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I'd like to turn to a type of song that people like myself find ourselves subjected to with increasing frequency as time goes on, and that is the college alma mater. You'll find yourself at a reunion of grads, and old undergrads, and eh... somebody will start croaking out one of these things and everyone will gradually join in -- each in his own key, of course -- until the place is just soggy with nostalgia. Well, a typical such song might be called Bright College Days, and might go like this. Bright college days, O carefree days that fly, To thee we sing with our glasses raised on high. Let's drink a toast as each of us recalls Ivy-covered professors in ivy-covered halls. Turn on the spigot, pour the beer and swig it, and gaudeamus igit-ur. Here's to parties we tossed, To the games that we lost, We shall claim that we won them some day. To the girls young and sweet, To the spacious back seat of our beat up Chevrolet.
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Yo yo yo [17 Sep 2012|06:17am]

This is Miri, reintroducing DAWN AKA LIMOS, the Greek goddess of starvation.

She's one of Eris' gazillion kids and her grandma is Nyx! In this life she's sister to Night (Poseidon), Sage (Phantasos) and Silver, who will be coming in soon. Blabla, she still has a twin sister and their triplet died in an accident.

She's kinda a lot nicer then my previous version of her, still weird about food, animals and bacteria, though. Dawn's pretty childish and derpy and pretty much open for shenanigans.

More can be found HERE

I'M SO HUNGRY; People around Dawn will find themselves being hungry, no matter if they have just eaten or not. This feeling will last until 20 minutes after they've been near her. The ability does not apply to herself, and less to people who are constantly around her.

UGH FOOD; Dawn herself needs very little food to live. During her teenage years she was thought to be anorexic, but it turned out to be because she's Limos. Yes, she is skinny and people always have the need to make her eat a sandwich, but this is all due to who she was and no psychological problem.

She will work pt @ the Laughing Buddha and be in Animal Rights (Secretary), Photography and Clarion (second Editor)

She'll also live with Hedone off-campus? Psst, Angie, do you still want that?

So, come at me, people!

[17 Sep 2012|06:06pm]
Ok... After confirming that Jill was not try to break up with me ;p. I've decided that I'm going to take a couple week haitus.
I think my muses are fried currently which is why it's been hard for me to tag no matter how much I want the interaction to happen.
So, I won't be commenting on anyone's posts unless you feel it necessary to take to one of my characters directly... like how Cain is constantly putting sides to his dear flatmate. lol. I'll attempt to answer those, but otherwise my muses need a vacation.

~Ares, Horus, Jor, Judas, Daphne, Maya, Mel

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