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May 4th, 2009

Oh noes! -New person!-

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Hi everyone~. I'm new to the community here and glad I found it. I was hoping to come across a community for this game series and related. Whew! My job is fiction. -Sweat.- I look forward to posting current fictions from Y! on here soon. Nice to meet all. ^^

February 7th, 2009

Persona 3 Fic: A Pound of Flesh

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Title: A Pound of Flesh
Fandom: Persona 3
Characters: Shinjiro, Akihiko, Mitsuru
Rating: PG
Length: 1011
Warnings: Spoilers for September-ish, Shinjiro's attitude. This isn't a mug-of-cocoa fic.
A/N: Several: 1) This is canon. When was the last time I did that? 2) I've wanted to write this piece for a long time. 3) It's spawned of noticing the fact that almost all of Castor's attacks cost Shinjiro hit points, and even though he was my effing tank, I did have Aki and Mitsuru Dia-bombing him every five minutes because of that. I thought it would be interesting to look at that in terms of the character himself, rather than in a "Look, gameplay mechanics" way.

A Pound of Flesh

never born [persona 3, mitsuru, penthesilea]

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Fandom: Persona 3
Title: Never Born
Characters/Pairings: Mitsuru, Penthesilea
Rating/Warnings: PG, mention of rape, minor spoilers to Mitsuru's past
Word Count: 350



February 6th, 2009

[Persona 3] We Fly Just Like Birds of a Feather (Adult; Mitsuru, cast)

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Characters: Mitsuru, Junpei, Yukari, Shinjiro, Aigis, Akihiko, Chidori, Fuuka, Natsuki.
Kinks: poly/harem, domesticity, fluff
Warnings: post-game (5 years?), AU
WC: 643

For [info]logistika_nyx.

At the Kirijo mansion, the servants have the day off on Sundays.

December 28th, 2008

DDS fic: Mantra

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I am a n00b to this community (found it today), and I come bearing fic!

Title: Mantra
Fandom: DDS 1 (and some foreshadowing reference to 2)
Spoilers: Takes place near the end of DDS1, and has some heavy references to in-game bosses, gameplay, and the end-game face of the Junkyard. Do not read if you haven't finished at least the first game and don't want to be spoiled.
Summary: Heat is a study in contradictions, but this is only the beginning.

( Follow the fake cut! )

December 3rd, 2008

Shin Megami Tensei: Imagine Online (beta, keys)

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I know this isn't really fanwork and I'm not a fan of off-topic posts myself, but some of you mentioned they were interested in this game, so I decided to post the news here anyway instead of trying to figure out who said what when and informing you individually. If that's not okay, please let me know and I'll take the post down asap.

So, you've probably hear of Shin Megami Tensei: Imagine Online, the MMORPG set between the plots of SMT and SMT2. (Though I doubt you'll need knowledge of the first game to enjoy this one.) Now, I'm not normally that much of a fan of online games (even though I occasionally enjoy Guild Wars quite a bit), but this one is free-to-play, which is why I decided to check it out anyway. Can't hurt, right?

Well, the reason why I'm writing this post is this: The game has recently (Dec. 2nd) entered closed beta and that would normally mean that we mere mortals have no real chance of playing it. However, has (apparently quite a lot of) beta keys to give away, which is how I got in, so I figured I might as well share the link with you all. ^_^
If you click on it, you will be taken to a download page for the client (1,3 GB, took me about one and a half hours to download) that also includes a key generated for you to create a beta account.

Shin Megami Tensei: Imagine Online's official page can be found here while the beta download/key link that I keep talking of is this one. (Sadly, the game seems to run only on Windows XP and Vista as of now.)

I haven't played much yet, but the controls seem to be quite intuitive and the graphics are nice and definitely keep the style we're used from other SMT games. For example, this is my character at the log-in screen )

November 24th, 2008

Fugue (Persona 3, Minato)

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Title: Fugue
Author: [info]puella_nerdii
Fandom: Persona 3
Characters/Pairing: Minato, with assorted others popping in and out
Rating: PG-13, for potentially unsettling imagery
Wordcount: ~2600
Warnings: None, really. No significant spoilers.
Summary: He remembers things by association, primarily.

( Fugue )

November 13th, 2008

Atlus offering Persona 2 at

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They're saying limited quality, so get it quick!

November 11th, 2008

Fic /o/

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Title: Ode to the Sun
Author: daniela_lynx
Rating: G
Warnings: ---
Prompt: Crossover: Digital Devil Saga/Persona 3 - Ryoji/Seraph - hurt/comfort - beginnings and endings.
Word count: 829
Summary: "Gaining some inner peace would’ve been nice too, yeah."


November 10th, 2008

"Surgery Tecnique"

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Title: Surgery Technique
Author: [info]freezing_rayne
Rating: R
Words: 1351
Prompt: November 5, Persona 3-Akihiko/Shinjiro, bandages, "shut up and hold still"

That hurts like a bitch... )

November 6th, 2008

Is anyone else amused by these protagonists' fashion sense?

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I started playing Shin Megami Tensei (as in, the first one for the SNES) a little while ago and when I stumbled across some of the game's artwork, I just couldn't resist the urge to make icons. They're all rather simple but I thought I'd share them anyway. (If someone would like to use them as bases for their own icons, sure, go ahead!) Images used come from both the original game's artwork and the newer pictures of the PSX port.


15 little icons, hee ho! )

I'm wondering, has someone else here played the game and wants to share their knowledge? Anything I should keep in mind? (Do the different paths vary in difficulty?)
It's an old game showing its age, but I like it a lot so far. Taking screenshots while I go, I squeed when I saw the "city map" that is so familiar from early Nocturne. Wait, shouldn't it be the other way around?

October 10th, 2008

Delurking with Fanart /o/

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Almost two months ago, [info]laylah posted about some ideas for a Persona-3-as-Kingdom-Hearts AU.

I said I wanted to do some designs for it, but I would be slow -no working scanner, no Photoshop.

Character: Mitsuru
Fandom: Persona 3 / Kingdom Hearts
Rating: G. Totally worksafe, it's just the final design.
Warnings: Sucky Photoshop skills.
Image under the cut, 900x615px )

October 2nd, 2008

fic: get a haircut or get a (hand) job [persona 3, shinjiro, akihiro]

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Fandom: Persona 3
Title: Get a Haircut or Get a (Hand) Job
Characters/Pairings: Shinjiro, Akihiro (imaginary slash?)
Rating: PG
Warning: Possible spoilers, if you recognise the names you're ok?
Other: New fandom!  Hello!  ::waves::    ...and I really need to finish the game/inaccuracies worry me. orz


Aki must get his hair cut every three weeks to keep that crop so perfect. )


September 30th, 2008

Persona 3 Ficbit and Recipe

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Title: Take Five, Sempai
Characters: Junpei, Akihiko
Length: short
Warnings: October spoilers for the fic, super-addictive peanut-butter-and-banana concoction in recipe.

Ficbit and Recipe Here

September 22nd, 2008


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I'm more of a lurker then the posting sort, so I jumped out of my cave to dump this on your doorstep. Please raise it as one of your own and not Cinderella style!

Title: Family
Pairing: Akihiko/Mitsuru/Shinjiro (in a way...)
Rating: PG

He's not the father.

September 12th, 2008

fic: "Partners," Persona 3/Soul Eater crossover

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Author: Laylah
Fandom: Persona 3/Soul Eater
Pairing: Shinjiro/Akihiko
Rating: worksafe
Spoilers: ...for the basic premise of Soul Eater?
A/N: [info]cadence had the fabulous idea of these two having this relationship. I just couldn't stand how cool it was.
"Look, you want to team up?" he says. "We're going to need to have partners to learn how to fight, and you seem okay."

Partners )

September 3rd, 2008

[Persona 3] Drabbles

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So, I've been thinking about Shinji in drag, lately. J-fan art sites do that to one.

Game: Persona 3
Characters: Shinjiro, Akihiko
WC: 100
Summary: So Shinji liked guys. Huh.

Link: Like That


Game: Persona 3
Characters: Shinjiro, Mitsuru
Spoilers: Sept 2
Kinks: drag
WC: 100
Summary: He and Kirijo have an understanding they don't talk about.

Link: Invisible Comfort

Comments are welcome and appreciated.

August 27th, 2008

fic: "Likeness," Nocturne

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Title: Likeness
Author: Laylah
Game: Nocturne
Pairing: Sakahagi/Futomimi
Rating: er. R-ish for violence, glossed sexual content
Spoilers: ...set before the player's arrival in Asakusa, but character spoilers through the Fourth Kalpa. ^^;
There must be something worth hurting around here.

Likeness )

[Persona 3] Fursona 3: Resolution (Akihiko, Shinjiro)

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Game: Persona 3
Characters: Akihiko, Shinjiro
Warnings: furry, October Full Moon spoilers (AU)


August 23rd, 2008

"A Lesson In Etiquitte"

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Title: A Lesson in Etiquette
Fandom: Persona 3
Rating: R
Word Count: 738
Characters: Akihiko/Shinjiro+Junpei
Summary: Junpei learns an important lesson.

His clothes are nowhere to be seen... )
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