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User: [info]love_sacrificed (posted by [info]immortalje)
Date: 2014-03-19 18:17
Subject: 23 Pushing Daisies (Season 1) icons
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Tags:!art, art: icons, fandom: pushing daisies, icons: 20in20

I decided that it was time for me to make some Pushing Daisies icons again. They never quite to turn out the way I hope for - all those great colours on TV and I somehow have trouble getting to them in the icons - but I love most of them any way :)

These were made for rond 41 @ season20in20

Artist: [info]immortalje // [info]love_sacrificed
1. Don't hotlink;
2. Please comment when you take one of them or simply to say you like them or not;
3. Credit? Yes, please do. It's not mandatory BUT very much appreciated;
4. Textless icons are NOT bases.
Credit: Credits for the resources I use to make icons can be found here.



black & white epic first episode hurt kiss
levels lyrics purple sweet unexpected

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#1 #2 #3 #4 #5

On the least favourite character: While I love the interaction between Simone and Emerson (it's simply brilliant!), I think she can be a bit too much. And it was beyond difficult to pick a least favourite character since I love pretty much everyone on Pushing Daisies :)

The lyrics are from the Song "Secret" by the Pierces and are inspired by a Pushing Daisies fanvid of the same name by [info]deejay from back in 2008 (which I still love ever so much since the song is so very fitting!)

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