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Application - Customer [19 Jan 2008|02:00am]

[ mood | calm ]
[ music | Old School Players - Posse On Broadway ]

Muse: Rei
Band: Danger*Gang
Journal: whitewolflady
AIM: Onyx Bride
Species: Shifter - White Wolf

Fetish(es): Spanking, BDSM, some blood play, occasional roleplay, schoolboys (she likes playing as a teacher), drag queens, bukkake, and more as the fetishes develop
Occupation: Bookstore owner
Term: Short term, maybe longer if any of the bodies really impress her

A White Wolf's Desire )

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Application - Body [19 Jan 2008|01:55am]

[ mood | calm ]

Muse: Rie fu
Band: solo
Journal: [info]calico_rie
AIM: Onyx Bride
Species: Catgirl

Fetish(es): Horror sex (includes vampires, mummies, other grotesque stuff like that), S&M, samurai, other roleplay, spanking
Term: Long
Cost: affordable
Elite: not even close
Speciality(ies): Being a rebellious and submissive slave, loves getting into character if any kind of roleplay is involved

Formerly sheltered calico catgirl )

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Application - Customer [18 Jan 2008|10:11pm]

Muse: Karyu
Band: D'espairsRay
Journal: [info]marryofblood
AIM: Little Shinshin
Species: Vampire

Fetish(es): being tied up, blood, BDSM, bondage, exhibitionism,roleplay, being rimmed, licking.
Occupation: Owner of a prestigious law company
Term: long

Fulfill my desires.. )
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Application - Customer [18 Jan 2008|10:09pm]

Muse: Zhen
Band: Silver Ash
Journal: [info]silver_ash_zhen
AIM: little shinshin
Species: human

Fetish(es): Asphyxia, BDSM, bondage, corporal punishment, exhibitionism, fisting (his partner), shifters, rimming
Occupation: banker
Term: long

Shhh...Hunting rabbits )
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Application - "Body" [18 Jan 2008|10:04pm]

Muse: Aoi
Band: the GazettE
Journal: [info]shadow_vi_ii_i
AIM: little shinshin
Species: Shifter - black cat

Fetish(es): being dominated, S&M, BDSM, cutting, asphixiation
Term: long term
Cost: Depends on the customer
Elite: no
Speciality(ies): submissive, but has a slight dominating apperance

Black house cat anyone? )
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Application - Staff [18 Jan 2008|09:44pm]

Muse: Ruiza
Band: D
Journal: [info]angelicxblue
AIM: little shinshin
Species: Vampire
Fetishes: Felines and mostly unknown

Occupation: Mana's personal Assistant
Number of Years Employed at JF: two years

The young vampire.. )
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Application - Staff [18 Jan 2008|10:31pm]

[ mood | cold ]
[ music | ザクロ // Dir en grey ]

Muse: Yue
Band: Silver Ash
Journal: [info]snow_rabbit
AIM: kiminosakura
Species: shifter - snowshoe rabbit
Fetishes: Role-play, foot fetish, food fetish and bondage

Occupation: 'Bodies' body (keeps a body company by talking, snuggling, etc.) and gardener
Number of Years Employed at JF: two years

What to do )

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Application - Staff [18 Jan 2008|10:25pm]

[ mood | chipper ]
[ music | BOYS & GIRLS // LM. C ]

Muse: Koyasu Takehito
Band: Stella, Mary & a Kitten, Zazel, Weiß / solo
Journal: [info]ninth_concerto
AIM: kiminosakura
Species: shifter/big cat - siberian tiger
Fetishes: Felines, paws of all kinds, bondage, master & pet, sex in strange places, cutting, fighting (play & real), and asphyxiation

Occupation: Kaoru's personal assistant
Number of Years Employed at JF: Nine and has been Kaoru's baby-sitter since Kaoru was a kitten

The right hand man )

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Application - Staff [18 Jan 2008|10:22pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]
[ music | NEW SKIN // Hora ]

Muse Name: Niikura Kaoru
Band: Dir en grey
Journal: [info]boss_cat
AIM: kiminosakura
Species: shifter/big cat - snow leopard
Fetish(es): Bondage, feet, neck and shoulders, s&m, peeping tom

Occupation: Manager & Owner
Number of Years Jamais Has Been Open: Nine years and counting

When Kaoru used to be a 'body' )

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Friend List [18 Jan 2008|09:36pm]

[ mood | calm ]
[ music | The Garden of Everything // Maaya Sakamoto & Steve Conte ]

Friend Addition )

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Claims List [18 Jan 2008|09:03pm]

[ mood | cheerful ]
[ music | Cassis // the GazettE ]

Claimed List )

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