October 3rd, 2010

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Start-of-Fest Feast

Dear Fans of Minerva,

Your intrepid mods ([info]vane_nt, [info]kellychambliss, and [info]thamy) have been at Hogwarts this past week to make sure everything is set for the [info]minerva_fest. While searching for an unmoving staircase, we overheard an interesting conversation. Luckily, one of us happened to have a Quick Quotes Quill with her, so we were able to transcribe everything verbatim.

We've posted the results below. In true Hogwarts tradition, you can consider it your Start-of-Fest Feast.

("Overheard at Hogwarts")

[info]minervafestmods in [info]minerva_fest

Minerva McGonagall Fest 2010: Rec Collection Post + Comment Guidelines

Dear Minerva fans,

If you rec any of the entries submitted to the first Minerva McGonagall Fest, please leave a comment here. Don't forget to include a link to the post where we can find your rec (unlocked posts only, please). When fanworks get 3 or more recs, they qualify for being listed as Hot Recs at the popular HP newsletter [info]dailysnitch. This is why we ask that you let us know whenever you rec a Minerva Fest entry.

Recs are welcome, encouraged and loved. So, go ahead and rec, rec, rec, rec, rec! And then rec some more, more, more, more, more! *__* But please, pretty please, do not spam any journals or communities, all right? We don't want to give our beloved Professor McGonagall a bad reputation. ;-)

Comments are very welcome as well. Our writers and artists will be delighted to read your reviews! ^__^

However, as this is meant to be a friendly fest, we know we can trust you to avoid flames, character-bashing, personal attacks, and the like. We don't want to have to remove anyone's comments or even worse, ban anyone from the fest. We also recommend that if you have significant concrit to offer, you wait until after the reveals, so that the authors can respond.

We look forward to hearing from you--respectful comments are love! :-)

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