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July 21st, 2008

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C'est La Vie - an Occupied France 1941 RPG
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July 21st, 2008

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Who: James & Lucy
What: Brother and sister reunite!
Where: Streets of Paris
When: 21 July, mid-morning
Rating: PG?

It was a rather warm July morning, the air already somewhat heavy. Lucy couldn't stand to be in her incredibly hot flat. She had thrown open all the windows, hoping to catch a cross-breeze, but all she got was the smell of sweaty grumpy Parisians and the rotten garbage on the curb below. Unable to write in the sickly warm apartment, Lucy had decided to go out in hopes of distraction.

The park seemed like a good idea -- lots of open air, a fountain -- Lucy could sun herself for a while. She settled on a bench protected by the shade of a tall tree. She had brought her notebook but decided her brain wasn't going to work correctly in this heat, so instead the blonde amusedly watched the people around her. There were two small children playing with a ball just across the path, a German soldier in full uniform with a firearm standing watch nearby. She wished she had brought a camera. That would have been an excellent picture for the paper. There was an elderly couple just beyond that, strolling on the path hand in hand. Lucy couldn't help but feel a pang of jealousy. Those people still had love in a time like this, still had family.

Then -- no, it wasn't James. Lucy had been having these moments for the past few months, times when she thought she saw her brother in the streets. They had been increasing ever since she had received the telegram. But it looked just like him; the hair, the stature -- except he had a cane. It was possible that James had been injured. He was, after all, missing. Lucy dared not hope that it was him, but there was just something so familiar about the man just down the path. She stood up, squinting as he moved closer. Taking a few tentative steps toward the man, her heart started pounding faster. She thought it was going to burst through her chest. And then she could see them: his eyes. Lucy would know her brother's eyes anywhere, and there was no doubt that they were his. But was it her imagination? Was she dreaming all of this? Stepping out into the path of the man, she stood and stared.

"James?" she asked, her voice quavering.
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