October 12th, 2010

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Minerva Fest Day 9 -- "The Thermodynamics of the Moka Pot" -- Part II (Minerva, Rolanda, Amelia)

Title: The Thermodynamics of the Moka Pot (Part 2/2)
Prompt Author: [info]kelly_chambliss
Prompt: Minerva and Amelia were lovers in the past, but by the time of OoP and HBP, they aren't, because one left the other for Rolanda Hooch. Take it from there. How might they deal with each other if they have to work together in some way? Maybe the one who left now regrets it, or maybe the left one is still bitter, or maybe they've both moved on, but tension remains. Maybe something happens to bring them back together for a night -- what are the consequences? Etc.
Rating: R
Word Count: ~11,400
Characters: Minerva McGonagall, Rolanda Hooch, Amelia Bones
Summary: Minerva McGonagall may be able to bend the laws of physics, but where there is steam, there will always be pressure. The question is what to do about it.
Warnings: Author chooses not to warn.
Disclaimer: J.K. Rowling and licensees own the witches and the world of Harry Potter, but I'm keeping the owl.
Author's Notes: Thank you, my patient and helpful and downright fantastic betas, for being so patient and helpful and downright fantastic, and thank you, Kelly, Grande Doyenne of Old-Lady Fic, for a truly spellbinding prompt!

Part I | Part II

("Thermodynamics of the Moka Pot, Part 2")

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