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Hiatus over [08 Jun 2008|11:22pm]

I am finally back in working order. So Hiatus lifted for all of them. Keit, Sakito, Toshiya and Aya.
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Yue & Ruiza: Friends again [PG] [02 Jun 2008|07:11pm]

[ mood | chipper ]

The sun set and Ruiza woke up, smiling softly. He knew it'd be a good day, even though he had almost died that morning. He got up and dressed, stretching a little. He walked out of his room, knowing he should call Koyasu, but he'd do that in a little bit. He wanted to talk to Yue first. He hadn't seen the rabbit in so long. He smiled softly as he looked out at the garden, hoping the rabbit was there.

The rabbit was overseeing the final touches to the greenhouse and smiled some as the men packed up - finished with the building. It had the smell of 'new' to it and hew touched his fingers over the door before he pulled the key from his pocket and locked it. He didn't want anyone going into it until he had a list of the plants that were to be grown or the vegetables which meant he'd have to get together with Aya and talk to him about it.

Let's talk in front of the greenhouse )

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Koyasu & Ruiza: Lost in the labyrinth [PG] [28 May 2008|11:46pm]

[ mood | relieved ]

Ruiza sighed softly as he finished the note to Koyasu. He was finished with work and though it was a few hours to dawn, he wanted to see the tiger. He left his office and slid the note under Koyasu's office door before heading to the garden. He wanted to look around since he hasn't been there in so long. He walked around, smiling softly. "Yue's outdone himself this time," he said softly, walking through the hedge of the labyrinth, not paying attention to where he was going.

Koyasu passed by Ruiza's office, quiet as he noted that the vampire's scent was faint. He furrowed his brows a little, wondering where he could be aside from his room when it was so near to dawn. He made his way further down the hall to his own office and stopped as he saw just a shadow or something beneath the door. "What's this...?" He unlocked his office door and pushed the door open to see the small letter. He blinked and picked it up, soon reading it and stuffing it in his pocket as he made his way outside.

Lose yourself.. )

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Kaoru & Mana: Beneath the Wisteria [PG] [24 May 2008|01:44pm]

Making his way from the kitchen and up to the vampire's bedroom, Kaoru looked to his clock to make sure that it was noon. The sun would be highest in the sky which meant the safest fort he vampire to come out with his umbrella since the sun wouldn't be coming in from a different direction to get him. He stopped outside of Mana's door, listening for any movement on the inside before knocking. His tail curled tighter around the handle of the wicker picnic basket as he waited for a response.

Mana yawned a bit as he walked to the door to see who was there, though he was sure it was Kaoru since the cat asked him to stay up until this hour for some reason. Not that he minded of course. He opened the door and smiled softly to the other.

Hidden Sanctuary )
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Mod Post oo1 [16 Apr 2008|07:50pm]

[ music | It's So All Right! // Toshihiko Seki ]

Hello my semi-dead community! As I'm sure most of you are well aware of... summer is up and coming around the corner. As is expected with summer, classes are finishing up and free time is kicking in. This is an activity check on the community. I would like anyone who reads this to respond to it (members of the community, preferably). Lyssa-mun is exempt from needing to respond to this post since well, she made a post about her hiatus.
This Saku is cracking down and giving everyone ONE WEEK to respond to this post. If not, your characters will be dropped. You'll be given the chance to pick them up again of course but not right away. To those members who are active, let's work on whoring this community out!

To do my part as moderator (I've totally been slacking XD), I'll have [info]jf_logs updated by tonight with all of the logs as well as have some sort of system worked out for it. Does anyone think we should bother having an OOC Community for just random babble on plots, other things, other other things and nonsense?


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Koyasu & Ruiza: The Night After [PG] [26 Mar 2008|10:11pm]

[ mood | calm ]

A long yawn escaped him, mouth opening wide and staying open for what seemed like a good two minutes as it only continued to strain to open wider before he closed it and stretched. His eyes stayed closed all the while, licking his lips slowly before opening his eyes just a little as he picked up a scent he never woke up with before. He looked around with tired eyes, confused by his surroundings before he rolled over to face the vampire. He stared at him for a few moments before smiling, remembering the night before.

Ruiza felt the bed move as Koyasu rolled over and slowly opened his eyes. He was confused for a moment, seeing the tiger in the same bed with him before he smiled softly. "Morning...er...I guess it's night actually."

The night after )

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Aya & Kaoru: Some Love Advice [PG] [29 Feb 2008|07:09pm]

Sitting at the table in his kitchenette, Kaoru found himself staring blankly at the absinthe poster he had near to his flat screen television. He was one to try to stay up to date with the latest technologies. His eyes drifted down to the booklet on Blue-ray televisions just as he heard the rather heavy thunk on his door. He frowned and stood up, thinking that an old customer of his from when he was a body had gotten drunk and wandered up to his room. He mussed his bangs, pushing them to one side as he opened the door to stare at his chef whom he hadn't seen in quite some time. "Aya... I thought you had quit or died," he said, lips curving into a rather pleasant smile before he noted the condition the panther was in. "What happened to you?"

Welcome back..” He sniffled a bit and pulled on the blanket a bit. “Kaoru I screwed up….. I don’t know what to do either cause he is really mad at me.” He looked at Kaoru reaching up to rub his eyes again. “I didn’t quit about died but didn’t quit. Koyasu has been kind of taking care of me while I been sick, but now I’ve really screwed up and I don’t know how to fix it.” He sniffled again and his eyes were wet, so it was clear he was either been crying about too. He was trying really hard not to come to that point though, after all he was a cat and cats had pride. His seemed no where in sight right now.

You should replace it )
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Aya & Koyasu: Angry Cats [PG-13] [29 Feb 2008|07:05pm]

Stretched out and buried in the covers he dozed peacefully. He didn’t like the cold much and was sleeping more than he really needed to be. Yawning he moved opening one eye and peeking at the time. It was late already, making a sullen noise he pulled him self up to work on something for Koyasu to eat. Aya wasn’t very hungry him self, but he needed to eat a little. Waddling in a droopy way towards the kitchen he looked around. Nope no tiger yet, pouting even more he made his way to the kitchen.

After having finished his 'play time' with Rie Fu, Koyasu made his way back to his room. He smelled strongly of woman since he had yet to shower and planned to do so when he got in. He vaguely wondered if Aya was awake but decided he didn't care as he was angry that Aya had told him he wouldn't be getting any that night or for awhile at that. He frowned more, stopping just outside of his room to take out his key and unlock the door. Once the door was open, he slipped in with ease and locked it back up - not wanting any unexpected visitors. He rubbed his nose, idly licking his fingers as he could smell Rie Fu's juices on him there the strongest at that moment. He paused briefly when he saw Aya in the kitchen out of the corner of his eye. "Nn... you're awake," he said, walking past and disappearing into the bathroom where he started to undress for his second shower of the day.

Get out )
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Ruiza & Koyasu: A Date Invitation [G] [24 Feb 2008|01:38pm]

Ruiza walked down to the tiger's office, making sure his office clothes were neatly pressed and perfect as he knocked on Koyasu's door, standing back to wait for the other to answer.

The tiger was in the process of signing over a few checks to pay for the bills when he heard the knock on the door and picked up Ruiza's scent. He frowned slightly, still not pleased with all that had happened between them but called for the other to enter.

Are you busy tomorrow night? )
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Aya & Koyasu: Raw Meat [PG-13] [24 Feb 2008|01:31pm]

Staring deeply into the mirror the cat pulled on his cheek making a sound. “Un nya..” Turning his face slightly Aya opened his mouth and stuck out his tongue to the mirror. Then flopped his head down on the pillow. “I so do not look sexy.” He whined moving to his side and pushing the little hand mirror to the floor. He was tired of being in bed and hardly got up. The few times he did get out of bed it wasn’t for long before he grew tired. His tail thumped on the covers as his ears twitched, he was bored. Rolling again he laid on his back looking at the ceiling how much longer until he was better? He wondered to him self, lifting his hand he looked at his palm before he started to lick his fingers. “Damn it I want meat.” He was hungry and craving blood and raw flesh. Thankfully he couldn’t get up or some poor shifter might be in trouble. Anything smaller and he could catch he would have gone after, his ears moved and he sat up again. He heard something, maybe a mouse. A mouse would do for a few minutes; he looked around listening for the soft scratching sound. Yup. It was a mouse, maybe a rat. Oh he hoped it was a rat.

Koyasu stood outside the door, lighting scratching at the door. His tail swayed to and fro, enjoying his playing with the feline before he opened the door and slipped in. "Aya," he said. "I'm back."

I made you hungry, didn't I? )
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OOC: [09 Feb 2008|01:08am]

off hiatus now
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Hiatus - Ruiza, Aoi, Zhen, Karyu [04 Feb 2008|07:50am]

I'm on hiatus at the moment because my damn power cord got taken away X_X I'll come back as soon as I get it back.
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Hatisu [29 Jan 2008|02:59am]

I will not have any net for the next two weeks or more. >_<

Mom had it turned off today(Monday) and looking at things on work computers is almost near impossible cause they have this cyber nanny thing that catches things that its not suppose to.

I will be back soon as I am allowed to be. *hugs and kisses to all*

Keit, Aya, Sakito, and Toshiya will be back with the netz
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Application - Body [24 Jan 2008|12:11pm]

Muse: Toshiya
Band: Dir en grey
Journal: [info]schwein_no_isu
AIM: totchikochou
Species: shifter - silver kistune(rare)

Fetish(es): Biting, rough play, some bondage, foreplay, uke, slight blood letting.
Term: Full/Long (he has no where else to go)
Cost: $3,000
Elite: Working on it.
Speciality(ies): He has a natural beauty, a natural lure that he never realizes is truly there.

Sample:Sample post )
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Application - Body [24 Jan 2008|12:10pm]

Muse: KeiT [Takeshi 'JET' Okabe or Kenta]
Band: EX Phobia, EX Sakurariumu, EX Planetarium
Journal: [info]keit
AIM: KeitxKitten
Species: Fairy Bluebird Shifter
Fetish(es): Grooming, lower levels of bondage, swings, and playing with toys.
Term: Long
Cost: One thousand starting, anything extra costs extra. Pull out any freathers its four thousand per feather[customers may keep the freathers if they wish after paying for the feathers they pull]
Elite: nope
Speciality(ies): Songs, Dance, swing bondage, grooming, role play

Sample Post:song bird sings again )

Questions/Comments/Concerns: Fairy Bluebird is the name of the bird. Its a tropical bird and its feathers are turquoise and black[some have all a light blue color]. Though KeiT looks small and young the tip of his wings come to about his elbows and there is a line of blue feathers running from his wings to his tail feathers.
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Application - Customer [24 Jan 2008|12:08pm]

Muse: Sakito
Band: Nightmare
Journal: [info]akaikochou
AIM: akaikochou
Species: Demon full blood

Fetish(es): Causing pain, seeing tears, making one scream, also most bondage to the most extremes. No vanilla sex here
Occupation: Cover up: Works as a business man and owns several large businesses. Real story: Is the prince of the underworld(hell)
Term: Just until he gets kicked out(short maybe)

Sample: ”sample” )
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Application - Staff [24 Jan 2008|12:00pm]

Muse: Aya
Band: Death Rabbits
Journal: [info]ayamarionnette
AIM: blueroseaya
Species: Half breed Demon/Shifter Black Panther

Occupation: Kaoru's personal Cook /Only by special request will be a body(sometimes)
Number of Years Employed at JF: 4 now

Sample: Its Christmas time again )

Questions/Comments/Concerns: All body requests must be approved by a third party. IE Koyasu has the last word.
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[24 Jan 2008|12:23am]

[ mood | cold ]
[ music | Watching Metalocalypse ]

Muse: Kyo
Band: Dir en grey
Journal: [info]kyo_bondage
AIM: spookytestament
Species: Immortal (human, won't die unless his head is cut off)
Fetish(es): S & M, Bondage, cutting, torture, euro-guro, receiving pain, amputation (when it happens to himself), being skinned (when it happens to himself), punch play, being humilated in any way humanly possible, fisting, and pratically any other fetish you can think of that's depraved (accept for scatology and urination, Kyo's not into that at all and he'll let every customer know it XD )
Picture: Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us
Term: full time
Cost: $8 000 and up
Elite: Yes
Speciality(ies): Bondage, Human punching bag, taking extreme forms of torture
Sample Post: Oil up the whip and refill the first aid kit )
Questions/Comments/Concerns: Kyo loves pain. He can take any extreme form as he can but he always likes to lay down rules before he starts with any session. He doesn't want anyone getting overzelous, and they cut off his head.

I'll get Die and Kirito's journals up soon. I have to retype this stuff X_X;

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Application [21 Jan 2008|09:30am]

Muse: Mana
Solo Project: Moi dix Mois
Journal: [info]comanager_mana
AIM: Mana0sama
Species: Vampire
Occupation: Co-manager
Sample:Read more... )
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Application - Customer [19 Jan 2008|07:34pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]
[ music | Sweeney Todd - A Little Priest ]

Muse: Hizumi

Band: D'espairsRay

Journal: [info]damned_hizumi

AIM: rosevelvetdusk

Species: Vampire

Fetishes: BDSM, Bloodplay, Cannibalism, Play Piercing, Boots, Corsets, Cutting, Leather, Necks, Torture, Velvet Gloves, among others.

More... )

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