Dec. 3rd, 2007


Multiple Monday is Here

We've decided to put Multiple Monday here on IJ as well as on LJ. Enjoy! :)

Nov. 2nd, 2007


Our system, I've noticed, seems to have a serious lack of communication. It isn't that we forget things, or that we don't know everything we need to.

It's that we don't know each other very well - we only know minimal things.

I'm not entirely sure how to fix it.

How do you communicate within your own system? you have suggestions or advice?


Oct. 25th, 2007


Well, this is interesting....

I'm a bookaholic. So this past weekend I went to some thrift stores and bought some books. I found a book titled Balanced Personality: How to Solve the Conflict between Desire and Conscience from 1943. The book is in amazing condition; it even still has its dustcover intact.

Anyway. It's a how-to book. I thought it would be fun to read how a psychology book from 1943 would read. Make a good laugh.

So here I get to Chapter 2: The Group That Works Within

Turns out I quoted a lot more than I thought I would. )

Oct. 14th, 2007


It seems we are having an internal debate about a certain issue, and so once again, I find myself turning to those outside our circle of friends to see the varying opinions.

I have posted this on two entirely different servers, and the wonder of the ready availability of information shall never cease to astonish me. Of course, it's very useful.

I digress.

Here is my question:

Do you, as a system, find yourselves having conversations with each other in your journals? You, know, in comments, etc.?
Why, or why not?
Do you find it strange if other people do it? Or perhaps you like to see what everyone is thinking, and not just one person?

Lengthy replies are as appreciated as short ones, if not moreso.

Of course, I already know the answers from a few of you - at least, halfway. For the sake of argument, let's pretend I haven't a clue at all, hm?

I look forward to coming home tomorrow to see your answers.

-Lucius Tadius da Lucca

Oct. 10th, 2007


Wow, I finally got InsaneJournal to stop being a pain in my ass and let me post to communities! JOY.

Uh, hi.
I'm Robin. Yeah, that Robin. If you know my real name, points to you. If you don't, I might tell you sometime.

I'm kind of the system spokesman, I guess. I've been playing host for coming up on two years now, as our system currently doesn't have a host.

We're a pretty big group, but not everyone is active at once. Our list of people is available to friends only, however, for a lot of reasons.

I think we come across as stand-offish without meaning to, and you can have my apologies for that.
We're not at all new to multiplicity or soulbonding, and sometimes we might even be insightful.

As you can see, I fail at introductions. Let me leave it at that.


Sep. 28th, 2007


Er, hello...

At [info]suhina's prodding, I'm stepping cautiously forward. I'm still coming to terms with the whole soulbonding/multiplicity thing (or, at least, being open about it), so forgive my shyness.



Hello again! Our membership is booming... and I don't know who half you people are. Any of you quiet types interested in introducing yourself, if only to say you'll be lurking? Any of you interested in being added to friends' pages?

~ O

Aug. 24th, 2007



I'd like to extend a large welcome to all our new members here, as well as make an announcement. Starting today, [info]kasiya is the third moderator of this community, joining team [info]skywalking-[info]kenobi. Give them a round of applause!

Aug. 22nd, 2007


Intro from Me

We're still working on defining ourselves.
That's the simplest way to put it.
The longer I go on the more it is clear that we're pretty close to multiple if not so, but yet...not exactly. For a while there were periods of time where it was at the point there had to be initialing of notes and things like that, and someone external who could fill in the blanks of what was going on, obligations that had to be made and so on...but now there's more of a consensus but still not quite.

Don't know if much sense is being made here.
Someone I'd talked to mentioned at some point the idea of being plural but having a sort of central whole. I've seen other comments around and about various places about there being "people" who are multiples within multiples, that's not what this is.

There's more overall awareness now, less holes in memory, but still some periods of, "OMG there was what done?" "Didn't say that..." Yes you did.

That sort of thing. There seems to be back and forthing...internally and there is at least sharing of information for the most part. Although there's still the "out front takeover" when there's a hideous tiredness.

This whole situation is compounded by otherkin (added cavaet otakin in some cases) nature. The fact that I have channeled before, so there are some things which were channeling "back in the day" but anyway...

This is enough of an attempt at introduction.

Aug. 15th, 2007


Gratuitous Add-me Post

I got a GJ, but I have an IJ too and I figure I really ought to have a friends list here with, like, more than two people on it.

This is mostly my journal, but other people post in it too sometimes. I can't promise you deep thought, but I can promise that I have a hard time shutting up sometimes.

If you're looking to add people too, hey, add me! I'll add you too.


Aug. 14th, 2007



So, we were catching up on reading journals and saw that Cas really likes IJ so we thought we'd give it a try. It seemed natural to join to this community since it's the only one for households we saw. I hate intros and have no idea what to say, so I'm leaving it at that.


Jul. 23rd, 2007


Taking one for the team

Just curious how other systems deal with things like this.

We're a large system of mostly male otakin living in a female body, and this is that part of the month when it's damn difficult to find people with any enthusiasm to be out. If there isn't a good enough bribe (and sadly, the new Harry Potter book is not a very good bribe), we appeal to the nobility and courage of the men to get someone to take a turn for the good of the system.

Some deal better than others. Some hear the word "cramps" and vanish like ninjas. Others think "woo hoo! An excuse to binge on chocolate!!" and queue right up.

Me? I'm just taking one for the team. I happen to have a deep connection with the system and fast access to system information, so I volunteered a few days ago to get us caught up on mail. Sure, that was before the monthly hit, but I'm the sort to help a comrade in distress, so here I am. Don't know if I'll manage with the mail, but at least I can deal with the body discomfort.

How about it? Anyone else have to negotiate for help during monthlies or illness? Anyone found that perfect bribe that always works?

Jul. 3rd, 2007



I finally managed to type up an intro in our journal, drop by and say hello.  ^__^

Jul. 2nd, 2007



We're wary of these types of places because of certain people we've had run ins with in the past and because of other factors. A certain portion of us are rather wary of people in general. Our group is non-trauma based though we do have some theories on our existence either being a natural extension of the "original" or that we are active merely because of the body's social isolation via the body having Asperger's syndrome. Because it is far easier to communicate with people in your mind that you don't have to deal with the boundaries of body language and can direct communicate mind to mind instead of having to deal with voice inflections one cannot figure out or reading confusing body language.

I'm Tom and I take care most of the group business while Holly, the "original", takes care of day-to-day stuff that involves presenting as a single person. We have mostly fictional based people, but we're all alternate universe in some way and some as they say it "haven't had their canon written yet". Our structure is usually we have me and Holly running things with a third person usually hanging about to handle stuff when me or Holly are overwhelmed with others dropping in every so often. The third person often changes and who it is depends on what's going on in the front at the time. Right now, for some reason the third person is 'Crow who is actually the alternate personality of someone else in our system, so we see both of them.

Our journal is friendslocked for safety reasons. And that's who we are.


Hi there

For a long time, it was just me and the chaos in my head. Brought on by sexual abuse, mental abuse, and a deep sense that other people would never understand.

A few years ago one of the voices finally got a face and a name. That is Someone to the rest of the world. He is my rage, my pain, my courage to say no.

Very recently, another voice identified themselves, and that is Someone Else. He is sexual, passionate, and outgoing.

I am diagnosed Manic/Depressive, unmedicated by choice.

So... Hi! It's good to know I'm not alone. I may lurk more than post, until Someone grabs the keyboard from me.

Jul. 1st, 2007


A tentative hello

I'm a bit wary of doing this, because, well, this is one of those things I keep very very quiet about. (People think I'm weird enough as it is, no sense adding another level of weird to it, you know?) I'm still picking my way through terminology, that's all a bit new to me.

I've always thought it was one of those problems with being a writer. You start writing something and the next thing you know one of the characters gets uppity and moves into your head and starts raiding the fridge and offering up snarky commentary on the world and bitching about the plotline. I always thought I was just weird that way.

This journal is friends only. (That whole not wanting people to think I'm crazy keeping quiet thing.) It's a place for the figments in residence in my head to actually express themselves. We like making new friends, so if you really want to read our crazy ramblings, chances are good we'll add you.


Jun. 24th, 2007


Creating Community

Hello, there. I'm interested in getting to know more people on IJ, especially multiples, and was wondering if anyone else here might want to exchange links?

Jun. 20th, 2007


Question of clutter

Hello, multiples, plurals, systems, or whatever you prefer.

I have a question of clutter. How do you tame it?

You see, we share a body, apartment, desk, etc. We have managed to budget out-time and schedule other things to that everyone feels comfortable. But we have so many people that have different hobbies, interests and the like that our space fills up fairly quick.

Not that I mind the clutter (yet I do), but do you have ideas on how to tame it for a multiple system? We have tried the singlet way, and it just doesn't work for us.

Take the desk, for example: the amount of notes left by everyone is consuming the desktop. There are also toys from the littles and CDs, books and other junk.

Any advice would be appreciated.


Jun. 10th, 2007



Welcome to Multiplicity. This community is open to multiples, singletons, those that fall somewhere in-between, those that remain unsure, and those that are simply curious. In other words, it is open to anyone. Multiples who have been diagnosed by doctors are welcome, as are the self-identified. Multiples with trauma-based backgrounds are welcome, as are natural multiples. Non-multiples are welcome. Again, everyone is welcome as long as they wish to discuss multiplicity.

Any and all views are welcome here, and any and all members of multiple groups are welcome to post, including otherkin, spirits, animals/shapeshifters, aliens, angels, demons, mythological creatures, walk-ins, and soulbonds. All we ask is you play nice.

For more information on multiplicity, check out:

Multiplicity - The community we are shamelessly imitating on Livejournal.
Astraea's Multiple Personality FAQ


The mods maintain the right to change and/or add to anything on this page without notice.