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May 9th, 2008

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May 9th, 2008

Making a deal...

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Who: Hans open to Eric
Where: a quiet restaurant
When: Saturday afternoon

Hans felt like a man about to make a black market deal - which in a way, he was. He had the Reichsmarks in his coat pocket, and had agreed upon a location to meet his supplier. A quiet restaurant in an area where people were not likely to care if two men spoke business and exchanged things under the table. These days, Hans had to conduct his business at lunch time - he'd just been assigned to take over Gunther Wulf's night patrol, temporarily. Wulf had been called to escort a special transport all the way to Germany, which meant until his return Hans had to take over his patrol group. Extra work, but extra pay, which was alright enough. So far there had been no trouble, at any rate - so it was just a mild inconvenience at times like this.

Dressed in civilian clothes, Hans slipped into his customary booth and waited for the American to arrive. He hoped Eric brought the goods with him - Hans' supplies were running low.
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