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User: [info]la_vie_ooc (posted by [info]v_victorious)
Date: 2008-05-04 13:59
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Hello guys!

Sorry I haven't been around much -- finals started last week so I've been insanely busy. But! I'm done on Tuesday and I'll have the whole summer to RP! I know I owe a couple of tags and such, and I promise I will get around to them this week.

Also, since it's related, I have a job on the USS SLATER for the summer as a tour guide. It's the only surviving ship from the WWII Battle of the Atlantic, and it's a fully restored DE (destroyer escort). It's pretty awesome, actually, and I'm super excited. I get to wear period sailor clothes, so I'll be sure to snap a picture and post one so you can all laugh at me. =P

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User: [info]la_vie_ooc (posted by [info]heil_hans)
Date: 2008-05-04 17:22
Subject: Profiles
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Hi - this is your friendly neighborhood mod here, asking you for a big favor. With the cast growing so big, and with new folks coming in and such, I figure it will be a lot easier to keep track of everything if we have a C'est La Vie website. I'm going to be working on putting that together.

What we're going to need from you is this - a little profile information for each of your characters, and a player information blurb for you. Please only fill out what you are comfortable filling out for the player blurb, but please fill in the entire thing if possible for the characters. Forms are below- you can leave them as a comment to this post. For the player profile, it's going to be a general overview as we're going to use the player profile cross-game. Eventually we're hoping to have a cool system where you can log in and access your character profiles for all Lab Arc games and update them directly with what's going on in your character's life and so forth. This is just the beginning!

Birthday: (month and day only, so we can celebrate with you ;) )
Geographical area: (UK, US, etc)
Time zone:
Years playing with Lab Arc: (one if it's your first year)
Games Playing: (which of the currently available games are you playing in?)
Games Played: (which of our past games have you played in)
Characters Played:
Website: (any personal site you want us to link to)
Quote: (any quote - what you're up to, something you like, etc)
Bio: (A brief bio - what you'd like players to know about you)
Pic: (link to a picture of you, if you choose to include one)

Race: (if other than human)
Affiliations: (Nazi, Resistance, etc.)
Abilities: (any special abilities)
Bio: (background, etc)
In game history: (any pertinent events in game?)
Quote: (a favorite quote)
Pic: (link to a picture of the character)

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