Thursday, March 29th, 2018

The First Official Day As Queen

It was the sunlight streaming through the windows that woke her, along with the sound of birds chittering away on the roof. Normal sounds. Proof of life sounds. Sounds she still marveled at after a hundred years of missing them. Without any sounds of activity coming from downstairs, Zelda was content to remain in bed, eyes closed against the red warmth of the sunbeams on her lids, listening to the birds.

She wasn't going to stay there all day, but just a few more minutes of enjoying the peace. Not quiet, but peace.

After a little bit longer, Zelda reluctantly pushed back the blankets and stood, stretching as she yawned. She looked over the railing down into the common room, and immediately saw what looked to be a note.

Written on napery. Oops. They'd need to get more paper soon.

"Link?" she called out, listening for him. With no response, she made her way downstairs and read the scribbling. "Hmm. All right." She frowned a bit at the part about paying Pruce back. They'd need to figure out how to put rupees in her own pocket if she were to do things like this on a semi-regular basis. Or maybe just make and use royal vouchers as they did in the old days, and Link would go around settling the accounts when the day was over.

She looked out the window toward the bridge, and there was no sign of anyone, not yet. The men must still be tending to their own business, which was fine by her. She needed time to get dressed anyway.

Zelda went back up the stairs and opened the trunk, looking at the meager choices she had. All pants and blouses, mostly identical save for color variations. She put on dark blue pants and a white and blue blouse to go with her new circlet, then sat on the bed to brush out her hair, pulling strands from the front toward the back into a ponytail and braiding it down her back, leaving most of her hair free. Once done, she donned the circlet, then her boots.

Not knowing what time people would show up to work on the bridge, and being hungry at that moment, Zelda tucked the napery note in her pocket then left the house, carefully stepping over the loose planks, and made her way to Pruce's shop.

"Good morning," she said as she entered. "Link's apparently left me to my own devices today, and left me this." She pulled the napery out of her pocket and handed it to Pruce, smiling. "So what's on the menu?"
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Tuesday, March 13th, 2018

A welcoming ... well, not feast, but a potluck works just as well

Hateno Village was abuzz with talk. Talk and cooking.

Clavia had gone around that morning, knocking on everyone's doors and letting them know that there were a couple new residents to greet, so everyone get to cooking, it's time for our traditional potluck. Some were a bit unhappy with the last minute notice, but most were excited, because even though it would make most of them have to get creative with food prep to stretch it all, newcomers were always exciting- actually, anything new at all was exciting, as long as it wasn't a bad something new.

But two new residents and therefore members of the village's little family were a good new, as far as they were concerned, so the excitement was a good one.

One of the newcomers, most people had at least seen around regularly, though a few of the townsfolk hadn't known he'd actually moved into that old house at some point. He came and went so often that most just thought he'd been a traveler who frequented the area. But a bit of talking across the town made everyone realize that while he was there very frequently, he never stayed at the inn. Perhaps they'd all been a bit lazy with their awareness of the people in their town.

But, they knew this man- Link, Reede said his name was, and some of them actually hadn't known that -regularly went through after the Blood Moon and cleaned up the forest outside the town gates of monsters, making it safe for both the townsfolk and other travelers to come through. Reede assured them that this young man was going to clear that area out again, just for good measure, so the party could spread a little.

A few of them had met this other resident briefly, when she and the two Sheikah- goodness sakes, was that little girl really the old Sheikah woman that had seemed to disappear? scientists! -stopped at the store to buy a little of the dwindling milk supplies, before they disappeared up to the tech lab.

Her name was Zelda, they said.


Wasn't 'Zelda' the name of the women in the lost royal family?

Well, they all supposed, there was no reason to think that her parents hadn't named her after the royal women because it was a famous name. Despite the fact that the royal family had been gone for a century, it was still against the practices of the people to name their little girls 'Zelda,' but someone must've finally broken that tradition. Tsk tsk, her parents should know better than to do that. That was strictly verboten. Honestly, even though nobody- except old Tokk -remembered the royal family, they still had been the kingdom's royal rulers, some respect was still owed, after all!

Now now, don't take that out on the young woman. It's not her fault, after all. Just be accepting.

The large serving tables that the townsfolk brought out for their traditional potlucks had been pulled out of the town's shared storage shack and were spread out, some pushed together and starting to fill up with food offerings from the residents, and others scattered a bit more loosely, with chairs from all households around them, ready for everyone to be gathered so the food could be served and eaten. Formal introductions would come first, of course, and all would stay standing for that, because how else are they all going to greet the newcomers if they aren't all standing around, ready to shake their hands and welcome to them to the fold?

Senna had been informed that dessert was being handled by Tokk- old man Tokk is making food and joining us? the world has shifted on its axis! -so while she was disappointed (and everyone else relieved), the surprise and shock of Tokk being the one to take that task and join them was enough to make her not inclined in the slightest to put up a protest.

(To everyone else's relief- honestly, someone was going to have to sit her down and convince her to either learn how to make desserts properly from someone, or she'd just have to accept that she wasn't any good at it, and everyone- including her -would be happier if she stuck to her special fried rices. She was the best at those, after all!)

Some offerings were already on the table- Koyin had provided a delicious-smelling glazed honey lamb, and what a wonderful smell that was! It was so nice that the monsters that had been stealing sheep were gone so that there were enough in the flock to spare a lamb for the meal! From what Koyin said, that was also thanks to this Link fellow, and they all really had to thank him for so much. He'd been keeping the town safe, all while living right under their noses. They were all ashamed of themselves for not noticing him.

Does anyone know where Bolson and Karson are? Oh, they're still in Tarrey Town? Still? Goodness, what's keeping them there? Ah well, they could do without Bolson's amazing salt-grilled greens. Nack was providing a wonderful spring salad, that would do nicely for their primarily vegetarian dish.

Did you hear that Link was so rude earlier today? He was leaving town- from up the hill, what was he doing up there? -and flat out ignored us! We know he heard us just fine!

Oh, shut up, you two. Nobody's in the mood for your back-biting. It's a happy occasion, to greet new residents, and not one we get often, don't you dare ruin this.

Manny, dear, we appreciate the poultry curry you've brought of course, you always make it so well, but could you perhaps not stand over everyone's shoulders like that? That's a little unnerving, and you'll give the wrong impression to Link and Zelda.

Something about the name Link- as common as dirt -next to the royal name sounded familiar- the children insisted it was because of the stories of the Hylian Champion and the princess from the Calamity! Just ask Symin! When he gets down there. Yes, children, we know, thank you for reminding us, but we're sure that's just a coincidence. And odd one, but thank you for reminding us. We apparently are all forgetting our lessons a bit too much, aren't we? We'll have to ask Symin for help changing that.

After the party.
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