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Text to everyone involved with the disappearances

My house Monday. Just after sunset.

[ooc: Pretend that this is being done last week.

Sent out to anyone and everyone that knows about the supernaturals

Sebastian found a girl outside of Noir the other night. It appears that she escaped from the people that have been behind the kidnappings. And because of that she has information about them and is willing to share it.

My question right now is when are people available to meet up? I'd rather only have her be questioned once, and if everyone can make it the same night we can plan better and faster.

So, when is good for you?

Sent out to anyone and everyone that knows about the supernaturals

Meeting at Noir to discuss the recent disappearances.

Wednesday at midnight. Staff entrance on the side not the main doors.

Voicemail to Bastian, left in the afternoon

It's Ellesandra calling. I've left a bottle of elixir near your doorstep, behind one of the plants under your windows. Please see that Ailsa drinks a cup of it when she wakes, and every two hours afterward? It will help her regain her strength. Goodbye.

Cards Dropped in Jamie, Julian, Marianne, Bastian and Ellesandra's mail boxes


Inside the card )

Note to Jamie, Julian, Marianne, Matt and Bastian

I just wanted to thank you guys for helping me yesterday. I should have said something then, but...I guess I was in shock and not thinking clearly, so I'm sorry for that. It's a wonderful thing to have friends such as you all, and knowing that you'll come running without question...I can't begin to tell you how much that means to me, even if I tried for the rest of my life.

The man that died yesterday was a good one, so much better than myself, and even though I only knew him for a few short hours, I'll miss him. And, with my reaction to his death, it only makes me wonder what will happen to me if I ever hurt one of you. This has to stop. And soon. I can't risk putting another person I care about in danger. I know this isn't going to be pleasant for me - hell, for any of us - but please. We have to figure out a way to get this son of a bitch out of me before I do something else terrible.

I love you all, and trust you endlessly (yes, even you, Julian). I just can't wait until things can go back to the way they're supposed to be. Thank you, again. From the bottom of my heart.


Left on Bastian's voicemail late the next afternoon

Sebastian, It's Jamie.

If you and Ailsa haven't looked yet, the keys to her truck are in your mailbox in an envelope.

Bulk text to Bastian, Jamie, Marianne, Matt and Julian...

I've done something horrible...I'm at the church at the end of Maple Road...Please help me...

Marianne O'Connell [userpic]
Note to Matt


You know any hunters? Or did your family..I mean..shit..

Elle needs one for something. I'm not quite sure what.but..get in contact with Ellesandra. She runs the local Apocathery shop.


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