October 24th, 2010

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Minerva Fest Day 21 -- "Paying a Visit" (Minerva/Bill Weasley)

Title: Paying a Visit
Prompt Author: [info]kelly_chambliss
Prompt: ART -- realistic, non-cracky, genuinely hot porn featuring Minerva. With a couple of exceptions, she's usually presented very decorously in art; I'd like to see that change.
Rating: NC-17
Characters and/or Pairings: Minerva/Bill Weasley
Description: Minerva visits her lover in Egypt. Picture done with coloured pencils, scan made more colourful and less bleh with Photoshop.
Warnings: They are having sex (but both the prompt and the rating already kind of implied that, right? ;P)
Disclaimer: If I was JKR, I didn't have to think about how to buy groceries without money in my pocket.
Artist's Notes: Kelly, this is a former student, but definitely not student-aged anymore… I hope this is okay for you and you like my picture a bit. ^^ I always loved Egypt and am really happy to have drawn a picture taking place there. Thank you, Mods, for this fest for our dear Minnie! <3

("Paying a Visit")

[info]minervafestmods in [info]minerva_fest

Minerva Fest Week 3 -- Sum-Up Post

And so Week Three of the [info]minerva_fest comes to a close. Comments have fallen off a bit in recent days, which isn't surprising: your mods all know how RL can interfere with reading. But there are excellent stories here, so if you do read and enjoy them, please drop the authors a quick line.

We have another week of great entries to come before the Guessing Game (November 1-5) and Reveals (November 6). So there's still plenty of Minerva fun to be had.

Here's the Week Three Recap:

Day 15 -- (Oct. 18) -- The Steadfast Tin Soldier, Part I (Minerva/Alastor)

Day 16 -- (Oct. 19) -- The Steadfast Tin Soldier, Part II (Minerva/Alastor)

Day 17 -- (Oct. 20) -- The Steadfast Tin Soldier, Part III (Minerva/Alastor)

Day 18 -- (Oct. 21) -- Walks in the Hills (Minerva/Amelia)

Day 19 -- (Oct. 22) -- Fighting the Good Fight (Minerva, Griselda, Pomona)

Day 20 -- (Oct. 23) -- Gryffindor Courage (Minerva/Severus)

Day 21 -- (Oct. 24) -- Paying a Visit (Minerva/Bill)

The fourth week begins tomorrow...

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