December 2008



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Dec. 3rd, 2008


The lighter side of fighting the H8

Prop 8: The Musical

Courtesy of Towleroad:
Hairspray composer Marc Shaiman (whose boycott lead to the resignation of Sacramento's California Musical Theatre creative director Scott Eckern following his donation to Prop 8) wrote and conceived this hysterical short piece (presented with a wink and a nod by the 'Sacramento Community College Players'), which was directed and staged by Hairspray director and choreographer Adam Shankman and features plenty of folks you will recognize.

Shaiman plays the piano. Jordan Ballard, Margaret Cho, Barrett Foa, J.B. Ghuman, John Hill, Andy Richter, Maya Rudolph, Rashad Naylor, Nicole Parker star as 'California Gays and The People That Love Them'. John C Reilly as a Prop 8 leader, and Alison Janney as his wife. Kathy Najimy as his second wife. Jenifer Lewis as a riffing Prop 8'er. Craig Robinson as a preacher. Rashida Jones, Lake Bell, Sarah Chalke as Scary Catholic School Girls from Hell. Katharine "Kooks" Leonard, Seth Morris, Denise "Esi!" Piane, Lucian Piane, Richard Read, Seth Redford, Quinton Strack, and Tate Taylor as The Frightened Villagers.

Jack Black stars as Jesus Christ, and Neil Patrick Harris is billed as 'A Very Smart Fellow'.

Check out the video under here or at the link above )

Nov. 19th, 2008




Fight the Hate with Love

"On December 10, 2008 the gay community will take a historic stance against hatred by donating love to a variety of different causes.

On December 10, you are encouraged not to call in sick to work. You are encouraged to call in "gay"--and donate your time to service! "

Nov. 17th, 2008



Hey everyone!

I've opened up posting even though, I'm still organizing...or trying to find time to organize things. However, I want people to have access to all the info out there.

ICONS by [info]mi_nion

Snag some icons and start posting: info on protests, ideas for spreading the message...anything.

Nov. 14th, 2008


Join the Impact/Seven Weeks to Equality

Join the Impact this Saturday all across the U.S.

We call on all supporters of equality to sustain and intensify the nationwide campaign of mass protests and non-violent civil disobedience, for seven weeks, starting on November 27, 2008, the thirtieth anniversary of the assassination of Harvey Milk, and to then gather together in mass, from all corners of our country, in Washington, DC on the morning of Tuesday, January 20, 2009, to honor the inauguration of our President, Barack Obama.
Check out the details and the petition at Seven Weeks to Equality.

Nov. 12th, 2008



I'm still working on tweaking (hee) our profile and layout as well as opening up posting but I wanted to get this started ASAP.

I think it's important that we, as a group, start to boycott the companies that supported Prop 8 or companies that support bans on equality in any state.

They know which companies to target that support us, so let's turn the tables in an organized fashion by getting the word out.

Spread the word to family and friends (at least until we find some organizations to join in our areas). We'll start small and build up...


DISHONOR ROLL - people who contributed $5000 or more in support of prop 8.

I have no firsthand personal knowledge of the accuracy of these lists but we've got to start somewhere.

If you have a company to add or you see a company that shouldn't be listed, leave a comment.

Let's be pro-active.

Nov. 10th, 2008


I'm still setting up this asylum but I didn't want to leave it empty so I thought I'd pimp an article. It's a moving telling of one person's view of a San Francisco Protest to Prop 8 from Saturday night.