Mon, Dec. 17th, 2007, 01:58 am
[info]orpheus_samhain: First post: Community info and rules

Welcome to [info]less_means_more!

This is a place for all who are interested in Lily Evans and Severus Snape, and everything that happened, might or should have happened between them. Everything is allowed: Every theme (i.e. AU, canon-compliant, requited or unrequited love, vengeance, longing), every medium (art, fic, meta, others), one condition: Lily/Severus.

1. No net speak.
2. No flaming.
3. Subject line: ART/FIC/META: "Title" by Author, rating
4. Header: Title, author, beta, rating, word count, summary.
5. LJ-cut is your friend: fic or meta over 100 words and every art must be placed under a lj-cut (what lj-cut is and how it's done).
6. Questions concerning [info]less_means_more should be posted as comments to this post.

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