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Aug. 31st, 2010


I'm bored. Fix it.

Either point me to where I need to be or if someone's around let's do something. :D

Any of my gals. Come on. :3

Aug. 22nd, 2010


another delinquent checking in :)

Hi guys, I am so sorry for missing out so hard on the whole fabulous attack sequence! D:

I've been moving into my new apartment all the way across the country since Wednesday. (Omg, so many trips to IKEA...) Good news: apt will be pretty sexy. Bad news: we are exhausted, and roommate and I still mostly dead to world in order to finish up before law school orientation begins on Wed. Still, I will try to post/be online before, tonight or tomorrow. Convo me if you want to plot/thread with Aksel or Eva!

<3 you all <3 <3

Aug. 21st, 2010


Still on semi-hiatus

Hey guys!

X_X That was a long bout of being sick - mostly because I went from one thing to another without a break in between. I'm finally starting to get better and I'll be starting to tag in the next few days.

Aug. 18th, 2010



ok, going to get Genna tagged into the attack tonight.... finishing up the highgarden opening. Although it looks like I might need to figure out what the heck Starfall looks like... I'm guessing one of those gorgeous small castles in Spain maybe?

I hate doing stuff on my desktop but it's the one holding a signal best. Unfortunately it doesn't have AIM on it because I'm lazy and stuff but I'll get that figured out...

Hi guys! How are you all? This post was totally pointless I know. But I like to provide proof of my continued existance.

Aug. 17th, 2010


Hello out there?

I know where Summer is, but where is everyone?? Come back!

going to try to get up a post-attack thread tonight.

Summer is working on putting together a This Is Highgarden info dealy.

Our internet hates us again, so that's why you aren't seeing me or Summer on AIM. Her desktop holds the signal a little better so you can probably still get her on gmail-chat or just gmail her.

Aug. 15th, 2010


The Schedule is announced.

September 10: Leave Summerhall
September 15: Meet Dornish at the Boneway, hand off Elia's remains.
September 20: Daynes attack
September 23: The king pays a visit to Starfall. (outcome tbd)
September 27: Leave Starfall
October 11: Arrive in Highgarden

This is pretty much the order of things, and you are all free to tag into the attack or jump ahead or whatnot as you wish. Just keep in mind where your characters are at and when.

Baratheons/Arryns: You're probably going to arrive in Highgarden a good solid 2 weeks ahead of the king since the attack and whatnot moves his schedule back at least a week.

Aug. 14th, 2010


I'm so sorry I'm like... dropping the ball times a thousand I know...

I have a post! for the attack! Only it's on a jump drive. Which is not here. :(


And in all honesty I may get pissed off about the whole situation and just retype the damn thing anyway. Idek. :/ Like my brain died this week, and I am here to be kicked. My bad, I love you all and don't kill me too hard ok?

Aug. 11th, 2010


Working on a post to open up the Marcher Lords Attack thread...

Baratheons where are you on... September 18?ish?

Aug. 9th, 2010



[info]baelor, you got a lotta 'splainin' to do...

Hoo, when word of that one gets back to Selester, there will be a great deal of irritation.

...ah, the things that all of our various characters would do if we all knew what was ACTUALLY going on.

(Which I don't think any of us DO, the whole picture, at least...)

Aug. 7th, 2010



Luxe and I aren't going to be on AIM apparently. For whatever reason our modem's being sixteen zillion kinds of screwy... or it's the internet. NO IDEA. anyway, gmail is staying better connected than AIM which keeps booting both us off and saying we're logged in in two places or... IDEK. WTAF. CAPSLOCKNETSPEAK OF FRUSTRATION!

SO. Chapter 3. we are moving the departure date up to like... Sept 7 from Summerhall. Wander South to meet up with Henry/Dornish to hand off the body. Wander across the Marches. Red will coordinate the SURPRISE ATTACK. Which I'm just going to say is now kicking of Chapter 3. BECAUSE I"M WISHYWASHY.

Pick some rando date of appropriateness for the attack, and a place. Or make one up. *handwave* I am just going to picture all our NPC redshirts as wearing ATT uniforms.

I love you guys and I am sorry about this. Luxe offers y'all hugs too. We're going to be ridiculous and hand my laptop off and thread that way. Hopefully this will clear up tonight? Tomorrow? blech.

Aug. 6th, 2010


I'm in sore need of distraction. Anyone want anything with any of my characters? Please?

Aug. 5th, 2010


So it's finally done...

And Vasil Clegane, loyal dog to the Lannisters, has been approved.

Let the fun and games commence.

(And yes, iconnage will happen, it's just going to take a bit)

Aug. 3rd, 2010


Mothers, be good to your daughters

Is it just me or is the current Alyana/Ember thread just about the most awkwo-funny amazing thing to hit Westeros since Lya's gown malfunction?


from one chapter to the next

all right, so here's the thinking:

Chapter 3 will open up this weekend. You can finish Chapter 2 threads if you want/need to, on the whole we're moving on and skipping the court to Highgarden. You can time posts for on the trip, they'll just fall between the chapters, and if you have threads later that require knowledge from those between-times threads put a link to them on the later post.

the trip to Highgarden will take about two weeks, because the king isn't lingering around and doing the Stately Procession thing. Jaehaerys is still in mourning, so there are no feasts, no parades, no celebrations, no tourneys. SAD DRAGONS ARE SAD PANDAS OK?

You can enact posts set during Chapter 2, but you'll need to make that clear in the When portion.

Remember the mourning announcements?
THE COURT: mourning dress until March. No one is wearing anything but black until November 18. After that you've got token mourning signs (black band, black ribbon, whatever). The only ones to get out of it are the Kingsguard who get black armbands, and the actual royals who can wear white as a show of grief.

THE REST: If you are anywhere near the king you'd better have on a token of mourning until October 18ish.


CHAPTER THREE BEGINS: OCTOBER 1, 500AL. The court will be arriving in Highgarden on that day, and hopefully a month is enough time for Selester to have his household all ready for the minor invasion of nobles including one emo king and three horse-sized dragons. Again there won't be feasts, but in courtly tradition that is gotten around by having non-feasting feasts. You know, it totally counts as not a feast if there are less than ten courses and no musicians. That's just dinner.

At least that's the way it stands right now. Like always, guys, you can let me know if you have some other ideas or want to see something changed. This is your game too, yes?


Cleaning out the kids

Important people, like Jaers and Selester, seem to think that Aksel has a spare daughter. Aksel was not aware that he had any extra daughters, but he has gone back in time and begged pre-dead-Regaena to help out a bit*, so now he does have an extra daughter! Huzzah!

Her name is Jorelle and she is not much like Kyra. Sorry, everyone who wishes there was more Kyra in the world (= everyone). Jemni, though, is still a boy. Initially I was just going to give him gender surgery and leave it at that. But alas, bested by the pronouns...

*Far be it from Aksel to deny anyone the chance to use Boltons to light a fire under some Stark-butts.

Aug. 2nd, 2010


Extreme slow-iatus

Not quite a full hiatus, but I have this awful...cough/cold/fever THING that's impairing my concentration, making me lose sleep, and just...urgh. I would love for my body to pick a temperature that it likes and stick with that so that I can either park myself in front of the air conditioner in a tank top and shorts, or throw on a hoodie, long pants and slippers. Maybe I'll haul my mattress out of my bedroom, plunk it in front of the air conditioner and wrap myself up in blankets tonight and get the best of both worlds.

Sorry to everyone I owe replies and posts to. I didn't forget about you and I'm not ignoring you, I promise!

This is also a good place to comment with any plot ideas you'd like with Cedric, Toria or Tyronne, because I will be more able to come up with coherent replies later rather than attempting to discuss anything on AIM in the very near future.


don't mind me, i'm paging the mod...

Afton, bb, would you kindly get on facebook? Since I know you'll check this before you think about the real world. -.-

Gchat is being a hooker today and I'm still too lazy to put AIM on this thing.

- Prosperyn and Tybalt! Kingly and Kingsguard bonding post (with added horrible fallout and why yes I'm looking at you, Prosper...)?? y/n?

Jul. 29th, 2010


identical twins... soo....

Guys, can we say that Aemon and Baelor were identical? Because, dude, TWO James Purefoys.
Just... just picture that ok?
Also, I'm not done saying that just... gimme a second... Two Jamespurefoys... it's like a mantra now...

*fans self*

Although if this was the case then I think we should resurrect him. Because if there is any way to achieve world peace it might be having Two Jamespurefoys on a screen at once.

... Also, between them and Lord Pimpdaddy Reynolds over there? What are the chances that there are any virgins anywhere near the vicinity of Highgarden??


Because I want to kill all your spare time...

Everyone, meet TVTropes, TVTropes, meet everyone else. Where is this going? Why, tropes for our characters, of course! Come on, it'll be fun! I'll even start! Oh, feel free to add tropes you find fit everyone else's characters too. :D

Lyanora Stark )

Alyana Baratheon )

Harper DiFrances )


So, just a thing...

Can we have David Bowie for an NPC (or PC I don't care) singer?? because THAT NEEDS TO HAPPEN. Or Sting. But really I want Jareth the Goblin King wandering Westeros, ok?

Anyone else have crazy stuntcasting going on in their heads?

Cause like... Kevin McKidd as a Tully would make me so damn happy.

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