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[24 Jan 2008|12:23am]
[ mood | cold ]
[ music | Watching Metalocalypse ]

Muse: Kyo
Band: Dir en grey
Journal: [info]kyo_bondage
AIM: spookytestament
Species: Immortal (human, won't die unless his head is cut off)
Fetish(es): S & M, Bondage, cutting, torture, euro-guro, receiving pain, amputation (when it happens to himself), being skinned (when it happens to himself), punch play, being humilated in any way humanly possible, fisting, and pratically any other fetish you can think of that's depraved (accept for scatology and urination, Kyo's not into that at all and he'll let every customer know it XD )
Picture: Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us
Term: full time
Cost: $8 000 and up
Elite: Yes
Speciality(ies): Bondage, Human punching bag, taking extreme forms of torture
Sample Post: Oil up the whip and refill the first aid kit )
Questions/Comments/Concerns: Kyo loves pain. He can take any extreme form as he can but he always likes to lay down rules before he starts with any session. He doesn't want anyone getting overzelous, and they cut off his head.

I'll get Die and Kirito's journals up soon. I have to retype this stuff X_X;

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Application - Staff [24 Jan 2008|12:00pm]
Muse: Aya
Band: Death Rabbits
Journal: [info]ayamarionnette
AIM: blueroseaya
Species: Half breed Demon/Shifter Black Panther

Occupation: Kaoru's personal Cook /Only by special request will be a body(sometimes)
Number of Years Employed at JF: 4 now

Sample: Its Christmas time again )

Questions/Comments/Concerns: All body requests must be approved by a third party. IE Koyasu has the last word.
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Application - Customer [24 Jan 2008|12:08pm]
Muse: Sakito
Band: Nightmare
Journal: [info]akaikochou
AIM: akaikochou
Species: Demon full blood

Fetish(es): Causing pain, seeing tears, making one scream, also most bondage to the most extremes. No vanilla sex here
Occupation: Cover up: Works as a business man and owns several large businesses. Real story: Is the prince of the underworld(hell)
Term: Just until he gets kicked out(short maybe)

Sample: ”sample” )
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Application - Body [24 Jan 2008|12:10pm]
Muse: KeiT [Takeshi 'JET' Okabe or Kenta]
Band: EX Phobia, EX Sakurariumu, EX Planetarium
Journal: [info]keit
AIM: KeitxKitten
Species: Fairy Bluebird Shifter
Fetish(es): Grooming, lower levels of bondage, swings, and playing with toys.
Term: Long
Cost: One thousand starting, anything extra costs extra. Pull out any freathers its four thousand per feather[customers may keep the freathers if they wish after paying for the feathers they pull]
Elite: nope
Speciality(ies): Songs, Dance, swing bondage, grooming, role play

Sample Post:song bird sings again )

Questions/Comments/Concerns: Fairy Bluebird is the name of the bird. Its a tropical bird and its feathers are turquoise and black[some have all a light blue color]. Though KeiT looks small and young the tip of his wings come to about his elbows and there is a line of blue feathers running from his wings to his tail feathers.
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Application - Body [24 Jan 2008|12:11pm]
Muse: Toshiya
Band: Dir en grey
Journal: [info]schwein_no_isu
AIM: totchikochou
Species: shifter - silver kistune(rare)

Fetish(es): Biting, rough play, some bondage, foreplay, uke, slight blood letting.
Term: Full/Long (he has no where else to go)
Cost: $3,000
Elite: Working on it.
Speciality(ies): He has a natural beauty, a natural lure that he never realizes is truly there.

Sample:Sample post )
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