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Animes watched [12 Jun 2021|09:35pm]

[ mood | blah ]

Blood #25 - #29:

Head of red shield - joel told saya that he inherited the organisation from his ancestors under the same name and he was descendent of Joel who had taken care of saya more than 100 years ago. Julie researched on riku while he was recovering and turning into a chevalier. Julie found a 5th gene within riku and the information was revealed by Collins to van - a researcher under one of diva's chevalier. The schiff continued their pursue of saya from red shield HQ to Paris for her blood. In Paris, kai befriended one of the Schiff- irene. She told him the Schiff were artificial monsters who had escaped from a lab and were told to get saya's blood to prevent dying from crystaling effect known as thorn. Saya and other schiff arrival made kai and irene parted ways. Kai told saya, David and others of truth of schiff. Mao and the journalist ran into the arguing kai and saya. They got confined by David for stalking information on red shield and saya. Irene's crystalisation condition worsened and the schiff attacked saya again. Kai pleaded saya to save irene. Saya gave in but her blood caused irene to die immediately. The schiff stopped their attack on saya and left. Filled with guilt over irene's death, saya could not face kai. Meanwhile, diva's chevalier had plan to attack red shield HQ in a month's time.

Animes watched [11 Jun 2021|07:57pm]

[ mood | annoyed ]

Blood #18 - #24:

While waiting for saya and others, David, Lewis and kai went to look for researcher Ted who was involved in study of a special blood from a girl diva. They found Ted killed by his son who was changed into monster due to the research. They managed to kill the monster and returned to hotel. Meanwhile, during their absence, says and others reached the hotel. Liza who had been with them turned out to be a fake and the real liza was killed. The fake revealed that saya had been deceived by people around her and even hagi - her chevalier had withheld information that she had a real younger sister diva. When kai and others returned to hotel, they found saya leaving a note calling them liars.

Hagi followed saya to a place known as zoo where saya and diva were born. Along the way, they were attacked by a group known as shuiff who were after saya's blood so they could live under the sun but they failed and had to retreat. The four chevaliers of diva agreed to kill saya to protect diva. Kai and others reached HQ of red shield - the organisation led by Collins and which David was part of. There, kai read Joel's diary which indicated saya's past. At the zoo, says recalled her past when she first met hagi and stopped his time by giving him some of her blood when he got fatally injured while trying to retrieve a flower for her. Solomon - one of diva's chevalier tried to persuade saya to join them but hagi stopped them. David, Lewis, kai and riku went to zoo to find saya. Riku ran into diva during the search. Saya chanced upon diva sucking riku's blood and she recalled her past when she released diva who killed joel- her guardian. Saya remembered her aim to kill diva and tried to fight her. Diva went after saya who crushed underground. Kai, David and Lewis had to attend to the dying riku. Hagi aided saya in time as she collapsed before diva and Solomon. Diva and Solomon retreated. Saya had to let riku drink her blood to save his life.

Jouran The Princess of Snow and Blood 11:

Jin admitted killing sawa's clan when the base was intruded by the army. Sawa escaped and met hana whom she thought was dead. Rinko went after sawa. Sawa defeated her. Sawa and hana went to a house hiding where sawa was surprised to see asahi still alive. Apparently, jin had helped to fake her death just like what he did for hana. Just then, hana got into labour. Sawa and asahi had to help her give birth while the city was in chaos. Later, sawa had a good talk with asahi about future. While hana and asahi were asleep, sawa left the house.

Mars Red Episode 10:

Kurusu distracted the vampire army so others could escape. Defrott gave in to girl reporter - aoi's request to do a play. The other vampire rufus did research on maeda's team. Later, kurusu and suwa with takechi extracted their hidden box containing weapons from the water. Rufus lured defrott to a basement to retrieve the kidnapped aoi. Other place, takechi tried to create a giant kite as a plane. In basement, Maeda suddenly appeared before aoi and defrott.

86 Episode 9:

Lena intruded into one of the team members to help in the battle. Shin meanwhile went for his dead brother. Lena got shin's location to save him using missiles. Lena and others woke shin via communicator so he could resume his fight against his brother. Shin finally gave his brother a final rest. Shin cried. Flashback, lena had got Annette to help on the weapon to aid spearhead. Lena knew the boy whom Annette abandoned years ago was shin. Later, shin and others thanked lena. With that, spearhead planned to moved on. Panicking, lena ran off hoping to stop them but they cut off their signal with her. Lena cried.

Fumetsu no Anata e Episode 9:

Gugu and fushi went around making pranks while fushi tried to persuade gugu to return home. Gugu told fushi his past. Rean found both of them through her pet dog. Rean insisted looking at gugu's face while fushi went looking for gugu's mask. She gave him a mask and went looking for fushi. Fushi ran into his creator who warned him. Rean got grabbed by a thug hired by her family and gugu saved her. Gugu returned her mask knowing she used it to avoid her pursuers. Fushi turned up with gugu's mask. Gugu agreed to return home with fushi and rean. Along the way, fushi helped to distract rena's pursuer. Just then, fushi was attacked by his enemy and gugu rushed to him.

Yuukoku no Moriarty s2 episode 10:

Mary was introduced to sherlock as watson would be marrying her. Mary had asked sherlock for an advise on her missing father. Sherlock knew Mary was still hiding something. While investigating, they found a man murdered in a locked room. The surviving twin brother told them of the treasure and the sign of four. They started finding the culprits. One of the culprit - small tossed the treasure into water. Sherlock knew milverton had blackmailed Mary.

Animes watched [09 Jun 2021|06:37pm]

[ mood | exanimate ]

Edens Zero #09:

Homura and weisz joined shiki and others to go guilst planet to rescue rebecca from rogue one gang led by one of the former demon king's followers- sister who had kidnapped b cubers for Illegal to turn the girls into stone.

Fairy Tail Season 2 Episode 35:

Levy had to join quiz competition against capricorn. Other fairy tail members faced off other celestial spirits.

Sentouin, Hakenshimasu! #10:

Lilith sent live video of her kisaragi colleagues to agent 6 and other subordinates. Her colleagues hit her when they found out. Agent 6 had a chat with astaroth.

Animes watched [07 Jun 2021|06:15pm]

[ mood | amused ]

Kumo Desu ga Nani ka Episode 20 - 21:

The neighbouring town ohts tried to claim kumoko. Kumoko ignored the envoy and walked away. The envoys went to sophie's house. Kumoko monitored the estate from afar. The admin guil turned up to kumoko asking her to stop her attack on Ariel demon lord and to stop interacting with humans. After he left, the ohts envoy subordinates attacked her but she killed them as well as the envoy. The ohts country with aid from allied force declared war to sophie's county. Kumoko decided to help sophie's county.

Hugo led his troops to attack shun and others who sought refuge in elves place. Oka recalled her time when she was born in the alternate world. She had skill of student roster. Seeing her students' future of how they would die, she asked help from her elf father to gather her students. Demon lord Ariel mobilised her army to attack the elf village. Shun and others found the elves very hostile to them as they went to check the barrier. Oka had a talk with shun and others, revealing possibility of administrators involving in hugo's plots. They planned to prioritise survival. Just then, a reincarnated student kusama sneaked in and shut down the barrier. Shun and others tried to stop him but in vain. The allied force attacked the elves army. Sophia stopped oka's attack to hugo before hugo fought oka. Hugo defeated oka but shun saved oka in time.

Seijo no Maryoku wa Bannou Desu 9:

Sei came across the prince raising his voice at Elizabeth for approaching aira. Hawke defended sei who was going to be insulted by the prince. The king also defended sei and declared her as the true saint. The prince in private requested for aira's freedom. Elizabeth knew the prince had only tried to lessen criticism from others to aira by acting arrogant. Later, aira finally met Elizabeth and sei for tea. Sei suggested aira and elizabeth joining royal magi assembly. Both agreed. The king planned to send sei on expedition to the source of herb that was attacked by monsters. Sei prepared to go with hawke on the expedition.

Tensura Nikki Tensei shitara Slime Datta Ken 9:

It was autumn and weather became cold. With increase use of fire woods, rimuru brought out awareness of fire hazard. Residents in tempest got on their life in autumn. Youn and his party also went to live in tempest nation.

Animes watched [06 Jun 2021|11:00pm]

[ mood | hot ]

Kyuukyoku Shinka shita Full Dive RPG 08 - 09:

Hiro got more hints from walkthrough in the disk and returned to the game, expecting the worst as he was enlisted with two new comers. His instructor Amos challenged hiro. Hiro lost but a new comer won amos. Hiro was looked down by others. Only a girl guard cathy guided him how to use a sword. The new comers still defeated and made fun of him as well as extorting him for money. When hiro refused to pay, they beat him. After reona casted her power, the new comer granada who bullied hiro kept having his item found in disgusting places. Even his friend Palu looked down on him. Amos was blamed for Granada's misplace of items. Tesla questioned Amos qualification as instructor and cathy exposed Amos failure to help hiro who was bullied. Amos was relieved of his duty. The rest of the team made up with hiro. Reona claimed credit for the deeds. Despite not well trained to fight, hiro decided to go ahead with the challenge.

One Piece Episode 976 - 977:

Over the 20 years since death of Oden. One of the samurai denjiro changed appearance and renamed kyoshiro and worked under orochi. Hiyori ran from her guardian and was directed to kyoshiro who revealed his real identity to her. She and him worked undercover to achieve their aim. Orochi was still haunted by toki's words. The samurai who reached 20 years later went through many events and meeting luffy and others. They became allies. Meanwhile, orochi told kaido that he had a trusting spy among oden's samurai.

Back to present, kinemon and others were trapped in storm facing coming enemy without any sign of luffy and others. Kinemon and others insisted proceeding in the battle and they suspected a spy among them. Kanjuro admitted he was the spy as he was from orochi family clan that was prosecuted. Kinemon cut kanjuro down. But the real kanjuro attacked and abducted momosuke. Kaido's men attacked kinemon team's boat. Just then, luffy's ship went to kinemon team's aid. Law and kid's ships joined in.

Sentouin Hakenshimasu Episode 9:

Agent 6 and team were attacked by sand king when they extracted water nuts from it. They got lost in desert after escaping from it. Rose tried to eat agent 6 who had to fight her. He earned enough evil points to redeem vehicle for all of them. They returned to kingdom without accomplishing mission. They were tasked with another mission to steal a weapon targeted by the demon elites.

Shadows House Episode 9:

Shaun and John ran into Ricky. Louise and Lou reached the exit first. Ricky was pissed when Shaun doubted his words. Edward sent a boulder at Ricky. John destroyed the boulder. Ricky and rum finally reached their respective shadow masters. Emilico also reached Kate. Ricky and Patrick went to emilico who struggled to free Kate. Ricky gave lou's shears to emilico to reach the controller to kate's cage. Emilico managed to catch Kate when she fell.

Tokyo Revengers Episode 8 - 9:

Takemichi was pissed and blew up when Mikey and draken destroyed his things in their fight. He gave them a piece of his mind. They made up after takemichi found a shot in his hair. Takemichi's friends were impressed he had stopped mikey and draken's fight. Just then, hinata asked takemichi to go for festival with her on the supposed day of draken's death. Emma and draken joined in. Just then, takemichi's friend alerted him that miley's faction was out to attack draken. Takemichi ran off to find draken. He found a toman gang kiyomasa with moebius gang. They caught takemichi and beat him. They plotted to make takemichi take blame for draken's death. Hinata found the bound takemichi and freed him. She consoled him who went depressed over his helplessness. With renewed strength, he set off to stop the gang members from killing draken. Peh and his comrades confronted draken planning to take him down. Mitsuya joined takemichi to find draken. They found draken fighting with gang members from both traitor toman and moebius. Mikey arrived and the mastermind who took over moebius came out. The Tokyo manji gang members came to support mikey and draken. The gang fight begun. Takemichi tried to find draken to change the future. Mikey confronted peh who blamed him for abandoning pah. Takemichi spotted kiyomasa who had blood stain knife and found the stabbed draken.

Animes watched [05 Jun 2021|10:57pm]

[ mood | nostalgic ]

Blood #16 - #17:

Hagi, Saya and her siblings - kai and riku went Russia, met david, Liza, julie, Lewis and others for train trip to their destination. On train, they encountered attack from blood sucking monsters. While saving riku who fell off the train, saya and hagi along with Liza fell off as well. The rest got the train to stop to find them.

In the snow, says dreamed of an old event when she and hagi were on mission in a village looking for a person grigori. They met Sonya- daughter of a late scientist who had tried to create human beings. Sonya turned out to inherit form of grigori as a blood sucking monster. Saya slayed her and fell into slumber. Before she lost consciousness, she made a promise to hagi. Back to present, says woke in hagi's arms. Liza and riku ran to meet them.

Gintama #161 - #163:

Hijikata Toshiro and shinpachi led their respective teams in the competition for official idol fan club. After competing in drama act, toshiro and shinpachi battled with idol cards and finally first fight. Toshiro finally got rid of toshi personality within him though both teams ended up not winning as official fan club.

Jouran The Princess of Snow and Blood 10:

Jin destroyed the note found on late tsuki.

Flashback, in a place, people were locked up as human Guinea pigs in janome's experiment under shogun order. One killed the guards and escaped. A nue agent took him to shogun. He was forced to lick up every drop of a bottle of spilled wine. The person was jin. Since then, he started working for shogun under nue organisation. He was tasked to guard sawa's karasumori clan which was targeted by janome. He was befriended by sawa's mother. Jin was then ordered to kill karasumori clan people. He could not bring himself to kill sawa and instead he killed his senior nue executioner who rejected jin's request to protect sawa.

Back to present, sawa questioned jin if he was the one who killed her villagers.

Mars Red Episode 9:

Kurusu went tsukishima to continue his search for his code zero comrades. He heard maeda's recorded order to eliminate kurusu along with rest of vampires. He ran into suwa who was killing a child vampire. Suwa fought kurusu. Takechi came to clarify that it was just a trap which was set by other vampire to get rid of old anti vampire unit code zero. Kurusu followed takechi and suwa back to base. The vampire who was working for nakajima was disappointed with his failed trap. The trio went to the refugee camp. Nakajima negotiated for recognition of his vampire unit. Defrott meanwhile was seeking refugee in the girl reporter's place.

Yuukoku no Moriarty 2nd Season Episode 9:

Paterson met whiteley on a murder case of the killer of the dead assassin. Whiteley left alone to meet miliverton for negotiation. Milverton 's men attacked Moriarty 's subordinate fred so they would proceed to attack whiteley's family. Whiteley returned home to find his bodyguards, wife maggie and younger brother Sam dead. He found culprit to be his trusted subordinate who had been threatened with his kidnapped wife and child. Whiteley killed him. Milverton had turned him into a new villain. Fred meanwhile was still fighting milverton's subordinates who left when Louis Moriarty arrived. Whiteley returned the evidence to Moriarty who told him to join his quest. Later, whiteley faced the reporters with his goals despite loss of his family. Just then, someone stabbed him and claimed to be mastermind of whiteley's family's death. The person was lord of crime. Whiteley died, leaving the future of the country to the Moriarty.

Animes watched [03 Jun 2021|07:51pm]

[ mood | artistic ]

86 Episode 8:

Annette showed lena her ex neighbours house who were 86s and about how the 86s were being discriminated. They broke up after Annette told lena she was as guilty as any non 86s. Lena later demanded cancellation of spearhead suicide mission but was told all 86s were to die. Later, lena asked shin and others to escape from the order but was refused. Shin told her not to contact his team as he would be fighting his elder late brother and he told her an escape route after the mission. The surviving 5 spearhead members prepared their final mission. His brother in form of legion leader went looking for shin.

Edens Zero Episode 8:

Shiki was being called king for Oden zero by witch and witch told shiki and others there were three more of her who went blue garden planet. The ship went blue garden planet. Guild master summoned rebecca to see him. Shiki and pona went explore the city. Lavillia was confronted by a strange attacker who defeated her bodyguards. Shiki aided her to fight the attacker. The attacker left mid battle. Shiki went looking for rebecca but found a dizzy happy who told him rebecca went missing with guild master. There was reports of missing b cubers. Shiki decided to return to eden zero to planet guildist to find rebecca who was bound and unconscious somewhere.

Fairy Tail Season 2 Episode 34:

Natsu and happy faced off Loki. Meanwhile, wendy and Carla faced off aquarius in an amusement park. They ended up having ice cream and acting like friends before aquarius attacked them again. Natsu intruded into the space and joined wendy. Natsu defeated aquarius and wendy saved aquarius from falling bars. Aquarius agreed to return to the gate after wendy made up with her.

Fumetsu no Anata e Episode 8:

Rean wanted to work and live in the beer shop. Gugu was troubled. Gugu found fushi could duplicate things that hurt him. That night fushi turned into dog and hid. Next day, rean went to shop but could not find fushi. Gugu ran off after knowing the old man stored alcohol inside him. Fushi refused to find gugu. Gugu returned to his previous employer to work in the field. Gugu threw away his mask as his employer still accepted him despite his look. Fushi meanwhile created problems as he took over gugu's tasks. Gugu left after his employer's son asked him to leave. Gugu tried to find job but was refused. He ran into his elder brother who was thin and out, gugu gave him rena's ring to survive, severing his ties with him. Later, he was kidnapped but fushi found and saved him. They made up.

Shadows House Episode 8:

Lou found her mistress louise by her soot. Emilico and rum meanwhile tried to find their way to find their mistresses. Rum told emilico that mistress shirley never gave her a name and never loved her. Emilico encouraged rum. They parted ways as rum went for her mistress. Emilico ran for her mistress Kate. Edward revealed to be a shadow master.

Animes watched [01 Jun 2021|10:32pm]

[ mood | blah ]

Gintama #158 - #160:

Shinpachi and hijikata fought to become their idol's official fan club. After the marathon, they competed Q & A session.

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