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April 29th, 2008

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April 29th, 2008

MAY 1941

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Current Time: May, 1941- any post within the month of May is acceptable! Please try to keep them somewhat chronological. If you have posts from April still going on, that's okay- just finish them up at your leisure then move on to May.

Current Curfew: The current curfew lasts from 10 pm to 6 am. During the night, inhabitants have to close their shutters or windows. Without Ausweis (authorization), it is forbidden to go out during the night. Special permissions are getting harder to come by, and the rules are getting stricter.

Current Rations:10 oz (280 g) of bread, 4 oz (114 g) of sugar, 2 oz (50g of cheese), 13 oz (360g) of meat, 6oz (170 g) spaghetti, 1.5oz (43 g) rice per day and 3 oz (85 g) of margarine per week per person. Supply problems affect many stores. The queues in front of shops are frequently lengthy.

Current Exchange: The current exchange rate is twenty French francs to one Reichsmark. Reichsmarks are the official currency of the occupation, and are both coin and paper currency.

Current Laws: Some important laws to remember - Curfew; Citizens must carry papers at all times; citizens must use ration books to purchase materials that are in short supply; Jews must wear a yellow star sewn on to their clothing to identify them at a glance; Jews must take the last carriage on the Paris Metro.

The Vichy government encourages all citizens to report suspicious activities of neighbors,visitors, and family members to their local Gestapo office.

Current Dangers:
Obligatory Work Service (Service du Travail Obligatoire or STO ) frequently requisitions and transfers French workers to Germany against their will for the German war effort (factories, agriculture, railroads, etc) in work camps. Avoiding being picked up for this is a wise idea.

Patrols are on the streets asking for papers. Being caught out after curfew (especially without the proper papers) is an unwise idea.

Jews, métèques (immigrants), Freemasons, Communists and Protestants, Gypsies, homosexuals, and activists are being detained and interrogated, and often sent to Camp Gurs after these interrogations. Businesses are frequently raided if there is any suspicion of resistance activity (or sometimes seemingly at random).

Neighbors and friends seeing a suspicious activity may be tempted to report such under new laws that offer rewards for information leading to arrests, so watch what your neighbors are watching you do.

Current Rumors:
Rumors persist about the Nazis' new fuel source; many more Nazi vehicles are being seen on the road. It often leaves a sickening smell in its wake. Nazi officers know that this is being shipped from Germany, and it seems to be very efficient. This fuel source has been said to make those who come in contact with it physically ill for days, and if some is spilled, it will kill and wither the plant life almost instantly.

Rumor has it that an important visitor, a high up Nazi official from Germany, will be touring Paris at the end of the month. Nazi patrols are becoming increasingly vigilant, and restrictions are tightening in preparation for this important visitor. Who could it be? No one is quite sure.

On the last day of April, the body of a young man was fished out of the Seine, completely bloodless, a stricken look on its face. Government officials were quick to remove the corpse, and cautioned those who found it to not spread wild tails about the murder. Still, the word is spreading... what could have caused this?

Transport trains (with prisoners? supplies? no one is quite sure...) have been leaving in the middle of the night, long after curfew, bound for unknown destinations.

A local doctor has been living the high life despite the crackdowns and rationing; while others eat bread and soup bones, he and a few of his friends have been eating well every evening on fancy plates. Where are they getting all of the meat from?

Street urchins can earn quick coin by bringing rats to M. Renoir's Butcher shop.

Current Diversions:
Come and see the entertainment at Le Moulin Noir , deep within the catacombs beneath the streets of Paris. If you don't know where you're going, you'll almost certainly get lost; if you do, you had best know the password, as well, or the doorman won't let you in. Current Password: je cours ma perte (I got a death wish) . Featured entertainments include the performance trio of Liberté, Egalité, et Fraternité; and the American jazz sensation Jacqueline Pearson.

Soldiers of the Reich may prefer to spend their time at the Soldatenheim , catering to the needs of Germans far away from home.

Those looking for some companionship of the female variety have been known to frequent The Black Death Tavern, where proprietor Fancy LaMorne and her girls offer more than just drinks..

Current State of the War:
Germany and her allies are winning the war as things stands; America is still a neutral party and will be for some months to come. Yugoslavia and Greece have just fallen. The Luftwaffe is bombing British cities with much success - on May 1st, they begin a series of eight night raids on Liverpool. On May 9th, they attack London, crippling the railway system. The RAF attacks Hamburg, but this has little effect.

The next day, in a massive raid on London - the Westminster Abbey, House of Commons, Tower and Mint are hit. A record 1,436 British citizens are killed.

Also on the 10th, Rudolf Hess, Hitler's deputy and former World War 1 fighter pilot, flies from Augsburg to Scotland to persuade anti-Churchill politicians that England should stop the war with Germany, adopt a neutral attitude and allow Germany to eliminate the Bolshevik menace and gain Lebensraum in the East. He is taken to a secret location, interrogated and then held incommunicado at various places.

On the 14th, Admiral Darlan reports back to Vichy after meeting Hitler and von Ribbentrop. The Vichy Cabinet approves German concessions and French counter-concessions unanimously. A few days later, Vichy France announces release and repatriation of 100,000 French POWs. However, the Vichy military court sentences 56 NCO’s and privates siding with de Gaulle to death or hard labour in absentia. All property of free French fighters is to be confiscated. It’s announced that the Women’s Land Army are now more than 11,000 strong.

On the 16th, a raid by 111 German aircraft on Birmingham marks the end of the Night Blitz campaign against England . Most Luftwaffe bomber formations in France and Belgium are being transferred to airfields in eastern Germany and occupied Poland. The RAF launch a night raid on Cologne, and has raided Hanover, Berlin, Hamburg and Cuxhaven the night before.

British civilian casualties for May are 5,394 killed and 5,181 injured.
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