RL and shiz
 metropolis_ooc - (lex_luthor)
10:23am 20/02/2008
Currently in real life I'm struggling with my masters exams and teaching, so little things like remembering to pay the bills and fix dinner are getting beyond me. As well as being able to remember to push people to be active in this community.

I really don't want to give up on this rp, but understand that plot is going to go slow if you're relying on me to remind you when plot needs to happen. Some characters haven't bothered to post at all since we started up again, and obviously, that's not working well. I have some Big Plot in mind to supplement the CR stuff that we're doing, but for that we need more than four people trying to take extra characters and push the rp forward. If you have ideas, outrages, etc., lemme know. When I have a little more mental power, I'll try to start pulling it together again, but until then, it's on you to please be active, responde, post, etc.

My first suggestion is to put an IM username in your profile so that you can harass contact people who have missed or forgotten to respond.

My exams start March 28th. Wish me luch.
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Attn Cat Grant player!!
 metropolis_ooc - (agent_harper)
12:50pm 17/01/2008
Whenever you want to start the date night with Roy, I'm game. I'm really open with what to do with it. Roy doesnt really have a secret identity as Arsenal. If Cat were to google him, though, she wouldnt see anything about him being Speedy or a Teen Titan when he was younger. She'd see that he was Ollie Queen's ward, had some time in a rehab facility after Ollie booted him for being on drugs, and afterward kind of dissapeared, and his official status was "Agent for the Central Intelligence Bureau". Cat strikes me as the kind who would want to know who she was going out with.

From there I'm thinking all kinds of fun stuff can happen on the date. Random super villain, random drug bust, random one night stand.... fun! Any ideas?

And, at some point, Dick and Roy need to run into each other. ;)
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Mooooovin' on
 metropolis_ooc - (lex_luthor)
02:35pm 14/01/2008
Do you guys want me to start the post to get Dick and Lex on their way to Metropolis, or do you have more stuff you want to play with before we take them away foreva!, at least until one or the other gets on a jet.

Lex and Bruce will finish up Useless II soon. You can guess where it's going. ;)
(Do you guys want rating on posts the turn porny? We haven't been because I think the majority of us didn't care, but now we have more people. Lemme know if it bugs you. Not that the smut is going away; I just want everyone to be comfy.)
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Villkommen, Bienvenu, Welcome!
 metropolis_ooc - (ex_wonderboy797)
09:03am 10/01/2008
Hi! This is Kris just introducing myself. I'm playing Tim Drake (And possibly someone else as soon as I can find a PB for him! Anyone know of any ruggedly handsome 20ish actors with either blonde, light brown or red hair? I would just use Jensen Ackles, but being that he's actualy been in Smallville and someone might want to app his character.... Oh you know what? Nevermind. Just thought of my man!) and you can reach me on aim at zachsmithpeabody just about any time.

I'm looking forward to the game starting!!
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 metropolis_ooc - (lex_luthor)
07:07pm 09/01/2008
Welcome to [info]wonderboy, [info]harley_quinzel, and our new Clark [info]superdickery (*poke*).

As a note, I'm going to have to put a nix on "future" plots. Whatever is going on in current continuity counts. You can do flashbacks to develop CR, but if you're going to do a possible future (from boredness or whatever), then stick it in [info]earth_two, because it breaks my brain to try to figure out continuity when you're doing the future before the present. (So if you have that already, either decide to work it into the plotline when we come to it, or ignore it when we get there.)

If you have questions about how things are working, please ask!
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Introducing your harlequin....
 metropolis_ooc - (harley_quinzel)
06:00pm 07/01/2008
Hey there everyone! The names Faye and I will proudly take up the role of being your notorious villain Harley Quinn. I must say it was pure chance I stumbled upon this place and I figured why not join? I like the concept, probably contains awesome people so I took a good whack at it and... here I am!

I'm rather excited about starting up some plots, causing havoc on these super heroes- you know the usual of what any villain would do. If anyone wants to hit me with some plots or ideas they had in mind, I'm all ears for it just IM me on aim under devilzharlequin. I'm not that good at introductions obviously so I leave you all with a fond adieu and a smile. I look forward to play here!
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I've been bad
 metropolis_ooc - (ex_lois_lane764)
06:30pm 22/08/2007
I've been bad ... I've been busy with work and such and have not been working on this rp at all ... I am going to try to make an effort to get back to this ... I want Jimmy and Clark to get 'better' ...  someone smack me upside the head if I forget, okay?
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Clark Kent
 metropolis_ooc - (lex_luthor)
07:41pm 11/07/2007
Might want to go to work today:
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 metropolis_ooc - (lex_luthor)
11:12pm 24/06/2007
Are there ideas afoot for Metropolis, or should I jumpstart the next plot?

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 metropolis_ooc - (ex_lois_lane764)
09:00pm 19/06/2007

With Joker out of the game, Lex being in Gotham and Privalova being arrested ... it's time for some nifty new ideas!!!

Did we want to do the Pink!K?

Lois and Clark could be the proverbial Odd Couple, with Lois needed to move in with Clark for some reason?  The awkwardness could be amusing!

Any other ideas?

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Some Crazy Shit
 metropolis_ooc - (lex_luthor)
02:32pm 19/06/2007
Due to the recent maintenance on IJ, some of the comments on the Lex journal have been lost. You may want to check your own journals to see if any other threads are lost, so you can report anything missing. When I have a few hours to kill, I can go through my gmail and repost those lost comments on the bottom of my entries.

Keep an eye out.

ETA: [info]jimmy_olsen has been added to Metropolis, so he's available for interaction in that city.

Dick Grayson will be in Metropolis after Lex comes back, but that won't be until the end of the Privalova plotline (and take your time working that out. Ash and I can keep ourselves busy until you're ready to tie up that story. Lex won't be back for like two months).

(Jimmy and Dick are already establishing CR in "Future" posts. Try to keep everything labeled so we know when everything is happening, K?)

ETA2: As per comic canon, I agreed with Ash that Bruce Wayne owns The Daily Planet. If Lex did, he'd fire Perry White and put Lois Lane at the head. And probably threaten to fire Jimmy if he even remotely considers betraying his boy Richard!

He doesn't own Clark's apartment building (yet?), cause if he did, Clark would live in a better part of town.

Is there anything else we need to bang out?
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Pink K OOC
 metropolis_ooc - (lex_luthor)
12:43am 10/06/2007

Pink Kryptonite... DISCUSS!
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Plotting post
 metropolis_ooc - (lex_luthor)
07:23pm 05/06/2007
Okay, out of character, what's going on down with Privalova? I know that he's a drug dealer, working out of both Gotham and Metropolis (perhaps others). I know that he's working with the Joker, and he's been stealing medicines from specific unmarked warehouses belonging to Lex Luthor in Metropolis.

Plot what's up here, and what each character should know.

ETA: I'm leaving the monkeys here. Deal with it!

ETA2: the next two in Privalova's chain of command are Alla Liadov and Grisha Zeitzev. He had drinks with them when he snuck in. Really strong drinks. Clark didn't like them. Privalova's running the coke into the city in the form of floor tiles laced with the stuff--nobody would think to look at floor tiles for drugs. He's got most of his profits sunk into a bank account in Gotham under his real name, but since he's been on the run from law enforcement for a little over half a decade nobody has any real proof that it's ill-gotten, and he and his men are living very well because of that.

Clark knows the location to Privalova's hideout as well.

Lex's men have given him additional information on Privalova and has a general idea where the hideout may be located, but Lex does not know yet. Bats does not know yet, and Lex probably won't be looking any longer since the BDA is on the case and this seems to be a matter he and the police can handle.
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Post Applications Here:
 metropolis_ooc - (lex_luthor)
12:27am 02/06/2007
age: (you must be over eighteen)
roleplay experience:

Your Character
Played by (an actor or actress you'll be using for icons):
History (a brief life history of your character):
Writing Sample (a first person sample of a post your character might write in their "voice"):

Comments are screened.
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