October 16th, 2010

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Minerva Fest Day 12 -- "Unicorn Horn Delight" (Minerva/Grubbly-Plank)

Title: Unicorn Horn Delight
Prompt Author: [info]vaysh11
Prompt: I'd like to see an old-fashioned story of butch-femme courting with this pairing, Minerva being a strong femme, and Wilhelmina being a shy butch. I'd love for her to be stone-butch, and Minerva getting her to have the first orgasm in her life. But if the story focuses on the courting only, and is all about UST, ending with a scorching kiss, I am happy as well.
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: ~9,500
Characters and/or Pairings: Minerva McGonagall/Wilhelmina Grubbly-Plank, Dumbledore, OC Professor
Summary: Minerva finds herself interested in romance for the first time as a seventh-year at Hogwarts. Wilhelmina Grubbly-Plank captures her attention. Romance. Day-in-the-life-of-lesbians-at-Hogwarts.
Warnings: Femslash.
Disclaimer: I do not own the Harry Potter universe and merely borrow its settings and characters. Credit to J. K. Rowling: I mean no infringement with their use and receive no monetary gain.
Author's Notes: This is an international story, written in several different countries. The story escaped me entirely to create something that surprised me, my outline and my word counter. This was certainly a new experience for me.

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("Unicorn Horn Delight")

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Minerva Fest Day 13 -- "The Cat Prince" (Minerva/Severus)

Title: The Cat Prince
Prompt Author: [info]rebism
Prompt: Remus, Severus -- One or both of these characters, either as characters or paired with Minerva. Do what you will. Love or humour or competition or just getting on with life, or anything in between. Any era.
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: ~7600
Characters and/or pairing: Minerva McGonagall/Severus Snape, Albus Dumbledore, Argus Filch
Summary: Filch's desire to use magic inadvertently causes a rather drastic change of plans for Severus and Minerva. Set during the Christmas holidays at Hogwarts a year or two before Harry came to school.
Warnings: None
Disclaimer: The recognizable characters and settings in this story do not belong to me. No monetary gain is sought...merely pleasure.
Author Notes: I want to thank my wonderful betas A and H for all their invaluable help and advice. Their input was greatly appreciated. Many, many thanks as well to [info]the_winterwitch! Without her unwavering encouragement, there wouldn't be a story for you to read. Thanks as well to the Moderators of this fest for all their hard work in ensuring that we have lots of new stories about Minerva McGonagall, a lady well worth writing about.

("The Cat Prince")

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