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The obligatory intro [17 Jan 2010|11:45pm]

Who: I've been writing and posting LJS fanfic for several years now, and under a variety of names—which can make finding some of my older pieces a pain. I'm trying to get organized, though, hence having an LJS-specific fanfic journal. Within the LJS fandom, I'm generally known as Poppy. Most recently, my fanfics have been posted at archives and journals under the name Pith. Rest assured, I'm not stealing anyone's work and there's no identity theft going on.

Where: I have a LINK-POST with more details, but here are the basics about where I post my fanfic.
[info]pithia = my main fanfic archive. Multi-fandom.
ljs100 = a drabble challenge community for LJS fanfics.
ttales = the LJ home of the venerable Twilight Tales fanfic archive
TTales = the aforementioned Twilight Tales. My profile is here.
Fell's Church Library is only for Vampire Diaries-based fanfic, from the novels or the TV show. My profile is here.

* Both [info]pithia and [info]ljsfic will be mirrored at the following sites: InsaneJournal, Inksome, and Dreamwidth. It will be a slow process, though, so right now, [info]pithia is your best bet, most specifically the one at LiveJournal. I've been VERY slow in mirroring things.

Why: Why have yet another fanfic archive, adding yet another journal to the clutter of the internet? Simplicity, mostly. LJS is my primary fandom, and I'm nearing a triple-digit fanfic count, so I thought it would be nice to have a dedicated place for my LJS fanfic that would be easy to link to.
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