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Aug. 23rd, 2011


Allo ladies and gents! Maggie is back and happy to pick up where things dropped off. Anyone looking for plot or gaming, please give me a poke to set it up!

Aug. 12th, 2011



Happy Friday to everyone! This is Maggie sadly having to announce I'll be on hiatus from this evening until the 22nd, probably. I can try to sneak in some tag when possible, but this does mean I will be sporadic and slow. (Not avoiding. Promise) In multi-player threads, carry on my pups will jump in when they can.

This affects: Sharon Carter, Spider-woman, Big Barda, Hawkgirl, Arsenal, Valkyrie, Madam Hydra, Mystique, Moonstone, Dagger, Laura Kinney, Starfire aaaaaand anyone I forgot.

Have fun!

Aug. 9th, 2011


Hey everyone, Abby here. Just dropping a note to let everyone know that yes, I am alive. Work got IMMENSELY crazy despite the fact that I was told there was a lull in August. With any luck that will hit in the next week or so.

That being said, I owe tags and I have a list of what I owe who. Tomorrow I'll be tagging the Sam-Ruby-Dean-Babs thread, I apologize to everyone for the delays in both posting and charie list updates. It has just been one of those months.

Angel and I are working on a new plot that we think everyone is going to love :) It will bring EVERYONE into the fold, everyone who wants to be of course! So thank you for your patience as I try to mesh the real world with my RP life. I love you all!

Aug. 4th, 2011


Hi everybody![HI DR NICK] I'm Michelle and I bring you two, soon to be three charies if I can get off my lazy ass and do his app, new pups!

The first one is Derek Hale from MTV's Teen Wolf. He's coming in from 1x08 "Lunatic" as I need to catch up with the new eps. For those that don't follow Teen Wolf, Derek is a beta, his entire family was killed in a mysterious fire leaving him and his sister to survive on their own. His sister, of course, was murdered, leaving him to help Scott(a newbie werewolf) and stiles(a human) to help hunt down the Alpha...and has just found out who the alpha is, exactly.

Don't worry however, he doesn't bite...unless he's super pissed off.

My second pup is this guy right here. Damon Salvatore from Vampire Diaryies. He's coming in from the end of season 2, right after kissing Elena.

I'm always up for plot, and if you wanna know either of my babys feel free to hunt me down on AIM at Withabrokenwings

Questions/comments/death threats?

Jul. 25th, 2011


Hey everyone! Just a quick note to let everyone know that I'm back from Maine! :) Posting from me will resume tomorrow. Exausted! NIGHT!

Jul. 20th, 2011


Hello ladies and gentlemen, Abby here.

Just a note for everyone that I'll be away this weekend, so I'll be doing tags tonight and at work tomorrow (assuming nothing else comes up) but after that I'll be checking probably once a day. Why? We have actual dialup in maine! Can you believe it?!

Anyway, I love you all, and will do an update to the character list when I get back!!!

Jul. 14th, 2011


Introducing Colonel Robert Hogan!

Hey everyone, Abby here. My apologies for not being around much the last two weeks. Stuff came up and then I had some wonderful people in town for the HP premiere. At any rate, here we are! Let's get things rolling again! (With me at least!!)

I'm writing this to introduce my new character. That's right! Abby has taken a new character for the first time in months *gasps* The world as we know it is now going to come to an end in a pile of firey rubble! See? I'm the cause of the end of the world :D My latest character, my newest since I took Sam Winchester!

Meet Colonel Robert Hogan, yes that Robert Hogan from Hogan's Heroes, the 1960s WWII Comedy set in a German POW Camp. Hogan comes into the game courtesy of the Cardiff Rift. He's been pulled through time from a year after the war where he was finally going home after his full debrief from London took place.

For those of you unfamiliar with the series, Hogan's Heroes is about a group of soldiers stuck in a POW camp - Stalag 13 - during World War Two. The thing about Stalag 13 is that no one ever escapes from the camp... but they do. Hogan and his crew use Stalag 13 as a base, with underground tunnels, to get people out of Germany right under the nose of the camp's Kommandant Colonel Klink. Needless to say that Hogan is crafty, smooth and during the show a 1960s-ish ladies man. He is a heavily decorated officer and his team was the best, and Hogan wasn't beyond making life difficult for Klink; trying to make him think he was really in charge when Hogan was clearly running the camp.

If you haven't seen the series I suggest it. It took fire during its day because it was making fun of the war, and dealt with Nazis but its a really GREAT show. And here's a bit of trivia for you, Robert Clary - who played the Frenchman Corporal Louis LeBeau - was a Holocaust survivor and Werner Klemperer who played the Kommandant, his family fled when the Nazis invaded Austria!

So anyway, Hogan is a cocksure, smooth, ladies man with a SHARP sense of humor who always has his eye on the prize. He is heavily decorated - his list of medals are on his bio - and as of two months ago he's been in Cardiff. He's kept a low profile! And he now owns a club called The Allies Lounge, which is a 1940s themed nightclub, where all the staff is in period clothing and guests are encouraged to be in character too! It's a little bit of home. When he arrived he was on his way to a debriefing with the Department of War.

Anyone who was active during WW2 or wants to have been helped by him and his people, they can recognize him. Jack, Steve... we've already got some plot set up that way. Especially if you were a flier! I highly reccomend the show! It is worth a watch! So if you want to plot, since this is the longest introduction EVER, hit me up!!!

Jul. 8th, 2011


Hello, everyone. I'm Toni, played here before but had to leave due to work related issues, and was asked to return, so I bring two muses.

Firstly is Sylar, making his return, and plans on being a very bad boy. Which he is so good at. For those that don't know anything about him, (after all, the fourth and rather lousy season was a couple years ago) his info can be found here.

Secondly, I bring in one Lieutenant Aniya Zenovia, better known as SPARTAN B312, aka, Noble 6, from Halo: Reach. Genetically altered super-soldier standing nearly 7 foot tall, nearly 300 lbs, she is a true force to be reckoned with, at least, under most circumstances. How she deals with finding herself here shall be quite interesting to see. Likewise, her info can be found here.

I'll be making official appearance threads later, and look forward to plots with everyone.

Jul. 5th, 2011


Here's one more charrie for you. His name is Mac, and he is a part of Titan's unit. If anyone would like plot please fee free to contact me on AIM at marvelousscream.

Jun. 28th, 2011


OK SO I joined up and then my world got all topsy turvy. I knew it was coming, I just didn't think it was going to be as exhausting as it has been. But there have been quite a few hang ups and kinks in plans over the past week SO while I've been around online, I've not really been in an RP mindset. I"m still settling into new routines, that are going to change again in a month or so (with luck anyway), but I'm here now...mostly.

Anyone have any ideas or desires for plots with my guy here? I'm also still a little confused as to where exactly he would turn up, from as near as I can tell people turn up all over the world mostly based on each fandom SO I'm not sure where he'd land so to speak.

Jun. 24th, 2011


I just wanted to apologize to everyone for my bout of inactivity this week...the day before I was supposed to leave on vacation my hometown flooded and I just couldn't get my net to stay up long enough to do anything. I will do my best to get all my tags caught up before Tuesday.



Hello ladies and gentlemen! It's Abby! I apologize for being so quiet in game as of late, but things at my office got a bit hectic. At any rate, I am here with a modly announcement.

We have updated the character list and friend button. If you all would be so kind as to click it, we would appreciate it! We have a new plot right around the horizon, and something leading up to it! So keep an eye out. All you techs especially. This is gonna be fun. So says Moses!!! (and if you get that reference? Points to you!!!)


Hey its joey. I need to ask Maggie about plot as far as the thread with them on the train. I finally figured out how to use OOC so I wanted to plot here. Like should the enemy find them or should they get away for now?

Jun. 21st, 2011


Hi, this is joey. Im trying to find anyone who may be interested in apping a character to join my oc Titan's unit of specialist Shield agents. Out of five desired members so far there are three. Im still looking for two more. If anyone is interested in bringing a canon or oc character into this team, feel free to poke me.

Jun. 20th, 2011


Hello everyone. I've tried to post this a few times already and if my browser locks up yet again...well then you'll never know cuz there will be a new version of this written up and posted in the morning.

I'm Paula and I'm bringing in the Emperor of the Known Universe...or what will be the known universe in several thousand years time: Paul Atreides, from the Dune universe. I've pulled him from shortly after the events in the first novel. If you've seen the first sci-fi channel miniseries or the David Lynch version of the movie, that's close enough. If there's anyone itching to pull from that verse: I'd love to have anyone else here with him, Chani especially for obvious reasons. She keeps him grounded.

I am not entirely sure where on earth he would actually turn up so if anyone has any ideas for a first finding type scene, toss them at me. I'm usually found on AIM: heyanonynonny.

Since I did wake up an an ungodly hour, I'm heading off as soon as I try to post this again.

OH! While I"m thinking about it: IS there anyone here that has a Twilight character in play that would have objection to my bringing in a pre-Cullen, still human eating version of Jasper OR Is there anyone interested in bringing Alice in with a struggling vegetarian version of him?

*crosses bits that this works* EDIT: YAY it worked!!

Jun. 19th, 2011


I just wanted to let everyone know that I am going out of town tomorrow morning, but I will be back Wednesday evening. I will tag then, and any tags I am behind on will be caught up Wednesday night or Thursday Morning.

Jun. 13th, 2011


Hello boys and goils!

This is a mod request to all, please tag your threads. It's really simple, tag your turn then check if your pup's name is on the thread. Only need to do it once.

If you pup is yet to have a tag, please just comment here and we'll write you one asap.

There's a lot of pups, a lot of comings and goings and while I do check-ups, running through a page of unclaimed threads is getting old.


Hey everyone! Abby here! So I'm home. Best. Con. EVAR! Starting today @ work and continuing tomorrow I'll be doing tags, not tonight because I'm not going to have my computer but hey! It happens. Recouping from the Con and going to long island. Getting to work tomorrow will be interesting. First time I've done that.

ANYWAY! I'm home, and the Taken Character List will be g etting updated because I'm back. I have the prep-work done already. Thank you for your patience! All the new characters (with the exception of Bart but that will be fixed tomorrow) have thread tags, once again I request that those who currently aren't use them. It makes it easier for us to keep track of threads for those pesky activity checks when we do have them, which is every so often.

As a mod and as an organization freak [LOL don't look at me funny, I am slightly ocd I swear!], I thank you for your cooperation :D

Jun. 12th, 2011


Bart Allen / Kid Flash II (AKA Impulse)

Hello, name's Jamie and I'm bringing in one Mr Bart Allen. He's somewhat of an imp, hailing from the DC Universe and we can't wait to get strait to playing. I can be contacted over AIM at Impulsive Speed for plotting and/or roleplay, have no email because - while technically I do I check it like every other month.. maybe. I do however use Gdocs from time to time so if there are any heavy Gdoc users that's something else I can rp via. Bart's excited to reunite with his besties and I'm looking forward to playing with all of you.

PS: Is there an up to date f!list adder?

Jun. 8th, 2011


Hello, I’m Amy. I’m playing Morgan Le Fay. If you want plot let me know, tag here as I haven’t been signing in often into my AIM.

She’s basically, once realizing what has happened and where she is, going to want aim for being the biggest, bad-est bitch around. So Other wizard-ly sorts watch out, she’ll be wanting to manipulate people into becoming her minions too. So. Any plot bunnies, let me know. Really hoping to get to play with other players this time around, here.

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