Nov. 1st, 2010


Minerva Fest: Anonymous Masterlist + Guessing Game

Dear Minerva fans,

The posting phase of the [info]minerva_fest has come to an end. But don't be sad! You still can have fun here by rereading/reviewing all the posts and participating in our guessing game. :-)

How the guessing game works: Below you will find a masterlist, which would be complete if it wasn't for the lack of author/artist names. All you have to do is to fill each blank field with the name of the person whom you believe to have created each piece. If you have no idea who created any given piece, fill the blank field with "I don't know." When you're finished, click on the "submit poll" button. On November 6th we'll publish the reveals, and you'll see how many right guesses you had.


(Click here!)

Here's the list of [info]minerva_fest participants, artists and writers alike. And just to make everything more challenging, you'll need to know that some people contributed more than one entry.

(List of Participants)