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User: [info]la_vie_ooc (posted by [info]ginou)
Date: 2008-04-08 23:05
Subject: Bonjour à tous!
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hi all, another newbie for you here :)

My name's Sophie, I'm 30 and live in the UK. I also happen to be half French, but have only ever spent a few hours in Paris *lol* Most of them were probably on the péripherique too, hmm. Anyway, I found this RP via Livejournal, so for anyone who's also over there my username is "sophiedb". I'm very much looking forward to playing with you all!

I'll be playing Geneviève Minjoulet, commonly known as Ginou, a farmgirl from the south-west. In Paris she is a housemaid, herbalist, babysitter, anything and everything, all to benefit her baby daughter. Her background, etc. are now on her profile, and my fingers are itching to type and make icons.. however it's getting late and I needs sleep *phhhbt*

A bientôt..

P.S. M.[info]duclos, Ginou's first language is Landese, an Occitan patois of the Gascon variety :)

Edit: I've just realised that since the occupation began in May 1940, Ginou and Jan must have worked very quickly to have a baby close to a year old in April 1941 - doh! So I am adjusting her bio to state that Jeannette is only a few weeks old. Hope that's ok!

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