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July 19th, 2008

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July 19th, 2008

Notre Dame

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Who: Hans, Michel, anyone else who might be there
Where: the theater, then traveling, then Notre Dame
When: Saturday

Hans slept fitfully all night, and thus was more tired than he would have liked when he woke in the morning. Still, he had the day off, and he was going for a tour of Notre Dame with Michel so he was in fairly good spirits. He only hoped that all the walking did not agrivate his injuries. He'd been recovering fairly well, but still this terrible weakness that siezed him at the most inoportune moments was worrysome. After bathing, he dressed his injury. The wound itself was still red, the scab starting to turn to scar now that the stitches were out, and he had to resist the urge to pick at it.

He dressed himself after - in something causal but nice, and tried not to think about how he would feel setting foot in a church (however tourist attraction it was) after so many years. More than that, he tried not to think about the first tour of the city he had taken - the one where Marie-Pierre had shown him sights not found on any map. There was no sense thinking of any of that now. He was going on a proper tour, to see the sights that every tourist should see.

After a brisk walk, he wound up standing at the theater door five minutes early. He headed inside to find Michel, anxious to begin their tour. "Are you ready?" he called. "We must go before they run out of holy water and little statues..."
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