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5 Want me to do it.

I was bored.... [23 Oct 2003|02:57pm]

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1 Want me to do it.

[11 Oct 2003|09:59am]

Anyone need an example of the journals I have done? You can look at my own personal journal, this one of course, [info]advise_me, and then I have journals on Blurty. Bleakxtearsand Lay0uts_4_u. At the community, you can scroll through and find the journals I have done. So have a field day. I've also done a couple of others, but I don't remember. So there, have fun.

2 Want me to do it.

Welcome one, Welcome all!! [06 Sep 2003|11:14pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

>Finally, a place where you can get your layouts done, or have a background made!! Thanks for joining. Before you request please, go back to user info, and read the rules again, then you can request! Thanks again!

Your moderator, [info]sexii__sillii

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