here on IJ over the last year and a half or so.

There are a lot of these stories that we don't remember writing.

They're right here on our computer, and in the communities under our handle, but...brainspace seems to have eaten them. A quick re-read brings them back, but we still can't recall the actual writing of them.

During this time period, we were going through a spiralling depression -- could this have caused us to forget? Is it a multiple thing, or a writerly thing? Does writing through depression count as state-dependent inspiration the way that some artists rely on alcohol or drugs to keep the words/paint flowing? Some of these stories just blew me away -- I can't imagine how we wrote them, and we can't remember just who in-system did the deed. They're better than I thought they'd be, and that weirds me out for some reason.

I don't know, it just seems wrong that we could write something that we'd love on a re-read and yet have no memory of creating in the first place. Anyone else have that happen?

Feb. 15th, 2008


Quiet community is quiet.

So here's some content!

I'm Robin, and I'm somehow representative of my system.
This time, it makes total sense - I'm the one that's into the writing thing.

I don't really write for profit, because I haven't the time or the energy.
I write fanfiction, for various fandoms. Sometimes, I write things based on the lives of headmates. Sometimes, I make shit up. (Mostly I write based on the lives of headmates. Sometimes they hate me for it.)

Uh, anyway, there you go?

I wonder if other groups are like this or not.


Jan. 31st, 2008


...first member post?

I was wondering if anyone here was ever going to post, or what the process was. I didn't really see one, and if this requires being put being a lock, I can do that too.

I am an artist. To be specific, I do fractal art. I have a DA account, but most of the projects I do don't end up on there. I've found that fractal art is very soothing for me and works well as an emotional outlet. I've never been very good at drawing like some of the people here - especially since my eyesight went to pot. (Not body wise, but me personally.) I've been working in the medium for a few years now. A great many of my projects get scrapped out of frustration, but I do have a rather nice (if small) collection of completed works that I'm proud of.

Does anyone else out there work with fractals? If so, what kind? Flames? Julia Sets? Mandelbrot Sets?

That's all I have to say for now. I suppose that's what this comm is for.

Jan. 19th, 2008



American Heritage Dictionary:

numen - noun (pl. [info]numina)

1. A presiding divinity or spirit of a place.
2. A spirit believed by animists to inhabit certain natural phenomena or objects.
3. Creative energy; genius.


[info]numina exists for multiplicity, soulbonds, and all sorts of plurals to share and discuss their creativity, no matter how it is expressed. Art, music, writing--let's talk about it.
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